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Friday, September 4, 2015

SATURDAY TALK - Add NEW 2016 Candidates Thompson & King and Adopt Pink Slip Campaign for 2016

L-R: Kendrick Harris, Candidate James Methu, Candidate David King, Candidate Judge Joseph Donald, Richard Kauper, Candidate Andrew Shaw, Sebastian Shaw, Brandon Methu, 
Candidate Ronny Thompson, Mary Beth Keller
L-R, Row 2: Vickie Bodor, Celaneese Lando, Ethel Thompson, Candidate Randy Jones
seated - Mary Glass

September 4, 2015
City-Wide Milwaukee is the focus of SATURDAY TALK, a monthly address of issues affecting the public square relative to FOLLOWING the MONEY, quality of life and economic development at the census tract and neighborhood level.

2016 Candidates & Pink Slip Campaign
On August 29, 2015, guest included 2016 Candidates for City of Milwaukee and Wisconsin Supreme Court.

They were:
  • Candidate Ronny Thompson - 6th District
  • Candidate David King - 9th District
  • Candidate Judge Joseph Donald - WI Supreme Court
Each candidate were able to give his statement for candidacy and join in the discussion and networking.

Discussion highlights at Saturday's meeting were the addition of Candidates Thompson and King in the 2016 Candidates Caucus and the upcoming Press Call for September 5, 2015 to:
  • Introduce the NEW 2016 Candidates in the Caucus
  • Introduce February 16 Pink Slip & Voting Push Campaign
  • Talking points of City of Milwaukee Budget
  • NBA Bucks Mega Greed Deal
SATURDAY TALK promotes discussions and networking for Informed Decision-Making.
In June, 2015, Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC created a forum for 2016 Candidates to introduce and grow their campaign while working with other candidates and stakeholders of the residential and commercial base in Milwaukee.  

The PINK SLIP campaign is on the removal of incumbents that have NOT shown loyalty to their Oath and DUE DILIGENCE to the People.

Candidates Thompson and Candidate King were on the Agenda for joining the 2016 Candidates Caucus. 

Judge Joseph Donald was a Walk-in Candidate as he was out in the neighborhood campaigning and came upon our meeting at Center Street Library.  He was welcomed and given the opportunity of sharing his candidacy and a group photo.

Candidates James Methu, Mayor; Andrew Shaw, District 4; and Randy Jones, District 7 were present.  Not present of the Caucus were: Jackie Ivy, District 2; Michael Olen, District 10; Michael Sugden, District 11.  We have also had Candidate Joe Davis, Mayor.


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