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Sunday, September 20, 2015

SUNDAY AM EDITION - HELP Mary Glass create COMMUNICATION for People's engagement 3-Minute video

3-Minute Video

"It is clear that we have taken a step forward into the opportunities of the world wide web and social networking for the implementation of our newest campaign, Marathon Against NBA Bucks Mega Greed Deal,said Mary Glass, Chair/Chief Visionary Officer.  "We have launched a time-sensitive crowdfunding campaign to provide necessary information to the People of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County; and, to compete with the Fast-tracking of Mayor Tom Barrett, County Executive Chris Abele and Governor Scott Walker." 

Let's work to TWEAK this wrong and create a model for you and others who have or have not (yet) been affected by one of the NBA teams.

On June 4, 2015, Wisconsinites were broadsided with the press conference announcement by Walker-Abele-Barrett of a deal they had cut with three wealthy millionaire-billionaires for the retention of the Milwaukee Bucks team in the city of Milwaukee. 

The initial deal is called:  "It is Cheaper to Keep Them".  It is proposed at $500 million and consist of  two (2) paying parts – $250 million from buyers ($150 million) and seller ($100 million); and, $250 from PUBLIC FINANCING – $55 million  – state; $55 million – county; $43 million – city of Milwaukee; and, $93 million - Wisconsin Center District - the traffic cop of the funding.  

The announcement also came with pretense of this-n-that in cost.  However, cost-overruns, public staff work, interest and lack of clarity of all partners and investors; the only thing for certain is the taxpayers (mostly the city followed by the county) will pay for 30 years for a private deal for three wealthy men that they knew nothing about, had no input, and did not authorize such a deal of Involuntary Servitude.  

Therein lies the "Misuse of Power" followed by many troubling features, that include Senate Bill 209, $1 giveaway  of approximately 10 acres of prime Park East Corridor real estate, sales tax waivers, purchase of a parking lot, giveaways of parking lot revenue, tax increment districts, $200 million Contingency fund in the 2016 budget, housing funding, environmental payments, changing of RACM staff involvement and authorities, etc.   It is clear that the deal has been on all three (3) levels for some time but no due diligence toward the People.

YouCaring Crowdfunding will assist MPA LLC, the neighbors of the communities and districts of the city of Milwaukee and county of Milwaukee to tweak the fast-tracking and wrongful acts at the present time in the city and county government. 

This outreach will allow us to give proper NOTICE to our elected-appointed-hired-donor for hire government representatives that the People feel betrayed, disrespected, double-crossed, discriminated against and disenfranchised by the CHEAPER TO KEEP THEM Deal.

This Marathon led by MPA LLC to create a massive Communication for the aggrandizement of the People will not only tweak the wrong done by Misuse of Power, seek correction through the justice system, bring individuals up on charges and help prevent more damage to the human-civil-legal rights of the People of the city of Milwaukee, Milwaukee County and the state of Wisconsin, as a model when dealing with public financing.


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