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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Glass will seek HIDDEN TALENT in Stewardship and Entrepreneurship with the MEN on the BUCKS Team

L-R, Top: Greg Monroe, Greivis Vasquez, Chris Copeland, O J Mayo, 
Right-Down:  Miles Plumlee, Shawn Williams, Damien Inglis, John Henson, JerryD Bayless, MARCUS LANDRY
L-Down:  Giannis Antetokounmpo, Jabari Parker, Khris Middleton, Michael Carter-Williams
L-R, Bottom:  JorgeGutierrez, Tyler Ennis, Rashad Vaughn, Johnny O'Bryant
City Center Milwaukee | September 2, 2015 | Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC visionary leader is Mary Glass.  She has decided to take MPA LLC and the city of Milwaukee neighborhood strategic modeling to the Hidden Talent of the NBA Bucks Mega Greed Deal.

These are the young men, 19 years old to 31 years old, that come to the city of Milwaukee and court of basketball with HIDDEN talent and BIZ potential for partnership and MPA LLC plans to encourage engagement in the CORE CONSTITUENTS.

The NBA Bucks Team has primarily the same demographics as the city of Milwaukee.  

They are African American, other People of Color and Caucasian.  

They are from cities across the USA; and, they are from Greece, Mexico, Venezuela, Canada and French Guyana.

The Hidden Talent and CORE CONSTITUENTS of the NBA Bucks Mega Greed Deal are not mentioned.  They are the 18-member team of young men that will run the court in the games to Win.

These are the professionals and Hidden Talent that PAY a FEE every time they PLAY on the COURTS in the state of Wisconsin and the City of Milwaukee.  Not only the 18-member team, but any of their colleague-players from other teams that play in Milwaukee from other teams.

Therefore, they are automatically vetted and vested; and, should be a "working partner" with the neighborhoods who have been saddled with a 30-year taxpayer law (Statute 209).  They should have a say-so in the growth and success of Milwaukee the HOMETOWN according to Glass.

"Glass said, I will talk to each of the young men on the NBA Bucks Team to see if they see the benefit of creating a model - an image - that is more in line with Stewardship and Entrepreneurship of the NEW Millennium.  Additionally, since they are all less than 32 years of age, I expect nothing but INNOVATION."

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