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Monday, September 28, 2015

BACKSTORY - ONGOING STORY- Birthday Mary Glass @ 70 & the Papal visit of Pope Francis

Pope Francis - Jorge Mario Bergoglio

Mary Glass
MILWAUKEE - September 22, 2015, was the 70th Birthday of Mary Glass, Chair/Chief Visionary Officer, Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC.  

It was also the day that the 266th Roman Catholic head of state, Pope Francis - Jorge Mario Bergoglio, The People's Pope, came to America for the first time.  He is 78 years young.

Mary is Catholic and is a Lector at her church -The Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist.  

She will call for Catholic Charities, Archbishop Jerome Listecki, all bishops, Father Jeffrey Haines, and all the ministers, sisters, leaders and staff of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee to collectively outreach to the all neighborhoods, the family of Milwaukee; so that the catholic religion is led by the rich and connected academic services of the leaders of Marquette University-Cardinal Stritch University-Alverno College; so that the center of all Catholic services join with its neighbors and jointly impact Milwaukee's Enduring Concentrated Poverty. 

Thereby, distrust, homelessness, hunger, joblessness, greed, discrimination, exploitation, lawlessness, hatred, racism, misuse of power are replaced through the act of "ongoing expectation and acts of love in our Vision and daily Mission".

"As a Catholic, I was pleased to see Pope Francis speak endlessly about the importance of INCLUSION of ALL people and respect for the FAMILY - personal, extended, to world-created, said Mary Glass.  We have had 6 days of immersing - a baptising, in the art of LOVE through the master's teachings of Grace".  "It has been pomp and ceremony at its best; and, It has been depicted in an all-day lens of visual outreach through media - especially via CNN".  "Americans and individuals around the world had a welcomed breath of fresh air during the six days of Tuesday, September 22-September 27, 2015".  "I ask that we pray for Pope Francis and for each one of us".

Happy 70th Mary Glass and God's strength I send to me.
Pope Francis constantly asked during his visit to the USA, that we pray for him - I send my prays with him intended.

A Collage of Pope Francis visit to Washington, New York & Philadelphia

Bobby Hill - Keystone Boys Choir is the teen that sang so melodiously for the Pope in Philadelphia.

Below are snippets of the homilies.

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