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Saturday, October 22, 2016

COMING - WEDNESDAY TALK w/DAVID LATONA, Milwaukee Economic Development Corporation

David Latona - President
Milwaukee Economic Development Corporation
2727 W. Center Street
Wednesday, October 26, 2016
1:00pm - 3:00pm

The Milwaukee Economic Development Corporation's mission is to aid businesses in the creation and retention of jobs. The Corporation uses its loan capital to provide business loans and assist in the financing of projects that achieve that objective.

For over forty years, MEDC has worked in partnership with area banks in order to provide low interest loans to Milwaukee businesses. Because of our commitment to continuous improvement, our loan fund has been able to grow to over $60 million, allowing us to annually increase the number of businesses we serve.

Our approach to lending has always revolved around two fundamental principles: Sharing risk with all participants in a project, and lending in partnership with private sector financial institutions.

We assess risk similarly to conventional lenders, but we lend out funds at a higher risk level to increase the feasibility of a project. With all of our loan programs, we support and assist minority- and woman-owned businesses.

We also work with the City of Milwaukee and the Redevelopment Authority of the City of Milwaukee (RACM) in the development and environmental remediation of commercial and industrial properties.

The Corporation's activities are supervised by a Board of Directors consisting of Milwaukee area business men and women, as well as lenders, with our day-to-day governance delegated to the Board's Executive Committee. All loans are reviewed and approved by our Loan and Finance Committee, with land investments being reviewed and approved by the Land Resource Committee.


Milwaukee Smart Grocery Network
Milwaukee Smart Grocery Network looks at the importance of today's grocers investment in fresh foods from local farms and gardens for communication, education attainment, information technology and employment of the consumer for healthier neighborhoods in urban and rural locations.

The strategic planning and fingerprinting of the People is uppermost in the success of successful food markets, elimination of Food Deserts, chronic illnesses related to diet, preparation and inclusion of healthy food groups in all meals, entrepreneurial and gainful employment, training for all, as well as processing and distribution from land-to-fork and manufacturing-to-entree planning of meals in the public square.

Milwaukee has a large population of men, women and children, over a half million folk.

Food System is a growth industry.

Enduring concentrated poverty and impact on health wellness are two main reasons for positive change.

MSGN collaborations include the USDA Public Affairs Midwest office, America Heart Association, Milwaukee Public School - Clarke Street School and Milwaukee Area Technical College - Horticulture Mequon, Citizen Action of WI, Dawn to Dusk Forever Garden Group, Amazing Architecture, and Love Foundation Inc.

MSGN is a public policy service to create the URBAN OASIS  concept produced by Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC.


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