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Monday, October 3, 2016

MPA LLC Creating dialog between grocers-curators

October 3, 2016

Monday Morning Sunshine Edition

Milwaukee Smart Grocery Network

An introduction to PHASE I ROUNDTABLE

Milwaukee Smart Grocery Network/MSGN is individual Curators of foods within the Urban City of Milwaukee, rural farms, and garden networks in southeastern Wisconsin.  

Our Mission is to help import healthy eating ideas and habits to families for more nutritional eating and healthier lifestyles.  We share state-of-the-art information for informed decision-making at the food-kitchen table that translates to better health, taste in foods, cultural-favored authenic foods, and sustainability.

The committed collaboration of interested individuals meets monthly and tri-monthly to fellowship in leadership while sharing healthy food groups for intake for healthy consumption and nutrition ecology – human health, the environment, society and the economy.

The word “curator” speaks to any individual, parent, daily manager, employee, distributor, grower, supplier and entrepreneur that create an array of marketplace foods for to be consumed by humans and the foods promote sustainability.  The foods may be donated, bargained and/or sold.

Special stakeholder attention is given to FAMILIES/PARENTS, Milwaukee Public School and Milwaukee Area Technical College (public schools), grocers, trendy/IT grocers (meal on wheels), culinary entrepreneurship and employee staffing (re-entry from incarceration and armed services), Text4Baby, American Heart Association and other health organizations, cultural groups and global heritage of color that make up the population of Urban Milwaukee.  Our doors are open to Dr. Wujie Zhang, MSOE, Fresh Farm Atlas of Southeastern Wisconsin and the United States Department of Agriculture/USDA GoodGreens Network and Know your Farmer services. 

Grocery Curators are individually and jointly owned.  They are not bound by a status of profit or no-profit.  They have today’s options of business structures.  They have volunteer ambassadors to professionally paid experts; and, crowdfunding for an efficiency of operation is a start-up option.  We encourage Information Technology for neighborhood stewardship and capacity building.  We will use Next Door social network for outreach to Milwaukeeans for Introduction circles at the neighborhood level.

Annual events are to depict seasonal and diversity of groups in authentic foods and its enjoyments.

Clarke Street School, 2816 W. Clarke Street, Milwaukee, WI  53210, Amani Neighborhood, has been selected to model our first middle school project of healthy foods, arts and crafts, introduction to farm and gardening - Horticulture.

Global Kitchen Food, Nature, Culture is a highlight taken from the America Museum of Natural History.  We will hold a “special showing” in 2017 during its visit to Milwaukee with artisans like Chef Ace Champion and Caterer Rita Willis.

Our creation – champions, collaborators, producers and developers are sought to assist in the creation of Urban Kitchen in Milwaukee.  It is a structural project with an industrial kitchen and suites for public promotion of canning and craft classes, special events, luncheons, GARDEN parties and Meet-n-Greet.

MSGN has its Phase I Roundtable set for two years (9/2016 thru 9/2018).

 Visit - Clarke Street School - September 20, 2016

L-R:  Rev. Marcus Hart, Marcus Hart Enterprises, Alan Shannon, USDA, Katie Cunningham, MPS & Principal Lena Patton

Left side:  Alan Shanon - USDA, Minister Marcus Hart - Hart Enterprises, Principal Lena Patton
Right side:  Mary Glass - MPA LLC, Katie Cunningham, Media - MPS
 Prior to the Program - Kick-off Introduction of Milwaukee Smart Grocery Network at Center Street School, 2727 W. Center Street, Milwaukee, WI, there were two other events.  They were:

  • Visit to Clarke Street School
  • Dialog about Food Stamps w/Alan Shannon, USDA

L-R:  Minister Marcus Hart - Marcus Hart Enterprises, Alan Shannon, Guest Speaker - USDA, Tony Snell - guest and Dr. Wujie Zhang, MSOE, guest

September 20, 2016
KICK OFF Introduction of Milwaukee Smart Grocery Network 
Center Street Library, 2727 W.Center, Milwaukee, WI  53210

October 1, 2016

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