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Monday, October 24, 2016

MPA LLC brings USDA STRIKEFORCE and PROMISE ZONE concept-support to URBAN Milwaukee Census Tracts

We want dialog with FARMERS in and around Milwaukee County, Southeastern Wisconsin and members around GOOD Greens network to BUILD the present and the NEXT GENERATION in Agriculture - Horticulture (the branch of agriculture that deals with the art, science, technology, and business of growing plants)

October 24, 2016
MILWAUKEE | Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC continues to link campaigns and programs to All Hands on Deck, WE CAN.

"While I was browsing the web for information relative to URBAN innovative infra-structuring for FOOD SYSTEM growth at the census tract in the city of Milwaukee, I read and liked comments of Secretary of Agriculture  Tom Vilsak and felt immediately that co-ops and partnering support is a solid win concept.  I also noticed that Wisconsin was not on the rural list already", said Mary Glass, MPA LLC.

"HUD/Housing and Urban Development has been a solid trending of federal funding and resources.  However, the stakeholders have had the lion's share  of the funds used for pet projects of the mayor and common council.  To the point that the Neighborhood Strategic Planning has been "frozen into exile".  It will be one of the first Strike Force change for a real Promise Zone in Milwaukee. Therefore, the federal office of HUD must be a partner-catalyst for the self-sustaining partnerships from the census tract level".

MPO-Metropolitan Planning Organization 
We seek the office of Ken Yunker, Executive Director SEWRPC/Southeastern WI Regional Planning Commission and Wisconsin Department of Transportation to work more closely with the neighborhoods of Milwaukee for the footprint of the stakeholders for the Innovation desired in the largest urban city of Wisconsin.

Training the People, the stakeholders, is uppermost in the stewardship of MPA LLC to guaratee success of Infra-structuring for today's Food System growth.

MPA LLC through the Milwaukee Smart Grocer Network will support the purveyors/peddlers/foragers, any one that promotes the self sustaining of the food system and work to cultivate its success.
In 2014, the White House launched the Promise Zone Initiative to help hardworking communities succeed. Applicants provide concrete plans outlining how they will spur economic growth, improve educational opportunity, leverage private investment, create jobs and reduce crime in their communities. The Promise Zone designation creates a partnership in which Federal and local leaders work together to meet the specific needs of a community. Promise Zone communities receive a federal liaison assigned to help designees navigate federal programs, preferential consideration for certain competitive federal grant programs, and technical assistance from participating federal agencies. The Promise Zone designation is designed for a term of 10 years but may be extended as necessary.

Let's get EXCITED about the quality of life and economic development opportunities before us. 

We are asking our brothers and sisters in other areas  - through GoodGreens USDA Network (counties and states) - to share ideas and models that are working and used as direct incentives for participation, improve benefit redemption center, support strategies for to improve SNAP participants and ways to connect under-served stakeholders in Milwaukee with appropriate food groups.

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