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Thursday, September 29, 2016

MPA LLC takes Next Step to Codify SAVE ROUTE 279 - City of Milwaukee to Menominee Falls Industrial Park

September 29, 2016 MPA Employment Retreat
MILWAUKEE | Today's MPA Public Policy Review blog shares the next step and event to systematize the support of Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC and the People's Council - District Strategists of Milwaukee for Route 279.

October 2, 2016
On Sunday, October 2, 2016, the Call to Action - All Hands on Deck, WE Can, is the
MPA Employment Retreat for the Ridership of Route 279.

ATU 998
734 N. 26th Street
Milwaukee, WI  53233

1:00pm - 4:00pm

Click to reserve your space.

The event will allow the employees contacted to date to join in unison to share incidents and issues that have happened during the course of the last three weeks of the "Elimination of Route 279". Employees, speakers, and supporters will participate in the documentation of hardships and to create the Memoranda for the Federal Transportation Administration, U. S. Department of Transportation/Highway Transportation and Wisconsin Department of Transportation.                 

Route 279 is one of three (3) routes that was created from the $13.5 million dollars granted as a result of an Environmental and Title VI - Discrimination lawsuit that brought into view the connection of un- and under-employed Milwaukeeans and connected them to employment to businesses in Menominee Falls Industrial Park - a growing hotspot for employment.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

DAY 84 - MPA LLC Calls for guidelines and status for 120 days authorized by City of Milwaukee Common Council

MILWAUKEE | Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC continues to seek TRANSPARENCY and ACCOUNTABILITY through public policy review.  Today we are looking at the theme Food Desert.

Obesity, hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipemia, gout, and arthritis—all of these chronic diseases may result from poor food choices and a lack of fresh, unprocessed foods. Doctors and health care providers try to educate patients in food deserts about eating healthy, but without the money, access to healthy food, or a history of eating healthy, it can be difficult to affect positive long-term change.
Doctors, public health officials, and non-profits are trying to tackle this health epidemic.  Farmers markets are beginning to accept food stamps. Non-profits are attempting to bring community gardens and healthy food trucks to impoverished, urban areas. There may be no capitol gain to opening a supermarket in a poor area with less money and less demand for healthy food, but the effect on a community would be paramount.
A good grocery store would not only generate jobs within a community; it would help provide healthy meals to families and break a cycle of poor nutrition. It is not enough, but it is a start. 

120 Days
An email was sent today, on the eighty-fourth day for information to point person, Ed Richardson, planner, Department of City Development.  There are 36 more days.

We will report the update when received.  We are also providing background info for your viewing below.


On July 6, 2016, Alderman Khalif Rainey, 7th District, issued a Press Release that called for a 120-day research.
Substitute resolution directing the Department of City Development to develop a Fresh Food Access Strategy to support full access to affordable, fresh foods for residents in neighborhoods throughout Milwaukee.
Sponsors:ALD. RAINEY

The vote was unanimous - all fifteen Alderpersons
Person NameVote

BELOW is the visit of Martha Brown, Deputy Commissioner - DCD and Ken Little, Commercial Corridor Manager - DCD

Saturday, September 24, 2016

HOORAY - HOORAY! Kudos to the Inauguration of the African American Smithsonian Museum - September 24, 2016

Lonnie Bunch - Curator
African-American Smithsonian Museum, Washington, DC

“I, too, am America.” Langston Hughes

I, Too

Related Poem Content Details

I, too, sing America. 

I am the darker brother. 
They send me to eat in the kitchen 
When company comes, 
But I laugh, 
And eat well, 
And grow strong. 

I’ll be at the table 
When company comes. 
Nobody’ll dare 
Say to me, 
“Eat in the kitchen,” 

They’ll see how beautiful I am 
And be ashamed— 

I, too, am America.

Official Opening Day, Sept. 24
Highlights: President Obama will lead the dedication ceremony, which will begin at 10 a.m. outside the museum, at 14th Street and Constitution Avenue NW, after musical performances and readings of African-American literature that start at 9 a.m.
Michelle Obama, President George W. Bush, Laura Bush, Representative John Lewis and others are attending.
USA TODAY, September 23, 2016
In 1863, when Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation declaring all slaves in slave-holding states free, church bells rang as news of the declaration spread.
More than 150 years later, another freedom bell will ring as the nation’s first black president assists with opening the Smithsonian’s new National Museum of African American History and Culture on Sept. 24. 
The bell, nicknamed the "Freedom Bell"  was installed in the 1880s at the First Baptist Church in Williamsburg, Va., and was recently restored after falling into disrepair. The Freedom Bell was transported to Washington, D.C., earlier this week, alongside members of the congregation, for the opening ceremonies on the National Mall.
L-R:  Ex-First Lady Laura Bush, President George Bush, First Lady Michele Obama, and
 President Barack Obama
Today, President Barack Obama, first lady Michelle Obama, President George Bush, first lady Laura Bush, U. S.Congressman John Lewis, U. S. Supreme Court Justice John Roberts, billionaire Oprah Winfrey and actor Will Smith will kick-off the Inaugural ceremony.

Over 36,000 artifacts, such as the Slave Cabin, Emmett Till Casket and Chuck Berry's Red Cadillac below.
Slave Cabin
Emmett Till Mom
August 28, 1955, Money, MS
Emmett Louis Till (July 25, 1941 – August 28, 1955) was an African-American teenager who was lynched in Mississippi at the age of 14 after reportedly flirting with a white woman. Till was from Chicago, Illinois, and visiting relatives in Money, a small town in the Mississippi Delta region.

Chuck Berry's Red Cadillac 

Friday, September 23, 2016

71 years and Smiling - That's Mary Glass, Mrs. Jeanette Glass Daughter

September 22, 2016

It is the close of my 71st Birthday, September 22, 2016.
It is 11:59pm.  I am pleased to have been allowed its gifts - those known and those unknown.

As the clock ends this day and enters the next, that is how life is.
Time waits for no one.  The clock is now ticking off the minutes of my 71st year and it will take me to year 72 - tick-by-tick and never stopping.

So, I log the thoughts for right now.

Saturday, September 17, 2016


SEPTEMBER 17, 2016

Howdy Everybody!

Thanks a bunch for your signing.
We have reached 20 signers.  We ask for at least 30 more by the end of this month. 

The route was pulled by MILWAUKEE COUNTY TRANSIT SYSTEM on August 28, 2016.  

The Elimination of ROUTE 279 was the joint decision of:
REASON given for removal of Route 279:  Lack of Ridership.

Fact Check:  MCTS, BHCW, and MICAH failed to contact the Ridership of Route 279, Menominee Falls Industrial Park companies, and Human Resource Department of Arandell Corporation.  Arandell Corporation is the company seen on the website of Black Health Coalition of WI to introduce Route 279.

Fact Check:  The lawsuit came with $13 million dollars - $2 million was given specifically for boosting routes and tweaking schedules for Ridership.  MCTS, BHCW, and MICAH failed in their "due diligence" here.

Fact Check:  Our findings show that of the three NEW routes from the lawsuit (6, 61 and 279), Route 279 is the most ORGANIC model - at this point, clearly brought Milwaukeeans from the central city - African Americans and Asians - North of Milwaukee to Menominee Falls Industrial Park for EMPLOYMENT.

Fact Check:  Our findings show that our sampling immediately showed individuals from Milwaukee that benefitted by receiving EMPLOYMENT in Menominee Falls via Route 279.

Fact Check:  Our findings show that MCTS has NOT been working with Union ATU998 for planning, training, information sharing for efficiency in the scheduling of the Routes and basic COMMUNICATION - BLUE BUS (Liberty and Park Place) to ROUTE 279.

Fact Check:  Our findings show that most of our sampling showed individuals hired for a timeframe of 10-12 months that benefitted by receiving EMPLOYMENT with Route 279.  With Ridership of employees showing employment of 2 years and 2 individuals working in the area for 3 years.

Fact Check:  Menominee Falls Industrial Park has increasingly "posted" HELP WANTED SIGNS outside of their companies for Employment.  Our last count was 13 companies.  We need folk from Milwaukee out there with those jobs if at all possible.

Fact Check:  THE LAWSUIT has two more years of life.  Therefore, there should be funding for Route 279.  We do not accept the arbitrary and capricious elimination of Route 279.  Further, we see those who are in the position of fiduciary STEWARDSHIP for the People's funds have breached trust and failed to execute the use of funds in agreed and appropriate way.

There are 10 companies we are focused on:




TELL your friends.

Tell as many as possible to get growth in our signatures.

I will be back.



MARY GLASS - Chief Visionary Officer

Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC



Friday, September 16, 2016

ALAN SHANNON, Public Affairs Director, USDA will share trending information at Center Street Library



12:30PM - 2:00PM



CLICK - RSVP (reserve your seat)

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

SAVE ROUTE 279 - MICAH, BHCW and MCTS failed due diligence, failed to TALK WITH THE RIDERSHIP, employers and others

SEPTEMBER 14, 2016

"We are calling FOUL on the offices of Dr. Pat McManus - Black Health Coalition of WI, Rev. Willie Brisco - MICAH, and Dan Boehm - MCTS, for interrupting Route 279 two years in its life of four years per the $13.5 million dollar suit thereby threatening the livelihood of the growing Ridership and violating the guidelines of enforcement of the funds and just outright disregard for the Ridership of the Menominee Falls Industrial Park employees - the most organic and true-blue to the lawsuit."
                Mary Glass - Chief Visionary Officer
                Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC

Route 279 - (Menomonee Falls Industrial Park Express) primarily travels along Fond Du Lac Avenue from 35th Street to the Park Place business park and then on to the Menomonee Falls business park. This route began August 24, 2014 and provides services Monday through Friday with convenient hours for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd shifts.  

Service Alerts for Route 279

  • Route 279 was funded through a WISDOT Zoo Interchange litigation settlement. Due to ongoing low ridership and productivity, the route’s sponsor decided it should be discontinued. Effective August 28, 2016, the route 279 will be discontinued.      MCTS
CLICK TO ENLARGE 279 route map
Black Health Coalition of Wisconsin/BHCW, Milwaukee Inner-city Congregations Allied for Hope and Milwaukee County Transit System  have failed in due diligence in the fiduciary responsibility for engagement of the bus transportation of $13.5 million dollars and specifically the $2 million dollars earmarked for boosting ridership, outreach to ridership and tweaking route schedules for ensuring that under- and unemployed African American, other People of Color and the Work Challenged citizens from Milwaukee are transported to Menomonee Falls Industrial Park - a hotbed for employment.

Support the Ridership - Sign the Save Route 279 Petition today.

WHAT SAY YOU? What's it like living in 'Milwaukee"?

Monday, September 12, 2016

Sherman Park SWELLING Aftermath - Optics

Click to Enlarge
September 12, 2016 - We are Day 30th since the unrest in Sherman Park - sparked by the shooting death of Sylville K. Smith, 23 years of age, by a Milwaukee police officer.  

The Swelling

"The Swelling" is the generational increase of disrespect from those in our city hall government structure - mayor and joint common council; neglect from appropriate areas of human development for existence in quality of life and economic development.  

It is an outgrowth of Enduring Concentrated Poverty, long-suffering, and the breakup of family; rooted discrimination that is institutional; an influx of drugs, risky behavior in use/sell of drugs; influx of guns, risky behaviors with guns, homicides; profiled and capricious arrests; murder by law enforcement; unfairness in the justice system; lack of legal representation, intimidation and cover-up of misuse of the law;  massive incarceration due to lack of fairness in the enforcement of laws; risky behavior due to lack of aspiration and downright hopelessness.  

The kind of raw pent-up emotion that will explode into rage - burning and destruction of property.

Sherman Park is one of the 19 Neighborhood Strategic Planning areas of the city of Milwaukee with historic value and promise for the future of Milwaukee.  It has a rich makeup of people with diversity in racial, professional and economic make-up.

Click to Enlarge
City of Milwaukee Neighborhood Strategic Planning Areas
Over the years of late, Sherman Park (the neighborhood) has been left to despair - just as with Amani(9) Harambee(6), Granville/Walnut Hill(11)* Metcalfe(8), Midtown(12), Sherman Park(5), United Community(4), WAICO Y(10), as a result of the lack of transparency and accountability of leadership of the Neighborhood leaders at the NSP sites and the take-over of the funding by elected-appointed-hired and donor for hire groups-authorities-committees and boards.   *  Was called LAND.

The funding of Community Development Block Grant/CDBG funding has lost its purpose-goal and reason for being.

The mayor's office - cabinet administrations and the Common Council routinely and continuously rape the CDBG funds for pet projects and fulfilling deals without the knowledge, input, support of the citizenry.  It is so widely used that it is the status quo that has took the decision-making from the Neighborhood Strategic Planning process in-the-neighborhood.  It is dictated and controlled by hired staff within the CDBG office.  Further, it is authorized and/or condoned by those within the HUD office in Milwaukee and Regional in Chicago, without due process and due diligence.

Therefore, we see what we see - the powerless become more in despair with unrest continuous without economic development and BEAUTIFICATION with OPPORTUNITIES.  We must replace the risky behavior by the citizenry and city leaders, out-of-control hiring of police with nothing to show for it but exorbitant  figures in the budget, bullying, high fees for risky behavior and murders while the hired Caucasian police live in outer towns, villages and counties.  

So, Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC calls for "HOUSE CLEANING".  We recently had an election.  Now is the time to exercise leadership and stewardship with commitment.  We must keep score, regularly report findings, contact oversight and monitoring agencies, put the fire under those elected and appointed by contacting their offices, posting their record AND recalling their seat before the next election. 

Demand more from the "media" as a member of the city and its role in GROWTH of all parts of the city.

And, forge a legal team to take issues to the court on a REGULAR basis until there is change.

We have a "racket" in play an illegal or dishonest scheme for obtaining money.  We must FOLLOW THE MONEY.


So, what can we do after the UNREST at Sherman Park? CLEAN-UP.  BUILD.  CONNECT NEIGHBORHOOD BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT.  COME TOGETHER and cut out the divisiveness. 

Tim Sheehy, President of Milwaukee Metropolitan Association of Commerce and Chairman of Milwaukee Economic Development Corporation made an interesting comment in an Urban Milwaukee article recently.  He spoke of the stand-offish attitude of the corporations that say they are Fortune this and that.  How they are "overseers" - investment mostly in foreign companies as oppose to Milwaukee - How once upon a time they took an interest in the advent of "despair" - such an upheaval seen on Saturday, August 13, 2016, in Sherman Park.  He mentioned Manpower for example.

ManpowerGroup is where we will start with the transparent, accountability and storytelling for history sake.  This is a company that the city of Milwaukee gave refuge for its corporate office on Milwaukee River and a million dollar garage for out-of-town employees.  Let's see what Jonas Prising/CEO and Jeff Joerres/Chairman have to say.  Why isn't Milwaukee No. 1 in Employment given these two men have a corporate office here in Milwaukee and their RANK in staffing services across the world?

Sunday, September 11, 2016

MEET N GREET Idea is a Great one - Pass It On

by Milwaukee Times Weekly Newspaper and
Milwaukee Community Journal
September 11,  2016
This week in the Milwaukee Community Journal and the Milwaukee Times there were outreaches from members of the greater neighborhood - Vickie Gurley-Brown, principal, Rev. Darryl Williams, minister of St. Mark, 100 men of St. Mark and Prince Hall Scottish Rite at Keefe Avenue School supporting Optics and the message of leadership and stewardship for scholarship.  This was also seen in the outreach of the alumni of North Division High School.
MPS Keefe Avenue - Principal Vickie Brown-Gurley
MPS Keefe Avenue - Rev. Darryl Williams, St. Mark
MEET N GREET - Pass it On
 Prince Hall & Men of St. Mark Church
Bottom:  North Division High School Alumni
MPA LLC cites the sites and leaders with appreciation and commendable label for their efforts.  

Let more of us remember and plan to DUPLICATE the efforts at the schools when we can.  Let our students of ALL ages know we care and LOVE them.

The rite to passage lines through Meet N Greet - handshakes, applauds, smiles, congratulations, and statements of expectation. Autumn, Thanksgiving, Kwanzaa and Black History Month is waiting for the same support and jubilation.

It is 9-11-2016, Remembering Disaster in Manhattan

Remembering 9-11

September 11, 2016
As we listen, look, and remember back in 2001 when IT occurred in New York, IT will forever remain part of the historic presence of ALL Americans.  It shows how vulnerable we all are to immediate chaos caused by "distrust", "hate", "lack of care of fellowmen", and "lack of communication".

So many people were injured and killed.  So many suffered in after-care of themselves, their families, and their personal life.

Such is the story of Marcy Borders - staff, Bank America.
Below is a link for you to read the FULL STORY by IPOST 247.


MARCY BORDERS - the woman who was photographed covered in ash and pulverized concrete as she fled the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 – died on Monday.
The 42-year-old mother-of-two, who became known as ‘dust lady’ because of the iconic photograph, succumbed to stomach cancer.
Her first cousin, John Borders, said his relative died of ‘the diseases that (have) ridden her body since 9/11′.
Borders was first diagnosed with cancer in August 2014 and had been undergoing treatment, including chemotherapy, since then, according to NJ.com.
In November she said she believed the cancer was caused from the dust of the Twin Towers that completed covered her.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Remembering Eric Von Boardley, Talk Show Host - A Leader of his time

MILWAUKEE - WMCS/WNOV | Two days ago, September 8, 2016, Milwaukee lost a leader in Talk Shows, ERIC VON, 58 years young.
Von joins O.C. White, Doctor Bop, Jim Frazier and other notables in the African American radio Hall of Fame in Milwaukee
Online Magazine
He is widely-known and remembered in the Milwaukee area for his years on radio and public service as well as an entrepreneur - Online men's health magazine - Brain, Brawn & Body.

He came to Milwaukee from Washington, DC where he was the business manager for Radio One.  

For many years, on WMCS (1290) he was the host of the Morning Magazine. During an operation shift of the radio station in 2002, Eric Von left for Phoenix, AZ and returned in 2 years to an "afternoon" format.

In 2009, there was another shift at WMCS budget and Von resigned.

July, 2010, Von returned to the Morning Magazine on 1290-WMCS during a controversy, since Cassandra Cassandra and Joel McNally were the co-hosts of the Morning Magazine.  

After which,  WMCS had a management change - February, 2013.  Von engaged in other pursuits of the media.

He joined WNOV (860) radio as a Talk Show host and was a Talk Show host at the time of death.

He was also executive producer of  WUWM "Precious Lives" series - a focus on the death of children by gunfire.  And, He was a regular panelist on Wisconsin Public Television.

According to reports, he had a heart attack a month ago and survived.  He died of another heart attack suffered this Thursday, September 8, 2016.

He is survived by his wife, Faithe Colas.