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Sunday, September 11, 2016

MEET N GREET Idea is a Great one - Pass It On

by Milwaukee Times Weekly Newspaper and
Milwaukee Community Journal
September 11,  2016
This week in the Milwaukee Community Journal and the Milwaukee Times there were outreaches from members of the greater neighborhood - Vickie Gurley-Brown, principal, Rev. Darryl Williams, minister of St. Mark, 100 men of St. Mark and Prince Hall Scottish Rite at Keefe Avenue School supporting Optics and the message of leadership and stewardship for scholarship.  This was also seen in the outreach of the alumni of North Division High School.
MPS Keefe Avenue - Principal Vickie Brown-Gurley
MPS Keefe Avenue - Rev. Darryl Williams, St. Mark
MEET N GREET - Pass it On
 Prince Hall & Men of St. Mark Church
Bottom:  North Division High School Alumni
MPA LLC cites the sites and leaders with appreciation and commendable label for their efforts.  

Let more of us remember and plan to DUPLICATE the efforts at the schools when we can.  Let our students of ALL ages know we care and LOVE them.

The rite to passage lines through Meet N Greet - handshakes, applauds, smiles, congratulations, and statements of expectation. Autumn, Thanksgiving, Kwanzaa and Black History Month is waiting for the same support and jubilation.

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