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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

SAVE ROUTE 279 - MICAH, BHCW and MCTS failed due diligence, failed to TALK WITH THE RIDERSHIP, employers and others

SEPTEMBER 14, 2016

"We are calling FOUL on the offices of Dr. Pat McManus - Black Health Coalition of WI, Rev. Willie Brisco - MICAH, and Dan Boehm - MCTS, for interrupting Route 279 two years in its life of four years per the $13.5 million dollar suit thereby threatening the livelihood of the growing Ridership and violating the guidelines of enforcement of the funds and just outright disregard for the Ridership of the Menominee Falls Industrial Park employees - the most organic and true-blue to the lawsuit."
                Mary Glass - Chief Visionary Officer
                Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC

Route 279 - (Menomonee Falls Industrial Park Express) primarily travels along Fond Du Lac Avenue from 35th Street to the Park Place business park and then on to the Menomonee Falls business park. This route began August 24, 2014 and provides services Monday through Friday with convenient hours for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd shifts.  

Service Alerts for Route 279

  • Route 279 was funded through a WISDOT Zoo Interchange litigation settlement. Due to ongoing low ridership and productivity, the route’s sponsor decided it should be discontinued. Effective August 28, 2016, the route 279 will be discontinued.      MCTS
CLICK TO ENLARGE 279 route map
Black Health Coalition of Wisconsin/BHCW, Milwaukee Inner-city Congregations Allied for Hope and Milwaukee County Transit System  have failed in due diligence in the fiduciary responsibility for engagement of the bus transportation of $13.5 million dollars and specifically the $2 million dollars earmarked for boosting ridership, outreach to ridership and tweaking route schedules for ensuring that under- and unemployed African American, other People of Color and the Work Challenged citizens from Milwaukee are transported to Menomonee Falls Industrial Park - a hotbed for employment.

Support the Ridership - Sign the Save Route 279 Petition today.

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