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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

December 1, 2011 is WORLD AIDS DAY

Milwaukee, WI - December 1, 2011 is WORLD AIDS DAY.
See video below.

Milwaukee Professionals Association supports ALL HANDS on Deck, WE, Not Me Initiative, which calls for everybody to do his/her share to make the world - their household/neighborhood a better place to live.


Milwaukee Professionals Association ask that we REFRESH our social consciousness and help make a difference - It is later than we think.

Travels of La Frisko Lewis - Toronto, CANADA

La Frisko Lewis is an adventurer during the off seasons of academic study. A regular traveler - as often as allowable-affordable. He is a sophomore at University Wisconsin -Milwaukee, majoring in Business.

He just returned from 3 days (Thursday-Sunday) in Toronto, Canada.
We will share his travel and share information about the largest city in Canada.

The trip started off with a border check on the USA side/Michigan (went by quickly), followed by a lengthy and strict Canadian Border Patrol check (30-40 minutes). The lengthy, strict and seemingly biased check appeared to be racially and age-motivated since he was the only African American. There was an African female but she was not delayed - others seem to go right through.

La Frisko felt that he was singled out due to his race, gender, dreadlock/hair style, color of skin and age.

His advice to others is to be sure you come with identification with your present address, proof of where you stay/live in the USA(i.e., utility bill, pay stub), address on ID must match supporting documentation, if you have parking tickets or any other violation in the system, be sure to have with you proof of compliance, have a roundtrip ticket to show planned departure; and, justify cash availability with time of stay. In other words, you will need to have funds to show that you can sustain your basic needs while visiting.

He was considered suspect by stereotypes, therefore he encountered an unnecessary delay which spoiled his trip.

"You will always have people who will profile you", said La Frisko.
"It happens all the time - not just there."
"I will be better prepared the next time and I will tell others so they will know before traveling."

The plan was to do a lot of foot travel during the day - sightseeing, and studying at night. Even though La Frisko did some sightseeing, it was much less than he had planned. Unfortunately, many of the online Google searches for places to see and go went un-obtained this time. However, he had an adventure, made the most of his visit, fulfilled some pre-thoughts, enjoyed seeing the various cultures and hearing the constant speaking of the French language. He did not sample the French cuisine - McDonald's took the break each day.

Toronto is located on Lake Ontario, one of the Great Lakes. Its population is over 2.5 million - the 5th largest city in North America. Toronto is one of the top financial centers of the world. It is Canada's economic center - Toronto Stock Exchange and home of 5 of the largest Canadian banks. Canada is a member of the G-7 (United Kingdom, United States, Germany, France, Italy, Canada and Japan) - meeting of finance ministers from industrialized nations.

Toronto's leading economic sectors include finance, business services, telecommunications, aerospace, transportation, media, arts, film, music, television production, publishing, software production, medical research, education, tourism, engineering, and sports industries.

We look forward to La Frisko's next trip.


La Frisko is a member of Milwaukee Professionals Association Safety Matters Exploratory Team - college students with a focus on Leadership, Citizenship and Problem Solving.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


CLICK photo to Enlarge

November 29, 2011

Twenty-first century “In-the-neighborhood access” to primary and specialty care for Milwaukeeans is equal to a third world country.

We have the funds, we have the educational sites and we can have a growing medical talent pool; but, they are not coordinated for better customer care, transparency, best practices, health wellness customized for Milwaukeeans health care needs, affordable cost due to education attainment for care-givers and ongoing education to the end-users with best practices on both sides, best use of funding – research-education attainment-health care facilities, employment and business development at the neighborhood-level.

ALL HANDS on Deck, WE, Not Me Initiative-Plan-Project sees HEALTH CARE as a primary focus of change for its BOTTOM-up Recovery - economic affluence and BETTER-BEST sustainability at the neighborhood-level.

Our densely populated neighborhoods on the north and south side have chronic health challenges that can be overcome with proper due diligence (education-communication-access-connectivity-solidarity in message-strategic planning and buy-in from the Get-go, creating networks for tracking records, access to “trained” and “sensitive” health care providers) and maximizing our resources.

The total population through all methods of neighborhood-level outreach (individual, adults, youth-young adults, mothers-fathers-siblings-relatives, schools, churches, neighborhood businesses, private and public organizations with community services must be educated and in a neighborhood network of sharing information. No one is exempt.

We call for every man-woman-child, no one is exempt, to support the removal of obesity, high blood pressure, heart attacks, diabetes, AIDS, cancers, childhood illnesses, low-birth weight infants, drug addiction, alcohol addiction, mental health illnesses, and other befalling illnesses from becoming older and through negative practices.

WE see EDUCATION OUTREACH to the people, of what-who-where-when-how as Step 1.

WE see MESSAGE-CARRYING at all Child care sites, Milwaukee Public Schools and all other schools (public-private-elementary-secondary, 2- and 4-year) as the first-line of defense and health intervention.

WE see the health department of Milwaukee as our built-in catalyst authorized to provide connectivity and basics to all end-users. It is ground zero for planning and coordinating FOR/by the people for BUY-IN, review and updates; ONLY if, the stakeholders are at the table for initial through post planning; and, practitioners during the the implementation.

It is to be a "home-grown" process for long-term sustainability.

WE see the newly funded Columbia St. Mary’s site (Bill 514) as the Milwaukee Urban neighborhood training center and HUB for volunteers from the neighborhoods, care providers planning and overall training facility with state-of-the art conferencing for academic-technology-research attainment. It is to mobilize the stakeholders in the neighborhood and utilize hidden talent of resource-sharing. The school IS TO BE a one-stop shop that provide CASE LEARNING and on-the-job training.

WE see a Milwaukee Urban Health think tank made up of neighborhood volunteers, neighborhood strategic planners, end-users, care providers, insurance providers, pharmacy representatives, health care administrators and research representatives from UW-Milwaukee Helen Bader School of Public Health and other higher education health focus sites.

WE see UW-Milwaukee as our built-in catalyst for working directly with the neighborhood-level end-users in research, education attainment of care givers, education/training of public workers of the neighborhood and development of specifics that empower the Urban Health Collaborative.

WE see large organizations such as Aurora, Columbia St. Mary’s, St. Joseph, Froedtert , Medical College of Wisconsin and health insurance companies as part of the day-to-day consortium that must adopt a NEW method of “MAXIMIZING” major health services, cost savings, partnerships with in-the-neighborhood quality services for customers in the City of Milwaukee. To help provide incubators, clinics and real estate parks WITHIN the City of Milwaukee for accessibility.

WE see all health providers for end-users in the City of Milwaukee registering and participating in the growth, soundness and critical health prevention and intervention of the City of Milwaukee.

WE embrace strongly the University of Chicago ideas of patients having a “MEDICAL HOME”, “NON-EMERGENCY USE FOR PRIMARY HEALTH CARE”, “HOLISTIC HEALTH CARE” and training the next generation of practitioners to serve in the urban neighborhoods.

The Urban Health Initiative (UHI) is a partnership among the University of Chicago Medical Center and public leaders, community groups, health care providers and community residents. Together, these groups are working in the areas of patient care, research and education to improve the long-term health of the more than one million people on the South Side of Chicago. Video of Chicago Urban Initiative: CLICK.

MPA supports the 2020 challenges of Education Attainment and Technology that President Obama has put forward. We equally support the following in his reform for Health:

-- Health reform will make health care more affordable

-- make health insurers more accountable

-- expand health coverage to all Americans

-- make the health system sustainable

-- stabilize family budgets

-- improve the Federal budget and the economy.

For more about Health Care Reform – the White House Issues, go to:


ALL HANDS on DECK, WE, Not Me Initiative-Plan-Project is the work of Milwaukee Professionals Association [MPA] and th brainchild of Mary Glass, Chair/CEO.

CNBC.COM - TODAY'S PRIMER - November 29, 2011

Investors are closely watching Europe once again today as Euro zone finance ministers prepare to meet, but they are breathing a mild sigh of relief this morning: Monday's gains were the first in eight sessions for the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq, and only the second in eight sessions for the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

November, however, is on pace to register sizable losses, with the potential monthly drop representing the sixth in seven months.

The latest home price data is on the way this morning at 9am ET, courtesy of the latest Case-Shiller report.

Economists think home prices in the largest 20 cities will register a year over year drop of 3.1% for September, compared to a 3.8 percent decrease for August.

At 10am ET, the Conference Board's Consumer Confidence Index is seen jumping to 45 for November from October's 39.8.

Retailer Tiffany (TIF) is the only earnings report of note out this morning, and there are no major companies set to release earnings after today's closing bell.

Sovereign debt ratings are in the news this morning on several fronts: Fitch affirmed the AAA rating of the U.S. after Monday's closing bell, though it did drop the outlook to negative.

And a report in La Tribune today says Standard and Poor's may cut its outlook on France's AAA credit rating to negative within the next 10 days.

The debt rating of Netflix (NFLX) is also in the news, with S&P downgrading Netflix to BB- from BB, with a stable outlook.

Seagate Technology (STX) is a stock to watch this morning, rising after-hours on an upbeat outlook for this quarter and next.

Yahoo (YHOO) remains in the news on multiple fronts: All Things Digital reports that Marc Andreesen is considering a possible leadership role, as part of the effort by Silver Lake Partners to buy part of the company.

And Reuters reports that Thomas H.Lee Partners is interested in buying Yahoo's U.S. operations.

We'll also keep an eye on shares of battered Research In Motion (RIMM), as it introduces security software designed to work on phones that compete with RIM's BlackBerry.

One stock we can't yet watch is Facebook, but the Wall Street Journal is now reporting that the social media giant is now targeting dates between April and June of next year for its initial public offering.

Monday, November 28, 2011

In the Global Round w/Mary Glass - NEW blog talk radio

Monday, November 28, 2011

MILWAUKEE, WI - Milwaukee Professionals Association is opening another PLATFORM window for COMMUNICATION. It is through BLOG TALK RADIO - another social network for sharing, this time through a LIVE talk show.

BlogTalkRadio is the largest and fastest growing online talk radio network. A truly democratized medium, BlogTalkRadio has tens of thousands of hosts and millions of listeners tuning in and joining the conversation each month. Many businesses also utilize the platform as a tool to extend their brands and better communicate with the people that are most important to their business.

"We are constantly looking at how we can approach a larger audience with "common cause", this is one of two we have reached out to in the last two weeks, said Mary Glass, Chair/CEO, Milwaukee Professionals Association.

In the Global Round w/Mary Glass is the name of the show.
We will air our first show in the next 7 days.

Dryhootch - Xmas in the Country Sale

December 2-4 - Dryhootch will sell "Marine Mud" coffee as a fundraiser during the Xmas in the Country Sale - a nationally known folk and fine art boutique will feature juried, and original works of artists across the country.

Place: Cedar Creek Winery and WI Museum of Quilts and Fiber Art
W50 N5050 Portland Avenue

Admission: $3.00 (good for both places)

Trolley travel between the two sites.
Holiday foods, wearable art, jewelry, ornaments and home decor.

More Info, CLICK

For gallery and others,
Visit: mychristmasinthecountry.com/

Milwaukee Professionals Associations supports Dryhootch.org - a neighborhood organization supporting VETERANS.

PUBHUB Alert - November 28, 2011

Improving Patient Experience: A Hands-on-Guide for Safety-Net Clinics
California HealthCare Foundation
Fisher, Tammy; Hunter Gatewood

Provides step-by-step guidance for clinics and small practices on identifying areas for improvement and preparing for, making, and sustaining and spreading improvement in patient-provider relationships and patient access to primary care appointments.

Published: October 2011
Funder(s): California HealthCare Foundation
Subject(s): Health; Health, Healthcare Access/Reform

Crossing the Finish Line: A National Effort to Address Near Completion
Institute for Higher Education Policy

Offers a framework for reengaging students who leave higher education when they are close to obtaining degrees, highlights early findings from regional and national efforts to help near-completion students graduate, and presents promising strategies.

Published: November 2011
Funder(s): Carnegie Corporation of New York
Subject(s): Higher Education; Education

News8000.com - Monday, November 28, 2011

National and World Headlines

Stocks perk up in holiday-shortened week

U.S. stocks rose Friday, after spending several back-to-back days in the red, as
investors returned from the Thanksgiving holiday for a shortened, and likely
quiet, trading session.

Gunman on loose at Chicago hospital

Police at the University of Illinois at Chicago have taken a person into custody
in the shooting death of a woman in a hospital garage, the school said Friday.

Police say a man killed his girlfriend in the garage, prompting a lockdown for
much of the ...

Poll: Nearly 25% will shop on Black Friday

Heading out for some shopping on Friday morning? You'll have some company.

19 killed in Basra blasts

At least 19 people were killed and 67 others were wounded Thursday in three
explosions in the southern Iraqi city of Basra.

Chicago's former first lady dies

Maggie Daley, the wife of a former Chicago mayor, died Thursday night after
battling breast cancer. She was 68.

North Korea threatens 'a sea of fire'

North Korea's military threatened "a sea of fire" upon the South's presidential
office a day after military exercises.

Syria faces Friday deadline

Syria has until Friday to agree to let Arab League observers into the country to
monitor the government's response to civil unrest or else face economic
sanctions from its neighbors.

Egypt's PM back after decade

Shortly after Kamal Ganzouri stepped down as prime minister more than a decade
ago, Egypt's state-run al-Ahram newspaper ran a story in which various party
and government officials accused him of being arrogant, autocratic and corrupt.

Iraq, Turkey end bans on flights

Iraq and Turkey have agreed to allow flights between their countries, ending a
mutual ban that began with a dispute about how an Iraqi government oil company
owed millions of dollars to Turkey.

Occupy protesters celebrate Thanksgiving

Occupy protesters across the country celebrated Thanksgiving on Thursday,
bringing all the trimmings of a traditional meal to the unlikely location of a
For More, CLICK

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

LARSON Weekly Report - November 23, 2011

Senator Chris Larson - 7th District

Happy Thanksgiving!

This upcoming Thursday marks the beginning of the holiday season with Thanksgiving. Take time to enjoy the day and reflect on everything you have to be thankful for with family, friends, and neighbors.

Our community hosts an array of activities to help us celebrate the holiday season. Continue reading to see a list of family-friendly holiday events taking place throughout our neighborhoods.

Remembering and Being Thankful on this THANKSGIVING!

Thursday, November 24, 2011
MILWAUKEE - Another Thanksgiving is upon us.

May WE remember those in far away lands "on guard" for our freedom and well-being.
May their families be comforted in email, tweets, telephone calls, family and friends.

May WE remember those who are homeless and do not know where the next meal will come from.

May WE remember in prayer all of the people confined in the mind, hospitals and prisons.

May WE remember with fondest memories our loved ones that are no longer around us.

May WE remember and be thankful.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

LARSON Weekly Report - November 17, 2011

Senator Chris Larson - 7th District

Protecting Our Great Lakes
Rep. Cory Mason and I sponsored a briefing for the Great Lakes Caucus, a group of Wisconsin legislators that represent communities surrounding or impacted by the Great Lakes. This briefing was on the recent landslide in Oak Creek. The agenda focused on recounting what occurred, addressing efforts being made to minimize environmental damage, and ensuring similar events do not happen in the future.

I am reassured that extensive efforts are ongoing to safeguard the public's health and am relieved to learn that substantial progress has been made in resolving this situation. Long-term monitoring will be ongoing to safeguard water quality. While the immediate environmental impacts of this event are being managed, our community was fortunate that serious environmental and health problems appear to have been avoided. As we move forward, this event will serve as a reminder of the importance of environmental and health impact studies when pursuing future projects.

I will keep you updated and informed on any new developments as we monitor the response to this situation and will share lessons we learned to help protect against future events like this.
Office Phone: (608) 266-7505
Toll-free Phone: (800) 361-5487

Email: Sen.Larson@legis.wi.gov

Mailing Address:
State Capitol
P.O. Box 7882
Madison, WI 53707

Web Site:

Schacknow - TODAY'S PRIMER, November 22, 2011

Peter Schacknow, Senior Producer, CNBC Breaking News Desk

Wall Street's mood has turned decidedly bearish, with the Dow coming off its lowest close since October 20, and the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq finishing at their lowest levels since October 7.

The major averages are also now on pace for their sixth month of losses in the past seven.

Neither of the factors that weighed on markets Monday - the European debt crisis and the failure of the deficit-cutting "Super Committee" - show signs of fading today, though U.S. stock futures are currently pointing to a much calmer opening than yesterday.

Among the economic reports set for today: a second look at third quarter GDP, with economists projecting a 2.3 percent annual growth rate for the U.S. economy, compared to last month's estimate of 2.5 percent. That number will be out at 8:30am ET.

At 2pm ET, the Federal Reserve will issue the minutes from the most recent FOMC meeting.

The Treasury is set to sell $35 billion in 5-year notes today, with the results of that auction available shortly after 1pm ET.

Dow component Hewlett-Packard is a stock to watch today, beating estimates for its fourth quarter but issuing a fiscal first quarter outlook well below current street estimates.

Brocade Communications (BRCD) saw a 6 percent jump in after-hours trading after beating estimates with its fiscal fourth quarter profits and forecasting a strong first quarter.

We'll also watch shares of Netflix (NFLX), after the company announced it had raised $400 million in fresh capital through a sale of debt and equity.

Bank of America (BAC) is also on the watch list, as the Wall Street Journal reports that the bank has been warned to strengthen itself or face a public enforcement action.

Among today's earnings reports: food makers Campbell Soup (CPB) and Hormel Foods (HRL), along with medical products maker Medtronic (MDT).

Those will all be out before the opening bell, while TiVo (TIVO) is among the handful of companies set to issue their numbers after the closing bell.

Monday, November 21, 2011

And Americans are quick to point a finger at the acts of others in other countries

UC-Davis - The officer of UC-Davis managed to set back his organization big time with his stroll-and-pepper-spraying of the students while they set on the ground. It was if he was spraying his garden for pests or watering the roses during a dry spell.

It also reminds me of the unforgivable way the southern officers treated African Americans who sought "equal rights" in the 1960's- right to eat in public restaurants, right to use public bubblers, right to vote and right to stay in public accommodations. We were terrorized - just as those students were.

We do NO justice by such acts of terrorism. It sends the wrong message. It sends the wrong message.

Let see what good/better public policy can come from this very barbaric behavior that shows disregard for human life and RESPECT for our laws - not to mention ridicule and disrespect for law enforcers.

Alvin Ailey - About Home

The bold hip-hop choreographer returns to the Ailey company to create a new work set to a soul-lifting score of gospel house music and inspired by the stories of people living with or affected by HIV.


TODAY'S Public Hub Alert - November 21, 2011

Monday, November 21, 2011

2011 Otis Report on the Creative Economy Report of the Los Angeles Region
Otis College of Art and Design

Examines the combined economic impact of the arts, design, and entertainment industries in Los Angeles and Orange counties, including trends in employment, salaries, revenues, and nonprofit arts groups. Offers projections for 2015 and industry snapshots.

Published: November 2011
Funder(s): Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation
Subject(s): Arts and Culture; Social Science; Community Improvement/Development

For report PDF Link, CLICK

In the Public Square with Mary Glass - Addressing Racism and Overawe

MILWAUKEE, WI - From time-to-time, we will address the noun, Racism. For I find that it is a powerful contagion of influence - on how a person is valued. Yes. valued. How a person, group/race are valued and then addressed or not addressed with dignity and worth. How the behavior of distributed low expectation becomes commonplace and perpetuates low expectations and less than available successes.

It is a main culprit of ECP/Enduring Concentrated Poverty. ECP is at the root of the disparity of African American, People of Color and the Work Challenged.

Racism is defined by Random House Dictionary as:
1. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others.

2. a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.

3. hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

Recently, I commenced the evaluation of a project in Milwaukee with a questionnaire to an energetic stakeholder in a neighborhood-level project. It was clear that the Respondent was proud of her role and involvement.

I introduced the measurement of "discrimination", "bias", "respect" and "inclusion". My discovery was the stain of No. 2 - A policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination, and No. 1 - a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others.

To my enlightenment, the energetic and pleased Respondent was complicit without knowing it. The excitement to finally have change in the neighborhood that addressed one of the lagging poverty disparities of the neighborhood was rehabilitating and seemingly enough for the Respondent. However, the level of quantitative and qualitative results sought in our measurement were vastly lacking.

The Respondent was expressively co-dependent and beholding, even though comments of involvement were contradictory at key qualitative and quantitative points and therefore revealed "tainted comments of intimidation" - overawe.

The comments indicated a desire to be forthcoming but the nature of the question forced honesty that the Respondent was not comfortable in replying to.

Therefore, rather than speak the truth to the question, the question was generalized with the Respondent's "personal belief" rather than what actually was exhibited by the institution. In this instance, the Respondent chose to not give a "negative truth" in order to support the institution. It is believed the Respondent felt safer and not at risk of some type of retribution.

The problem with the "do-good" of this response is, it allows the institution, who has reported through its Mission, proposal, grant compliance, business case the opposite of behavior with this group of stakeholders. It most assuredly allowed bad behavior and violations to get swept-under-the-rug and the group/race of the Respondent demonized and penalized as a group/race of people it is working for and have received heavy government funding.

It allowed the institution to exploit the group/race of people and perpetuate "less than" in transparency, customer care, principle-centered leadership and accountability in the public square - government reports - videos, press releases, etc.

It also allowed the Respondent and neighborhood stakeholders to receive less than and not have a true barometer of what they should have received and/or obtained.

Glass Truism - Co-dependency and intimidation/overawe due to one's perceived power can and do perpetuate racism and poverty; such as what is perceived in this neighborhood-institution ongoing evaluation.

Friday, November 18, 2011

LARSON Weekly Report - November 17, 2011

Wisconsin Senator Chris Larson - 7th District
November 18, 2011

Better Connecting People to Jobs
I am supporting legislation that will be introduced shortly to provide for a more open and efficient unemployment insurance system that will further aid Wisconsin's displaced workers.

Under current law, when Wisconsinites apply for unemployment insurance, they must also register with the Job Service Center at the Department of Workforce Development as a condition of receiving unemployment benefits. The state job center then works to help displaced workers get back on their feet by providing career planning, job placement and job training information.

Under the federal Workforce Investment Act of 1998, local Workforce Development Boards were established throughout the state to provide similar resources. In addition to these resources, the local boards have a close relationship with community businesses. As a result, some employment opportunities may be known only to the local agency and not the state agency.

LRB 3053/2 would require the Department of Workforce Development to share contact information of any unemployment insurance applicant with both the state Job Service Center and local Workforce Development Board for the community in which that applicants resides. Through this legislation, displaced workers will have better access to employment opportunities. This bill will also maximize resources for displaced workers by enhancing communication between job seekers and employers. Through increased coordination between local agencies, state agencies and employers, this bill will help in getting our family, friends and neighbors back to work.

Job creation and promotion is of the utmost importance and this bill increases our ability to connect qualified workers with needy employers. For this reason, I will be wholeheartedly supporting LRB 3053/2.

To view a copy of this bill, please CLICK HERE.


Milwaukee, WI – Milwaukee County Supervisor Eyon Biddle, Sr., released the following statement regarding yesterday’s observance of the National Day of Action in Milwaukee:

“First of all, I want to commend Chief of Police Ed Flynn and the rest of our distinguished men and women serving in the line of duty to protect our community. While I appreciate Chief Flynn and all of our public servants, his comments regarding the occupy movement’s takeover of the North Avenue bridge were way off base. He and the Mayor seem to be very concerned with the minor inconveniences of traffic jams, instead of the lack of jobs and economic base for people of color in our community. This lack of jobs perpetuates crime and violence in our neighborhoods.

“My message to Chief Flynn: If there are more jobs and economic development in our community, you might find your job a little bit easier. I find it strange that no one batted an eye when the tea party captured national attention by electing leaders that gridlock Congress. But, we take over a bridge for a few hours in protest of the economic and social injustices of our community who need jobs and resources, and we are mocked!

“The real problem is that many of the leaders in Milwaukee, including Mayor Barrett and Chief Flynn, do not understand the voices of a frustrated generation who have been written off and ignored. Change is being demanded. Folks are no longer going to fall in line with business as usual and status quo politics and leadership. I challenge everyone to take a closer look at the injustices that many working class people face every day. This is much more important than minor traffic inconveniences. I didn’t see this same outrage from these two gentlemen when it was announced that Milwaukee was the 9th poorest city in the country. They should take their faux outrage and direct it toward socioeconomic injustices that everyday people face.

“The bridge we occupied was a symbol. It represented jobs and infrastructure that would help my depressed community. I live right down the block, and I know my people need jobs. We should be outraged that black contractors, laborers and residents are not getting the lion’s share of a work at the $200 million Westlawn Housing Authority project. We should be outraged that bankers who gambled with our economy aren’t being held responsible for their actions. The rich are getting richer and bailed out while we get poorer and sold out by our own government who are here to serve the people. If Chief Flynn or Mayor Barrett need examples of this, they can look at SB 207/Felon Discrimination, the new voter ID law, Badger Care cuts, education cuts, and the collective bargaining law.

“I appreciate Chief Flynn for doing his job, but we are also doing ours. We are standing up for what’s right and calling attention to injustice and waking the people up. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., had a dream for us all – and for this country – that has not been made into a reality. That is an indictment on us all. People have a lot to be outraged about. It’s time to wake up, unify, organize and activate, not player hate.

“It's time for the people of Milwaukee to wake up.”


Harold Mester
Public Information Manager
Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors

Mary Glass - EDITORIAL YAHOO! National Day of Action - A Look at Mayor Tom Barrett

MILWAUKEE, WI - On Thursday, November 19, 2011, National Day of Action, was royally celebrated by the People's leadership protest of Milwaukee's Occupy the Hood movement. It put a NEW face of a wake-up call for Milwaukeeans at the neighborhood level (the half-million base) and the City of Milwaukee's high rollers that are elected/appointed/hired/volunteered/donors.

The call was authentic. It was a CALL for a permanent Standdown of the oppressive actions of those well-connected running rampart with greed and discrimination.

It is amazing what can be done if there is a "Will". It has unseen powers that travel in air, ideas and synergy.

It was held on the near northside on the North Avenue bridge, over I43 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - one of the core areas of People of Color and the Work Challenged. It was at a point of entrance/exist of the BRONZEVILLE District - an example of by-design derailment-to-date of economic stewardship by Mayor Tom Barrett and the Common Council.

Bogus Promises
Mayor Tom Barrett, the CEO of Milwaukee, has spent his efforts the last 8 years in "outsourcing" Milwaukeeans wealth - resources and funds. Instead of working with the majority of the people as he promised in 2004, he joined in treaty with those that represents the 1% - Milwaukee Metropolitan Association of Commerce, the Milwaukee 7 and the Greater Milwaukee Committee, against the 99% - African American, other People of Color and the Work Challenged stakeholders (un-, under-employed; un-, under-graduated; un- under-financed neighborhood-level businesses; disabled and re-entry, especially those returning from WAR, INCARCERATION, boomerang employment, boomerang retirement and students w/degrees but no employment).

He and his well-connected and greedy cronies have sat on committees and forged a Southeastern Wisconsin agenda that has raped repeatedly the funding coffers and resources of this city. The proof is the 190 neighborhoods, land-filled mines, that are reported time-and-time again of deficits in quality of life and economic development.

Report-after-report, survey-after-survey, pollster-after-pollster, researcher-after-researcher say the same thing; but, NO CHANGE. The People yesterday said, "It is time for a change."

We can/will not enable or allow outsiders living and paying taxes in nearby burbs continue to take, lobby and dictate/"drain" the coffers of the iconic city of Milwaukee - its half-million constituents bring $MILLIONS each year and each project spearheaded by Mayor Tom and POSSE goes to underwrite projects, corporations, plans and pet projects that do not have the authorization of the People and best interest of the People.

It is time for SHOW and TELL.

"What have you done for us Mayor TOM since you took office in 2004?"

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors Override Veto of County Executive Abele

MIWAUKEE County - On November 16, 2011, Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors provided the necessary votes to Override the veto funding by County Executive Chris Abele.

The veto by Abele was to chop the Work Initiative, $1,000,000 to $1,000. Immediate sharing with the People by the Co-sponsors: Supervisor Theodore Lipscomb and Supervisor Eyon Biddle; the People became galvinized with calls and emails.

Chairman Lee Hollway had a press conference on November 15, 2011 and spoke of the veto concerns in the budget.

"Today's vote showed two things: how much our esteemed colleagues are in tune with the needs of the constituents who elected them, and how much our County Executive is out of touch with the constituents who elected him. The County Executive played Russian roulette with the lives of those out of work in Milwaukee County. In light of a depressed economy and staggering unemployment, County Supervisors have shown that they are not interested in playing the County Executive’s game,” Supervisors Biddle and Lipscomb said.

“We thank Board Chairman Lee Holloway and the other members of this Board who voted to put the people of Milwaukee County back to work. With today’s vote, the County Board and the people of Milwaukee County have won. Even though we overwhelmingly overrode his veto 14-5, we look forward to working with the County Executive to train unemployed people and put them back to work. We believe he understands that this program would be beneficial.”

Our hats are off to the 14 members of the Board of County Supervisors that voted YES. They are:
- Chairman Lee Holloway - 5
- Supervisor Eyon Biddle - 10
- Supervisor Mark Borkowski - 11
- Supervisor Gerry Broderick - 3
- Supervisor Lynne De Bruin - 15
- Supervisor Marina Dimitrijevic - 4
- Supervisor Jason Haas - 14
- Supervisor Nikiya Harris - 2
- Supervisor Willie Johnson - 13
- Supervisor Theodore Lipscomb - 1
- Supervisor Michael Mayo - 7
- Supervisor Johnny Thomas - 18
- Supervisor John Weishan - 16
- Supervisor Peggy Romo - 12

There were five (5) supervisors that voted NO. They are:
- Supervisor Paul Cesarz - 9
- Supervisor Patricia Jursik - 8
- Supervisor Joseph Rice - 6
- Supervisor Joe Sanfelippo - 17
- Suptervior James Schmitt - 19

Watch the NYPD Violently Arrest Peaceful Protesters on Wall Street

Take a look at how the protesters are treated.

This was taken from: Watch the NYPD Violently Arrest Peaceful Protesters on Wall Street.

The RT television network has published footage of New York police officers manhandling and arresting individuals who had been protesting peacefully on Wall Street this morning. There have been widespread reports of police in riot gear using excessive force (including a sound cannon) against the protesters. As many as 80 protesters have been arrested today so far, and it is not even 11am on the East Coast. Stay tuned for what the rest of the day will bring.

By Lauren Kelley | Sourced from AlterNet
Posted at November 17, 2011, 7:57 am

Schacknow - TODAY'S PRIMER - November 17, 2011

Peter Schacknow, Senior Producer, CNBC Breaking News Desk

Wednesday U.S. trading session served as a reminder of just how sensitive U.S. investors are to the debt situation in Europe, with stocks selling off significantly in the final hour on a Fitch report on U.S. bank exposure.

Futures are pointing to a mild rebound this morning at the open, with stocks trying to avoid their first 2-day losing streak of November.

We'll watch for reaction this morning to the results of a Spanish bond auction of 10-year bonds, at which yields spiked to 6.975%, the highest since 1997.

A busy week of economic numbers continues this morning, with several key reports out before the open.

At 8:30am ET, the government is out with housing starts for October, with consensus forecasts calling for an 8.1% drop following September's 15% jump.

Building permits are seen rising 3.2%, reversing September's 5.7% drop.
Also at 8:30am ET, consensus forecasts call for initial jobless claims to come in at 397,000 for the week ending November 12, up from the prior week's 390,000.

And at 10am ET, the November Philly Fed survey reading is expected to remain steady at 8.7, identical to the October number.

Retailers are again prominent among companies releasing earnings, with Dollar Tree (DLTR), Sears Holdings (SHLD), and Ross Stores (ROST) out with quarterly reports before the opening bell. We'll also see quarterly numbers from Gamestop (GME) and J.M.Smucker (SJM).

After the closing bell, earnings reports are due from Gap (GPS), Intuit (INTU), Salesforce.com (CRM), and Marvell (MRVL).

Applied Materials (AMAT) is among our stocks to watch today, as it beat Wall Street estimates with its fiscal fourth quarter profits.

Netapp (NTAP) will be under pressure this morning, after missing forecasts with its fiscal second quarter profits and giving a bearish forecast.

We'll see if retailers get any sort of boost from a new National Retail Federation report, which says more Americans are planning to shop on Black Friday this year than last.

The NRF says 152 million shoppers intend to hit the stores that day, which would be a better than 10% increase over last year.

Delphi Automotive (DLPH) returns to the public markets today following the pricing of its initial public offering.

The former GM unit saw its IPO price at 22 dollars per share, at the low end of the projected range.

That values the company at about $7.2 billion, well below an estimate of $10 billion to $14 billion earlier this year.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

County Executive Abele's Veto of the Work Initiative fails the smell test and shows he has forgotten his Election Night Speech

November 15, 2011

MILWAUKEE, WI (Milwaukee County) - Today, Supervisor Theodore Lipscomb and Supervisor Eyon Biddle reported that funding for the Work Initiative proposed was vetoed 90% by County Executive Chris Abele. It appears the original amount for $1,000,000 was chopped to $100,000.

According to both the offices of Supervisor Lipscomb and Biddle, the veto is a "blow" to the intent and challenge of the Work Initiative.

Shout outThis is for your perusal and ACTION to the supervisors and the county executive. The override can come tomorrow by the full BOARD of Supervisors. Make your calls NOW.

The following Press Release by the Co-sponsors of the Work Initiative, Supervisors Biddle and Lipscomb; and, the response we received from County Executive Abele's office.


Milwaukee, WI – Milwaukee County Supervisors Eyon Biddle, Sr., and Theodore Lipscomb, Sr., released the following statements after County Executive Chris Abele vetoed 90% of the funding for the Biddle-Lipscomb Ready to Work Initiative:

Supervisor Lipscomb
“Supervisor Biddle and I proposed the Ready to Work Initiative to balance the need to help businesses create jobs while investing in job training for County residents. Unfortunately, this partial veto creates a 20-1 imbalance that highly favors the business community over workers. This action fails to recognize the magnitude of the mismatch between the number of skilled workers and available job opportunities.”

“The fact that the County Executive didn’t eliminate the program completely shows he must understand that it’s something we need to do, but his veto means we can’t even make a dent in the problem.”

Supervisor Biddle
“To say the least, this veto is highly disappointing. The County Executive appears to be extremely out of touch with his constituents. I’m not sure what world he’s living in. The greatest need for the residents of Milwaukee County right now is jobs. Milwaukee is the 9th poorest city in the nation, and he should do everything in his power to create job training opportunities. The County Executive wants to take smaller steps, but families living in poverty and devoid of hope deserve bold ideas and leadership.

“It seems that the County Executive is more concerned with creating one comptroller position for Milwaukee County than creating opportunities for thousands of Milwaukee County residents out of work. It is also peculiar that the County Executive is only willing to give $100,000 to fund this program, despite amendments offered by some of my most conservative colleagues allocating $500,000.

“I encourage all of my colleagues to join me in overriding this veto on Wednesday. With a County Board override, the Ready to Work Initiative will be a success – and the County Executive will likely take all the credit for it.”



The response from County Executive Abele's office is:

"I am partially vetoing this amendment to create a more balanced and supportable approach to workforce development and small-business loans. I recognize the leadership that Milwaukee County should play in addressing high joblessness rates and commend the board for developing a thoughtful way to potentially use future land sale revenue toward this end. While I support the amendment's creation of a workforce development program, I believe that funding it at $100,000 for 2012 instead $1 million would be more prudent and give the County the opportunity to more gradually develop a successful program. I have met with Big Step Director Earl Buford and am confident that this initial funding of $100,000 would create a significant and effective program. I also believe that this $100,000 in workforce development funding should be made a priority over funding the economic development
fund from future land sales."

Schacknow - TODAY'S PRIMER - November 15, 2011

Peter Schacknow, Senior Producer, CNBC Breaking News Desk

Wall Street has not had a two-day losing streak in two weeks - but it's possible that could end today, with Eurozone debt jitters a key factor pushing futures lower right now.

Investors will also be looking at a number of key economic and earnings reports in the day ahead.

Three reports of note are out at 8:30am ET: October retail sales are seen rising 0.1 percent following a 1.1 percent increase in September.

The October Producer Price Index is expected to fall 0.1 percent, after the surprising 0.8 percent rise in September, with the core rate predicted to be up 0.1 percent following a 0.2 percent September increase.

We'll also get the monthly Empire State Survey, with that report's November reading expected at -1.5, a less negative reading than October's -8.48.

At 10am ET, economists are expecting September business inventories to be up by 0.1% after August's 0.5 percemt increase.

If you like Fed speeches, today is your day with no less than five Federal Reserve Bank Presidents scheduled for speeches: James Bullard (St.Louis), Charles Evans (Chicago), John Williams (San Francisco), Richard Fisher (Dallas), and Naryana Kocherlakota (Minneapolis).

Evans will also be guest hosting on today's Squawk On The Street starting at 11am ET.
It's a significant morning for retail earnings reports, led by Dow components Wal-Mart (WMT) and Home Depot (HD).

We'll also be seeing quarterly numbers from Staples (SPLS) and TJX (TJX) before the opening bell.

The focus shifts to tech after the bell, with Dell (DELL), Autodesk (ADSK), and Agilent (A) set to report quarterly numbers.

The Occupy Wall Street movement is in the spotlight this morning, with protesters being cleared out of New York's Zuccotti Park, with authorities saying the continued occupation posed a health and safety threat.

Many stocks make today's watch list following the quarterly filings yesterday by big investors detailing portfolio changes.

Among them: Appaloosa cutting stakes in Citigroup (C), Goodyear (GT), and Macy's (M), Greenlight Capital increasing holdings in Apple (AAPL) and General Motors (GM) while cutting Pfizer (PFE) and Microsoft (MSFT), Fairholme Capital cutting stakes in Goldman Sachs (GS) while taking new stakes in Verizon (VZ) and AT&T (T), and Paulson & Co. increasing its holdings in Bank of America (BAC) while taking a new stake in Wells Fargo (WFC).

Milwaukee Professionals Association Public Policy Review Adds PUBHUB Alert

NEW YORK, NY - Milwaukee Professionals Association adds "PubHub Alert" to its information sharing to re-define, re-brand and un-trap hidden talent and opportunities at the neighborhood level of the City of Milwaukee.

PubHub Alert, a service of the Foundation Center, is a regular and generous sharing of data for perusal, consideration, planning and actions for the citizenry. It helps to provide perspectives and options of Leadership, Citizenship and Problem Solving by signing up.

You can SIGN-UP for your regular dosage of state-of-the-art information. We will recommend reports through our weekly notices.
We want you to explore and share with a neighbor. It is a great thing.

The four (4) items for today are:

-- Portrayal and Perception: Two Audits of News Media Reporting on African American Men and Boys Heinz Endowments

Presents findings from analyses of the Pittsburgh media's coverage of African-American men and boys as well as interviews about the community's frustration with the focus on crime. Makes recommendations for raising coverage rates and broadening topics.

Published: November 2011
Funder(s): Heinz Endowments
Subject(s): Journalism/Media; Minorities; Minorities, African Americans/Blacks

-- How Can We Move Clinical Genomics Beyond the Hype? Urban Institute
Millenson, Michael L.

Examines the debate over increased use of genetic testing, due in part to lax regulation, and its consequences: wasteful spending, patient harm, and health system challenges. Makes recommendations for implementation of and data on promising technologies.

Published: October 2011
Funder(s): Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Subject(s): Health; Science/Technology; Health, Healthcare Access/Reform

-- Medicaid's Long-Term Care Users: Spending Patterns Across Institutional and Community-Based Settings Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured

Profiles Medicaid's acute and long-term care users, including share of the Medicaid population; share of spending by type of service; and use of long-term care by elderly, disabled, dual eligible, and other beneficiaries. Outlines policy implications.

Published: October 2011
Funder(s): Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation
Subject(s): Health; Health, Health Insurance/Coverage; Aging

-- Profile of the California Partnership Academies 2009-2010 Career Academy Support Network

Profiles career academies that combine core academic subjects with technical courses to prepare students for both college and careers. Examines their locations, industry sectors, and funding sources as well as student profile, performance, and experience.

Published: October 2011
Funder(s): California Department of Education, James Irvine Foundation
Subject(s): Elementary and Secondary Education; Elementary and Secondary Education, School Reform; Education


Mary Glass, Chair/CEO, Milwaukee Professionals Association, periodically writes comments on PND/Philanthropy News Digest, another Alert of the Foundation Center. PND announces gifts by various donors given daily.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Milwaukee Professionals Association Announces 13 MPS Schools Selected for POSSE Affiliation

"On the day that Wisconsinites are beginning the Recall of Governor Scott Walker, Monday, November 14, 2011, we are proud to announce 13 schools were selected for the first round of our 2011-2012 POSSE Schools from MPS/Milwaukee Public Schools," said Mary Glass, Chair/CEO, Milwaukee Professionals Association. "We are moving ahead with another part of the Public School Trifecta to re-define, re-brand and un-trap hidden talent in the City of Milwaukee." "This is a great start, we look forward to working the challenges to our benefit."

MILWAUKEE, WI - November 14, 2011,the AHOD/ALL HANDS on Deck, WE, Not Me Initiative, launched January 23-26, 2010, takes another giant step to begin to "pipeline" talent for 21st Century employment, for global competitiveness, career starts, wealth building and sustainability of hidden talent and emerging/submerging business stakeholders in the City of Milwaukee - those by design left out of strategic planning and decision making; while their huge pots of federal funds are used.

3-Part Trifecta
The Public School Trifecta plan of AHOD calls for a 3-part public school collaboration of MPS/Milwaukee Public School, MATC/Milwaukee Area Technical and UW-M/University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.

First Stage
The POSSE component consist of juniors and seniors of selected high schools working-in-a-partnering and collaborating way to share information for growth through SATURDAY TALK and MEET N' GREET activities. Students are taught WISENESS, debate/forensics, civility, and CASE Learning techniques for Leadership, Citizenship and Problem Solving. They are paired with tutoring of the Safety Matters Exploratory Team - college students that are 2-year, undergraduate, graduate, technical assistants and post graduate students. They will have field experience from "their" neighborhood. They will build "their" portfolio. They will map "their" neighborhood. They will know "their" elected officials. They will give back to "their" school for others to enter the "pipeline" and grow.

They will create the 2012 youth-teen-young adults conference for show-n-tell/sharing.

POSSE OF 13 Schools
The thirteen (13) schools selected are:

- Bay View School
- Community High School
- International Peace Academy
- Lady Pitts /District School Age Parent Center
- Lynde & Harry Bradley Technology and Trade School
- Milwaukee Campus for Technology, Trades & Media
- Milwaukee High School of the Arts
- Milwaukee Learning Laboratory & Institute
- Professional Learning Institute/PLI
- Project Stay
- Rufus King High School
- School of Media and Communications
- South Division High School

LARSON WEEKLY REPORT - November 10, 2011

WI Senator Chris Larson - 7th District

Today is: Monday, November 14, 2011

Conceal Carry Law Change Threatens Public Safety
2011 Wisconsin Act 35, conceal carry legislation, went into effect on November 1 of this year. Under this law, any individual obtaining a license to carry a concealed weapon is also responsible for taking four hours of training to ensure they are well-versed on gun owner safety and responsibility.

Unfortunately, Republicans have already decided to change the rules by striking this requirement, meaning that there will no longer be adequate training for individuals carrying a concealed weapon. They even removed the 8-hour training requirement for firearm safety instructors. This extreme policy shift by Republican lawmakers rejected the basic safety parameters established by Republican Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen.

I have heard from people across Wisconsin who are concerned that the removal of sensible training standards will dramatically decrease public safety. As we work to move Wisconsin forward, I would hope that Republicans will begin to heed the concerns of our neighbors over those of powerful special interests.

To view a video I created discussing this important issue in more detail, please CLICK HERE. You can also find additional information on the Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort's (W.A.V.E.) Web site by CLICKING HERE.

November is Native American Heritage Month
November is Native American Heritage Month, a time when we celebrate the rich past and present of North America’s Indigenous People. Native Americans have a proud history in Wisconsin and in the United States as a whole. From the American Revolution to World War II to operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, Native Americans have fought valiantly to make our country great. Ho-chunk tribe member, Purple Heart and Medal of Honor recipient Mitchell Red Cloud, Jr. who selflessly gave his life in order to allow the rest of his company to retreat from oncoming forces in the Korean War is evidence of that.

Wisconsin’s Native Americans have also played a huge part in keeping our nation financially and morally strong. Menominee tribe member and native of Keshena, Wisconsin Ada Deer served as head of the Bureau of Indian Affairs and Assistant Secretary of the Interior. She also played a key role in protecting humanity across the world by serving on the United Nations Human Rights Council. Many of the qualities that make Wisconsin great would not be possible without our Native American community members.

We owe much to the Native Peoples of the United States and Wisconsin, and this debt should inform current state policies, from responsible land stewardship to comprehensive diversity protection.

Supreme Court: Hearing on 2010 Health Care Law

Taken from The New York Times.

WASHINGTON, DC - Monday, November 14, 2011, the justices have agreed to hear the controversial Health Care Law signed by President Barack Obama. It is his signature law so far.

For details, CLICK


Date: Saturday, November 19, 2011
Location: UW-Milwaukee - Union, Room 179
Time: 1:15-3:15pm
Topic: Intro of CASE LEARNING

Topic Panel
-- Occupy the Hood
-- Resources @ UW-Milwaukee

4:00pm - 6:00pm MEET 'N GREET
Safety Matters Resource Network

The MEET 'N Greet is held in the REC Center.

* Intro of Safety Matters Exploratory Team.
* Join the Safety Matters Facebook.
* Speeeeed Networking.

Refreshments complimentary.

To register, CLICK.

TODAY'S Book to Review - Author, Dr. Steve Perry

Dr. Steve Perry

Taken from Black Enterprise.com

Are you concerned about the quality of education that your child is receiving? Are you an educator who feels that the system is failing? Then Dr. Steve Perry’s book, Push Has Come To Shove: Getting Our Kids the Education They Deserve, is for you. Dr. Perry is an education advocate, founder and principal of Capital Preparatory Magnet School and a CNN Education contributor. His school has sent 100% (yes, 100%!) of its students to four-year colleges! In Push Has Come to Shove, he offers answers to motivating the uninterested student and finding the good teachers.

For more, CLICK.

Amazon link

We have added Today's Book Review as one of the regular items we will share - hope it is informative.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Penn State - Public Square Scandal of Unethical Culture rings close to behavior of University of WI Regents deaf ears

"The university is much larger than its athletic teams," board vice chair John Surma said during a news conference. "The Penn State board of trustees tonight decided it is in the best interest of the university to have a change in leadership to deal with the difficult issues that we are facing."

State College, PA USA - Many families of youth victims are wondering why their concerns of sexual assaults to their children are on the back burner and the clamor is regarding Penn State's coach Joe Paterno career and Saturday's game. Or, the dismissal of Penn State President.

For they are the ones for many years have had their egregious concerns fall-on-deaf-ears by design.

Therefore, many have/are suffering in silence, some have tried to move on with recovery in mind but languishing pain is present due to the lack of principled centered leadership on the part of the Penn State Trustees, President, Coaches and many other well-connected decision makers who chose to turn-a-deaf ear and engaged in impunity of wrongdoing. It seem to have been about the greed/power of sports - money.

Therefore, the leaders, keeper of the TRUST are guilty of aiding and abetting the sexual abuse of youth on and in the property of Penn State more than once.

This is a familiar trend when dealing with institutions, large businesses and powerful individuals. However, the chicken for the most part "comes home to roost", "the truth find its way" and "all hell-breaks loose". Such as the present dilemma of Penn State, especially since this goes back more than 12 years ago when the accused predator: Jerry Sandusky retired.

As is predictable, the Penn State Trustee got instant religion, their attorneys probably disengaged with "too big to fail" or "we do not respond". Therefore, football coach Joe Paterno and university president Graham Spanier were abruptly fired amid the growing furor over how the school handled the sex abuse allegations against former assistant coach Sandusky.

Madison and Milwaukee, WI USA - "This reminds me of my office 5-year observation and over two years of ongoing efforts of sharing/exposing the overwhelming "discriminating culture of African American, People of Color and the Work Challenged", failure to honor Wisconsin State Statute - Chapter 36, appropriate Administrative Codes and UW System Mission of the University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents, President Kevin Reilly, UW-Milwaukee 8th Chancellor Selection Committees, UW-Milwaukee Chancellor Michael Lovell, UW-Milwaukee Cabinet, UW-Milwaukee Selection Committees and staff.

On April 26, 2011, Mary Glass, Chair/CEO submitted an Open Complaint to Wisconsin Attorney General JB Van Hollen for criminal, human and civil concerns. The response was they were bound to represent the UW System as one of Wisconsin government agents.

Not only have we found "discrimination", but "discrimination with arrogance". Especially since, Governor Scott Walker, Department of Administration/Secretary Michael Huebsch (failure to communicate), Department of Commerce/Secretary Paul Jadin (lacking scope and sensitivity), WI Economic Development Corporation/NEWLY opened and ran by Governor Walker and cronies, the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board (failure to communicate) and Wisconsin legislators have been "lock-step" in silence regardless of the incredible evidence submitted for perusal and fact finding.

We know that this will be another huge scandal (with huge suits attached) and those responsible will try to scatter but will be brought before the people, just as the Penn State scandal is doing going forward.

As for the power of Sports - Badger football team of the UW-System, Badger Athletic Director/Coach Barry Alverez received an additional $500,000 to boost his annual salary to $1 million through 2016, thanks to the promise of $500,000 from UW Foundation(s). Additionally, it is reported he could get an additional $25K for performance. That made him in pretty much a class unto himself. This is in the mist of a furor of fast-fleeting/resignation of Chancellor Biddy Martin and WI state budget cuts for the UW System. As well as the $million dollar alleged ponzi scheme. High rollers. The MILLION DOLLAR MAN.

CNBC - TODAY'S PRIMER - November 10, 2011


Stock index futures pointed to a higher open for Wall Street on Thursday, with all eyes on Europe once again and investors relatively upbeat following news that Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi would step down, paving the way for Italy to push through economic reforms.

Stocks in Europe reversed earlier losses in morning trade, but Asian markets closed down.

Berlusconi’s party is discussing the option of supporting a unity government led by former European commissioner Mario Monti as well as early elections, a senior party official told Reuters on Thursday.

A fairly positive Italian bond auction also boosted investors’ confidence.

Later on Thursday, the Bank of England is set to keep interest rates at record lows and leave its asset buying plan unchanged.

NewsCorp’s James Murdoch appears before a UK parliamentary committee once again to answer further questions about the phone hacking scandal which led to the closure of UK newspaper News of the World.

Back in the United States, weekly jobless claims are out at 8.30 am New York time, along with trade balance data for September.

The University of Michigan consumer sentiment indicator is out at 9.55 am.

Cisco is among stocks in focus after reporting forecast-beating earnings after the close on Wednesday.

11-11-11 -- VETERANS Day

November 10, 2011

Wisconsin National Guard Public Affairs Office

Wisconsin National Guard Soldiers were actively engaged with the enemy on the Meuse-Argonne battlefields Nov. 11, 1918 - a day later to be celebrated as Armistice Day, and Veterans Day today - until the closing minutes of combat in World War I

Wisconsin National Guard troops have participated in the Civil War, the Spanish-American War, World War I and World War II, the Korean War, Operation Desert Storm, Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom/New Dawn, and Operation Unified Protector. Since 2001, more than 14,000 men and women of the Wisconsin National Guard have been called to active duty in support of the global war on terror - many of that number deploying more than once.

For more, CLICK

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Milwaukee Professionals Association Announces NEW name for Water Stewardship North America Project

"I am excited about the change and enrichment," said Mary Glass, Chair/CEO, Milwaukee Professionals Association. "It will allow us to look at a more comprehensive approach that will include our near and not-so-near neighbors on the farms and those who are urban growers." "What a challenge." "What an opportunity."

November 8, 2011

MILWAUKEE - On November 7, 2011, Milwaukee Professionals Association enriched its efforts by expanding its North America Water Stewardship's name. It is now called: The Urban/Rural North America Neighborhood Level Impact of Water Sustainability and Stewardship Project..

Water Opportunities
Water uses, environmental protection, treatment-recycle, health-safety, research, customer care, business development, technology attainment and education attainment for sustainability are key concerns for both URBAN and RURAL areas. It looks at opportunities for connecting for Smart Growth.

Wisconsin VOTER ID Reminder

MILWAUKEE, WI - Take a moment to update yourself regarding the nine (9) forms of acceptable ID for "voting" starting Spring 2012.

FREE Identification CARD - If you do not have one of the above.
Election Commission: 414.286-3491

CLICK to see 9 forms of acceptable ID as well as the link for WI Department of Transportation. READ both pages.

Note: You must be 18 years of age on voting day.
Start in time to be sure you have proper documentation.

A free ID card is NOT available under the following

■ If you currently have a valid, unexpired drivers license (DL), you are
not eligible under Wisconsin law to obtain an ID.

■ If you will not be at least 18 years of age on the date of the next

■ If you already have a Wisconsin ID card that is not eligible for
renewal (you may renew your ID card up to one year prior to its
expiration date).

■ If you are not eligible to vote in Wisconsin.


We need you informed and ready to VOTE next year.

UPDATED County Board Budget Blast 11/7/11

Harold Mester
Public Information Manager
Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors

MILWAUKEE COUNTY 2012 Budget Update starts with comments from the Chairman, Lee Hollway, 5th District.


Milwaukee, WI - The Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors adopted a 2012 County Budget at its Annual Meeting Monday evening. Board Chairman Lee Holloway released the following statement after the final budget was adopted:

“Even though we have a new County Executive, this budget reminded me of what we were handed in previous years. Because of the tax levy freeze, Supervisors were forced to do all the heavy lifting. In the end, we took a balanced approach in doing what’s best for Milwaukee County and its taxpayers.

“This budget is my last one as Chairman of the Board. I thank all Supervisors who put so much effort into this budget. In particular, I recognize the tireless efforts of Supervisor Johnny L. Thomas. He and his colleagues on the Finance & Audit Committee have done an admirable job under difficult circumstances.”

Total expenditures for 2012 are $1,229,294,103, a decrease of $64,400,597 from 2011. Under the adopted budget, the 2012 tax levy is $275,805,499, an increase of 2.3% over the 2011 levy of $269,554,701. Under this scenario, the owner of an average City of Milwaukee home would see the County portion of their property tax bill rise by approximately $3.

CLICK for summary text.

CLICK November 8, 2011 - Budget Update

Monday, November 7, 2011

CNBC - TODAY'S PRIMER - November 7, 2011

Stock index futures pointed to a weaker open for Wall Street on Monday as investors remained uncertain about the outcome of a deal made by Greek politicians to approve an international bailout for Greece and grew increasingly worried about Italy’s public finances and political instability.

Italian bond yields rose to new euro era highs on Monday as nervousness over a key parliamentary vote in the country on Tuesday mounts.

Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou sealed a deal with the opposition on a crisis coalition to approve an international bailout, but details remain thin despite an EU ultimatum for Athens to get serious about tackling its problems.

Euro zone finance ministers meet in Brussels on Monday for a regular, scheduled meeting, but are likely to discuss the ongoing turmoil in the region.

Retailer Best Buy will pay $1.3 billion to buy its British partner Carphone Warehouse Group out of a fast-growing U.S. mobile phone venture, while abandoning plans for a chain of European megastores.

The move is the latest sign Best Buy is scaling back its overseas ambition, Reuters reported.

In other company news, General Motors is on track to double its annual tally to 5 million vehicles in China by 2015 despite slowing growth in the world's largest auto market, its China chief said.

MF Global is also still in the spotlight. CME Group and IntercontinentalExchange moved over the weekend to limit the fallout from the MF Global Holdings bankruptcy on futures markets by lowering margin requirements on some accounts.

Among economic indicators out on Monday, the Conference Board releases its employment trend index for October.

The Federal Reserve issues consumer credit numbers at 3 pm New York time.
Economists polled by Reuters forecast consumer credit to rise $5 billion, versus a $9.5 billion drop in August.

Friday, November 4, 2011

SUNDAY, November 6, 2011 - DEVELOPING NEWS - Inside the County Board w/Harold Mester


County Board’s public affairs program airs Sunday on News/Talk 1130 WISN

Milwaukee, WI – The latest edition of Inside the County Board airs Sunday at 9:00 p.m. on News/Talk 1130 WISN radio in Milwaukee. The lineup includes:

• 2012 County Budget with Supervisor Johnny L. Thomas, Chairman of the Finance & Audit Committee

• In-depth discussion on Sheriff Office budget with Supervisor Willie Johnson, Jr., and Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr.

• From the County Board floor: Creation of a Comptroller position for Milwaukee County

Hosted by the County Board’s Public Information Manager, Harold Mester, Inside the County Board airs the first Sunday of every month at 9:00 p.m. on News/Talk 1130 WISN.

The first and only program of its kind in the Milwaukee area, Inside the County Board gives listeners a more in-depth analysis of action taken by the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors.

More information can be found at county.milwaukee.gov/insidethecountyboard, where listeners can hear archived audio from previous shows. The audio from Sunday’s show will be available by Tuesday, November 8.

To listen to previous editions, CLICK

Milwaukee Professionals Association salutes Harold Mester and this INFO FORUM to the public, Public Information Manager, Milwaukee County.