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Sunday, September 16, 2012

MPA LLC adds the position of SENIOR STRATEGIST to its Affordable Health Care Briefing

MILWAUKEE (MPA) - Milwaukee Professionals Association continues to seek ways to support and empower re-defining, re-branding and Un-trapping "Hidden Talent" at the neighborhood level.  This time, they are announcing the position of :

                                     All Hands on Deck, WE Can Senior-Strategist Think Tank

These individuals will be honorary advisors to Milwaukee Professionals Associaton LLC Affordable Health Care Act briefings/discussions.  They will also be eyes-ears-for the following outreach positions:

  • Apps researcher
  • Behavior researcher
  • Blogger
  • Business and Employment/workforce development reseacher
  • Cost containment researcher
  • Government Relations
  • Home Care researcher
  • Hospitality Ambassador
  • In/Out and Home Care researcher
  • Insurance - Medicaid-Medicare-Social Security Advisor
  • Insurance - Private Industry
  • IT programs and projects
  • Medical record-privacy-security researcher
  • Panelist
  • Perscription and medical supply researcher
  • Preparedness Coordinators
  • Program Designer – ODLS (observation of daily life styles)
  • Service Provider researcher (general)
  • Speaker (events and neighborhood)
  • Team leader
The neighborhood level volunteer positions will represent many fields and it will add to the holistic and participatory leadership style and design of MPA LLC All Hands on Deck, WE Can Initiative.

Stay tuned. 

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