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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

YouCaring is selected Crowdfunding for MPA LLC Communication Campaign for the People

FOR RELEASE September 15, 2015

Media Contact:  Mary Glass, mpapublicpolicyreview@gmail.com

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MILWAUKEE - We are pleased to announce that YouCaring is Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC choice for Crowdfunding.  The platform is well known, has easy access, provides support and its pay system instantly enable users to accept donations.

"It is clear that we must take a giant step forward into the opportunities of the World Wide Web and social networking for the implementation of our newest campaign, Marathon against NBA Bucks Mega Greed Deal," said Mary Glass, Chair/Chief Visionary Officer.  "We have launched a time-sensitive crowdfunding campaign to jumpstart the campaign and provide necessary information to the People of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County to compete with the Fast-tracking of the Public Financing that has the citizenry hog-tied in 30 years of INVOLUNTARY SERVITUDE.

On June 4, 2015, Wisconsinites were broadsided with the press conference announcement by Governor Scott Walker-County Executive Chris Abele-Mayor Tom Barrett of a deal they had cut with three wealthy millionaires, Herb Kohl and billionaires Wes Edens and Marc Larsy, for the retention of the Milwaukee Bucks National Basketball Team in the city of Milwaukee.

The announced deal is called:  "It is Cheaper to Keep Them".  It is proposed at $500 million and it consists of two (2) paying parts; one is private and one is public.  The private part of the deal was $250 million.  It was divided into:
       $250 million from seller Herb Kohl and buyers Marc Larsy and Wes Eden
       $100 million from seller Herb Kohl
       $150 million from Marc Larsy and Wes Eden

The public part of the deal was $250 million.  It was divided into:                                
– $55 million State of Wisconsin
– $55 million Milwaukee County
– 47 million City of Milwaukee
– 93 million Wisconsin Center District - the traffic cop of the funding. 

The Cheaper to Keep Them announcement also came with surreptitious parts of this-n-that in cost and the promise of JOBS with no specificity in accountability. 

Continued reports of cost-overruns, public staff work, surreptitious meetings, growing interest cost, NO involvement of African American and People of Color and lack of clarity of all partners and investors left the taxpayers of Milwaukee with their mouths open with the ongoing surprises and disgust of another deal for everyone but them; however, they provide the framing and finance.

The bottom line for the taxpayers from the Cheaper to Keep Them deal was that the taxpayers had been violated in due process and they will pay for 30 years for a private deal for three wealthy men (Kohl-Edens-Larsy) that they knew nothing about, had no input, and did not authorize – a deal of Involuntary Servitude. 

They saw how Walker-Abele-Barrett’s "Misuse of Power" included the legislative side (state-county-city), and monopoly-oligopoly takeover of lobbyists, developers and investors with conflict of interest, bait-n-switch, marketing created many troubling features, that included legislators rolling over with support, Rolling Request for Proposals, Resolution, Senate Bill 209, $1 giveaway of approximately 10 acres of prime Park East Corridor real estate, sales tax waivers, purchase of a parking lot, giveaways of parking lot revenue, framing of tax increment districts, recommendations from comptroller and key officers, $200 million Contingency fund in the 2016 city budget (earmarked for NBA Bucks Mega Greed Deal funding), housing funding, environmental payments, changing of RACM staff involvement and the dominance of Head of the Herd LLC.   It is clear that the level of disenfranchisement demands the U.S. Department of Justice and as often as necessary visits to our judicial system for address and relief.

YouCaring Crowdfunding will assist MPA LLC, Milwaukee Joint NSP Committee & Task Force (the neighbors of the communities) in districts of the city of Milwaukee and county of Milwaukee to shine a light, tweak the fast-tracking and wrongful acts at the present time and seek relief through our justice system, public scrutiny and the 2016 ballot box. 
We look forward to creating an ongoing leadership, fellowship and stewardship for public policy that includes networking with our new relationships across the city-county-state-nation-world to jumpstart a 2015 email and text list for data collection, surveys, focus groups, and a conference to promote success and the functional model that will come from the YouCaring Crowdfunding over the next 20 plus days.   

Our YouCaring campaign is called:
HELP Mary Glass create COMMUNICATION for People's engagement.

Anyone interested in getting involved as a Crowdfunding donor should go to:

We are creating a volunteer list that includes:  economists, lawyers, sponsors, photographers, writers, graphic designers, videographers, and film producers.  If interested, we are at:  mpapublicpolicyreview@gmail.com

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