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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

THE NEW BREED - 6 Unique Candidates for Election 2016

November 25, 2015

Hi Everybody!
Mary Glass, Chief Visionary Officer, Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC here.
I am pleased to announce that we have 6 serious and Innovative Candidates for the 2016 Election at this time and members of the NEW BREED Collaboratory that MPA Candidates Caucus Network manages. We welcome candidates with an Agenda of Change, Reform; and, WE CAN Aspiration and HOPE for the People of Milwaukee. MPA Candidates Caucus Network offers OPTICS in addition to steps for leadership and stewardship. We require Due Diligence commitment to Respect-TRUST-Oath of Office.
The Candidates are:
- Attorney VERONA SWANIGAN – Milwaukee County District Attorney
They are each working on their UNIQUE campaign plan to bring representation that is RESPECTFUL of the Electorate, RESPECTFUL of the People's assets, and committed to the Oath of Office.

For example:

JAMES METHU for Mayor has just released two YouTube videos that tell you about his passions for making Milwaukee INCLUSIVE and poised for Infrastructure growth.

JACKIE CLARK IVY - District 2 is moving to the second stage of her "GET-OUT TO VOTE campaign in her district at MIDTOWN - Old Lowe's Company, across from Walmart on this BLACK FRIDAY, November 27, 2015 (10am - 1pm).
On Saturday, November 28, 2015, 10am - 1:00pm, Join her and others for PUMP-UP the Vote at the Gas Service station on the corner of 60th & Villard - Southeast corner.
Candidate Andrew Shaw - Park East
Attorney ANDREW SHAW - District 4 is busy promoting his $BILLION and 80-20 Voting Campaign to empower the many that are in District 4 that he meets daily through walking the neighborhoods of District 4, while servicing clients of his law office practice. He has Youtube video of his campaign.
MAJUNGARAY WATTS - District 6, our latest Candidate Member is an example of the BRIGHT TALENT - a wife, mother of two, and grad student that GETS, "It is Time". As a matter of fact, "It is Time" - is her slogan.

RANDY JONES - District 7, has just completed his 1st priority of his campaign plan - He knocked on each of the 3,200 voters doors from the primary. You will see him more and more to increase his NAME RECOGNITION by sharing what he wishes to bring to District 7 in focus groups, chats, fundraisers, and forums.
ATTORNEY VERONA SWANIGAN - Milwaukee County District Attorney, has signed on with MPA Candidates Caucus Network for sharing information related to her candidacy - A 19-20 Municipalities visit to address: #1 Prosecutor Duty, John Doe law, Victims of Violence, and Violent Crimes & Sex Offenders. Attorney Swanigan's saying is: "One less Victim, One less Crime".
We see this as so important to providing Informed Decision-Making about our county DA system and why she wishes to be the next Milwaukee County District Attorney.
We have about 82 days before February 16, 2016 for those running in the city of Milwaukee. We will see you on the Trail. When you see us. JOIN US. Say Hello. Support us.
Are you running for office and wish to join us as a member? You can pay membership fee with the credit card, debit card or PayPal icons under the banner at the top of the page.
You can see this by CLICK - Go to: 
MPA Candidates Caucus Network builds capacity with TRAINING & Engagements

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