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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

NOVEMBER 11, 2014 - Vets Place Central, Naiomi Horwitz and Dryhootch

Vets Place, Naiomi Horwitz & Dryhootch
November 11, 2014
Center Center Milwaukee |  DAY 72  |  Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC remembers and salute our VETS on Veterans Day - November 11, 2014.

MPA LLC special tribute is to:

  • Naiomi Horwitz
  • Vets Place Central
  • Dryhootch

Naiomi Horwitz
She joined the army Women's Army Auxiliary Corps, during World War II.  She died on November 6, 2014 in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.  She left the army as a Sergeant Major .

Horwitz, who served in the WAACs until 1946 and then re-enlisted in 1949, retiring with the rank of sergeant major, died of natural causes Thursday at the Oak Creek home of a friend. She was 98.
Final services are being held today on November 11, 2014 in Shorewood, WI. 
Horwitz grew up on Milwaukee's west side. She graduated from Washington High School. Her parents were Russian immigrants.
She was age of 98 years at her death.


Vets Place Central is located at 3330 W Wells St, Milwaukee, WI 53208
(414) 342-5000.

We serve men and women of our armed forces who find themselves in need after returning to civilian life. The CVI helps veterans just like you on a daily basis, and we know how to make life less of a struggle. You are not alone. Let us help you.


Make no mistake, the Center for Veterans Issues is focused on you. You have served your country, perhaps at great personal cost.  CVI’s job is to help you navigate the rest of your life. If you are a Veteran facing one or more of the following, we have programs and resources to help you address these challenges as gracefully as possible:


1030 E Brady St, Milwaukee, WI, (414) 455-8456 
4801 W National Ave, West Milwaukee, WI, (414) 988-9828

Peer Support is the basis for everything we do at Dryhootch.  The brothers and sisters that had your back while in service are now here at Dryhootch, providing you with that same support in "the real world." They can give advice on benefits, explain how they made the transition back, or just be a buddy that can finish your sentences. It is behind everything we do here.

Readjustment Returning from Combat: Its normal to feel confused, depressed, alone when returning “home”. Our veterans peer, who have been in your boots, can show you how to adjust to a place you've been away from for awhile.
Resources: There is a wide range of services available to veterans and their family. But where to find them; how to file? Ask the team at Dryhootch to show you the way. We partner with a large range of agencies who have great programs. Ask us to hook you up.
Employment: We don't throw a computer at you and leave you on your own. We work with you alongside our peer vet to build your resume & skill sets. And we team up to find the employer and career you desire.
Legal Help: Whether it's family, law, or a criminal case, bad things happen to good people. Dryhootch can provide you and your family with help in getting back the life you envisioned.
Families: You don't have to be alone. Family peers can help you find and understand the programs you may be looking for.
Addiction: Unfortunately, addiction is all too often a reality for those who served, have PTSD, or are a stressed family member. Dryhootch has numerous groups that can address your issues respectfully.
Music, Art, Writing: Dryhootch brings in actors, artists, and great music with instructions on guitar or banjo to help you loosen up, have some fun, and heal a little!
And Great Coffee: Dryhootch provides a great social space where veterans, their family, and the community can gather to share conversation, offer help, and relax over a great cup of coffee, tea, and more. Try our Marine Mud, Navy Destroyer, Special Forces Bold, VA Transfusion...you get the hint!


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