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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

LICENSE-gate - Inappropriate behavior during the Class B license process in the city of Milwaukee

City Center Milwaukee | DAY 87 | Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC continues to provide its viewers with state-of-the-art information relative to the day-to-day lives of Milwaukeeans at the census tract and neighborhood level.

                 – LICENSE-gate in the city of Milwaukee

LICENSE-gate is a term Mary Glass, Chair/CEO/CVO, Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC has given to her recent discoveries of Code of Conduct and unacceptable behavior by elected-appointed-hired-volunteered and donor-for-hire representatives during a routine Class B license process through the city clerk office2 and the License Committee3 for the city of Milwaukee government structure.  

The malicious pathways that have been discovered demand and call for a thorough investigation by the city of Milwaukee Ethics Committee4, the Administrative Appeals Board5, the Board of Alcohol Beverage Licensing Task Force6, the Office of the Department of Justice7, Federal Trade Commission8 and federal funding agencies9 for starters.

That the Breach of Trust seen by Alderman Russell Stamper II and members of the License Committee - lack of due process for MC COLE (and others on October 20, 2014) – revealed issues of quality assurance, best practices, transparency and accountability of the Common Council President and FULL Common Council.

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L-R:  Virgina DuPriest, President - YMCA-CDC and Starlet Lever - Administrator Tabernacle Church
L-R:  Larry and Sharon Adams - Walnut Way and Rev. Don Darius Butler, Tabernacle Church

For this Exposé, the customers are applicants seeking a Class B license on October 20, 2014, License Committee19.  

The applicant followed specifically in this report is MC COLE, Hammer’s Den, 1810-1822 W. Fond du Lac Avenue, Milwaukee, WI  53205.

For this Exposé, members of the non-profit organizations, it includes:  
  1. Sharon Adams – Walnut Way
  2. Sharon Adams and Board Members of BID 32
  3. Virginia DuPriest – President of YMCA-CDC
  4. Umbrella organizations of YMCA-CDC and Walnut Way
  5. Starlet Lever and Rev. Don Darius Butler of Tabernacle Church, 2500 W. Medford, Milwaukee, 53206.

City of Milwaukee License Committee
For this Exposé, top accountability falls on charter and city officers.  They are:
  • ·        Mayor Tom Barrett
  • ·        Common Council President Michael Murphy
  • ·        License Committee chair – Alderman Tony Zielenski
  • ·        License Committee vice chair – Alderwoman Milele Coggs
  • ·        License Committee members:  Alderman Russell Stamper II, Alderman Robert Puente and Alderman Jim Dudzik.
  • ·        Spencer Coggs – Teasurer
  • ·        Martin Matson – Comptroller
  • ·        Grant Langley – City Attorney
  • ·        Jim Owczarski – City Clerk


City of Milwaukee Charter Officers

Whereas, the identifiers for this report are primarily from District 15, the overall License-gate is about the entire city of Milwaukee process and procedures for a Class B license – New and Renewal.

The focus is on the Ethical behavior, Oath of Office and breach of PUBLIC TRUST.

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