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Monday, November 10, 2014

The Denial & Resistive Culture - Refusing to LOOK Race in the face in Milwaukee

November 10, 2014
City Center Milwaukee | DAY 71 | Stewardship and Leadership for Invoked Atonement and Reparation in the City of Milwaukee.  Budget 2015

No matter what the city government is embarking on, 2015 budget, NEW featured projects, safety, interventions, technology, economic development and quality of life issues, when the executive and legislative bodies fail to acknowledge the infrastructure of its CORE CONSTITUENTS, they are whistling in the dark.   Mary Glass, MPA LLC

Jim Crow
The Jim Crow laws were racial segregation laws enacted after the Reconstruction period in Southern United States, at state and local levels, and which continued in force until 1965, which mandated de jure racial segregation in all public facilities in Southern states of the formerConfederacy, with, starting in 1890, a "separate but equal" status for African Americans. The separation in practice led to conditions for African Americans that were inferior to those provided for white Americans, systematizing a number of economic, educational and social disadvantages.De jure segregation mainly applied to the Southern United States, while Northern segregation was generally de facto — patterns of segregation in housing enforced by covenants, bank lending practices and job discrimination, including discriminatory union practices for decades.
Jim Crow laws mandated the segregation of public schools, public places and public transportation, and the segregation of restrooms, restaurants and drinking fountains for whites and blacks. The U.S. military was also segregated, as were federal workplaces, initiated in 1913 under President Woodrow Wilson, the first Southern president since 1856. His administration practiced overt racial discrimination in hiring, requiring candidates to submit photos.

We are faced with an endless loop of Jim Crow caused in part by lack of inclusion, purpose awareness, state-of-the-art communication, political leadership and political will of the 19 city officers, mayor, common council members, treasurer, comptroller, and city attorney. Some glaring points include:
  • City officers' "failure to recognize the CORE CONSTITUENTS".
  • City officers' "status quo and business as usual approaches" of the management of Milwaukeeans $$$dollars and resources have exacerbated the problem. 
  • City officers' failure to audit antiquated laws and idealogies that perpetuate disenfranchisement of the Core Constituents.
  • City officers' negative messenging to Core Constituents - i.e., special services,  projects and processes forming collaboratives in the downtown, the valley, third ward, UW-Milwaukee, UW-Milwaukee projects and Brady Street.
  • City officers' premier support of UW-Milwaukee when they fail their state statute for being - in massive discrimination and disenfranchisement of African American and other People of Color in education attainment, construction of projects, employment, and uses of federal funds because it is a "public university" in an Urban area - largest city in Wisconsin - only 1st Class city in Wisconsin.
  • City officers' raving of the NEWLY implemented School of Freshwater Science who have from Day 1 to now "excluded" African Americans.  This is also seen in other mega public funded programs at UW-Milwaukee that go back to ex-governor Jim Doyle signing of $176 million, 2009 Wisconsin Bill 514. 
  • City officers' underwriting "surveys" by groups that do not have African Americans in the DNA of the projects and/or programs.  Yet Africans help fund the projects.  Not OK.  Can someone explain how UW-M was able to purchase the US Cellular center?  Who owns the place and what do the Core Constituents receive - I am certain they rode in on the "public revenue" bandwagon.
  • City officers' massive “outsourcing” of resources bleeds dry city of Milwaukee coffers that are suppose to provide for CORE CONSTITUENTS, first and foremost.
    • The set-asides have become a disgracefuil SHAM.  Programs such as DBE/Disadvantage Business Enterprise is seen as a fraud and not given serious consideration - since Caucasian women and well-connected non-profit cronies are the major recipients. 
  • City officers' approved annual "fraud/scam" of street maintenance (pot holes, drains and building repairs).
    • Contracts through various city departments (i.e., DCD, DPW, PUBLIC LIBRARY).
  • City officers' approved slush funds - i.e., parking ticketsparking towsraid on drivers' licenses and BID/business improvement district assessments.  
  • City officers' that are Common Council Standing Committee chairs and vice chairs fail to caucus out a plan of leadership and stewardhip to grow the Infrastructure of Milwaukee, District-to-District, with the "core constituents" in mind.
  • City officers' failure to put-in-check mayor,Tom Barrett, when he and Tim Sheehy (and friends) used city website, took over assets, and created a by-proxy government – i.e., Milwaukee 7, MMAC and Greater Milwaukee Committee.
Therefore, the “private sector” at the neighborhood and census tract becomes a pivotal focus for investments and all the resources the city can bear.  Where is the money - budgeting here?

This year we must have leadership spending that will not allow the hemorrhaging to continue.  We expect and will hold accountable now and in 2016. 

They year 2016 will come soon than one thinks.  
The collective team of the legislative and executive branch is sorely lacking in credible leadership for the Urban city of Milwaukee - a 1st class population and gateway city for all of the cities of Wisconsin but leading in Enduring Concentrated Poverty.  

The lock-step agreements of the alderpersons who represent dense populations in need of quality of life and economic development must change to show that they are not "rubber stamping" projects and failing to bring substance leadership to their districts.  

It is also time to give notice to Alderman Joe Davis, Alderman Ashanti Hamilton, Alderwoman Milele Coggs, Alderman Willie Wade and Alderman Russell Stamper II that they are in the "fish bowl" and there's no hiding place. 

It is a NEW Day.

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