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Friday, February 26, 2016

ONLY Candidates that Re-define, Re-brand and UN-TRAP CORE CONSTITUENTS Need Apply

l-r:  Bob Donovan and Tom Barrett - Candidates for Mayor of Milwaukee 2016-2020
February 26, 2016
On February 16, 2016,  two (2) candidates emerged the winner for the next Election on April 5, 2016 to become Mayor of Milwaukee.

They are:  Thomas Mark "Tom" Barrett and Robert "Bob" Donovon.  Bob Donovan is the challenger and Tom Barrett is the incumbent.  Both men have been in City Hall of Milwaukee for at least 12 years.  They both come with "toxic undesirables" as for as the CORE CONSTITUENTS.

CORE CONSTITUENTS - are African American, other People of Color and Work Challenged residential and commercial stakeholders that live-in and make-up the majority of the population of the urban city of Milwaukee.  They are the ones that own the position of  ELECTORATE at the top of the Organization Chart.

However, the CORE CONSTITUENTS have been ROBBED continuously of their personal. individual and joint assets, resources, and fiscal benefits.  The robbery is so widespread and deleterious with NO signs of due diligence, leadership for the People, INFRASTRUCTURAL growth for the People, quality of life (education-Information Technology, employment-gainful, lifestyle affordable housing, linked medical resources for Urban health care, health food grocers, linked and viable transit, and economic development in growth of the fiscal structure).

CORE CONSTITUENTS have been treated as "Outliers" of their city coffers.  They by federal law and policies bring MEGA funds; but, the funds are by local elected officials - mayor and common council, take the funds and spend it on pet projects, to pay off election supporters, corporations, and cronies.

It is not an accident that we continue to have RELATED risky behavior by CORE CONSTITUENTS that do not see quality of life and economic development but see economic wherewithal in drug trade as a viable economy option - risky behavior that is fueled by denied access,  denied civil rights and privileges.  

It is not an accident that we continue to have police enforcement to "attack" the victims who for whatever reason - involved and not involved - bear the blame of collateral damage of profiling and disrespect when addressing regular day-to-day policing within the confinements of Milwaukee.

It is important to note that Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC PEOPLES' Tribunal of Milwaukee is the 20-month People's version of Pattern & Practices of behavior of Milwaukee Police that span the administration of Harold Brier - Police Chief to Edward Flynn - Police Chief for sharing with the US Department of Justice and Library of Congress.

It is not an accident that the LACK OF RESPECT is displayed by police, corporation leaders, cronies, non-profit organizations, namesake leaders of the neighborhoods - clergy-education-attorneys-judges leaders, other counties and local media when it comes to reporting, double-triple standards, access, equity, broad-brushing negative statements, and INCLUSION of CORE CONSTITUENTS when the Chief Executive Officer of the City of Milwaukee and the Common Council conduct the People's business as Thomas Barrett and Robert Donovan has done in the last 12 years.

It is important to note that the lion's share of the blame is on the policies and procedures "Let" by Thomas Barrett and Bob Donovan.  Their in-your-face disrespect, discrimination, lack of due diligence and constant disenfranchisement by suspect cabinet departments heads, the city clerk office, treasurer, city attorney, comptroller, other city staff and/or volunteers for authorities-committees-boards.

Season for Review - ELECTION 2016
Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC - MPA Candidates Caucus Network seeks outreach at this time to the two mayoral candidates during the Weeks of March.  We seek transparency and accountability of the appointed department heads, Fire and Police Commission, MEDC Board, MEDC Operation, city clerk, oversight for Milwaukee 7 and committee record of the Common Council.

We seek a COMPETITIVE RACE and will do our part to tweak each candidate for due diligence.

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