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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Indivisible - Milwaukee (The Hub) - Focus Down-Ballot Empowerment WI DEM PARTY

MILWAUKEE | Indivisible - Milwaukee (The Hub) continues to focus on the "census tract" citizenry for organizing, building the infrastructure for voting, voting, and becoming candidates for office.  We seek to elect those who have not been at the table, i.e. citizens that are ex-prisoners.
"We know that the root of the top-of-the-ticket in Washington is controlled by the local voter and down-ballot government offices.  At the present time, we are looking very close at the Democratic Party in Wisconsin for a major upgrade in its leadership that is Inclusive of those NOT around the table.  They are African American, other People of Color, HGBTQ, ex-prisoners, seniors, women, first-time voters, born frees/millennial, disabled, veterans, Muslim, Work Challenged employees and Caucasians" said Mary Glass, Founder, Chief Visionary Officer, Indivisible - Milwaukee (The Hub).

Our key items of Action are:
  • INTERSECTIONALITY (local, county, region, state)
No longer business as usual - Top-down and delegations based on cronyism.  
We seek an "open tent" that actively provides transparency and accountability.  No more lip service, smoke and mirrors and bait-n-switch for last-minute voting.

June 2 & 3, 2017
Indivisible - Milwaukee (The Hub) is in the process of interviewing candidates running for Chair of the Wisconsin Democratic Party on Public Policy w/MARY GLASS & Company, 3:30-4:30m, Fridays, on WXRW LP Riverwest Talk Radio 104.1.
Two candidates, Mayor/Candidate Bryan Kennedy, Glendale, WI and Attorney/Candidate Eric Finch, Madison, WI, have been guests on May 21st and May 28th.  Take a listen to the shows:

May 28, 2017 - Interview w/Attorney/Candidate Eric Finch

May 21, 2017 - Interview w/Mayor/Candidate Bryan Kennedy

We are also looking at the system infrastructure and NEW faces such as Candidate Khary Penebaker for DNC/Democratic National Committee officers. 

May 17th & May 30th
East Library, 2320 N. Cramer, 5-6:30pm
WEDNESDAY, May 17 and TUESDAY, May 30, 2017, Indivisible - Milwaukee (the Hub) will host joint census tract meetings to hear and support candidates for the Democratic Party, DNC candidate Khary Penebaker AND our Indivisible - Milwaukee (The Hub) bus trip to the June 2 or June 3 Convention for takeaways to support of resist going forward.

Candidate/Attorney Eric Finch, Madison, has offered his support to ensure that those who take the bus tour with have support gaining entrance and maximizing their visit for Awareness.

Are you interested in receiving information about the bus tour as well as taking the bus tour?  CLICK

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