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Monday, May 1, 2017

An Announcement - May 2, 2017 Spaights Plaza -UW-Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE | UW-Milwaukee, Spaights Plaza, 2380 E. Kenwood Boulevard, Milwaukee, WI, 53211, at 12pm.

On May 2nd, 2017, SSI (Students Supporting Israel) will be hosting an event to celebrate Israeli Independence Day. 

For Zionists, It is a day celebrating the creation of a Jewish State after centuries of persecution. Those same Zionists, however, disregard that this was a state built on the bodies of innocent Palestinians through the means of colonization, ethnic cleansing, massacre, and war. 

For Palestinians, this day represents their dispossession, the destruction of their homeland, and their continuous oppression and humiliation to this day at the hands of the Israeli occupation. 

We are a group of students who refuse to normalize the oppression of Palestinians through the frivolities of free food, while Palestinians starve to death in hunger strikes fighting for their basic human rights. 

Join us as we launch a demonstration against this celebration, to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian hunger/general strike and to remind all those partaking of the true human cost in the creation of Israel: The ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

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