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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Joseph Project - Ron Johnson SCAM of African American Employment

Joseph Project
Foreground:  Rev. Jerome Smith & Senator Ron Johnson

CITY OF MILWAUKEE | What does it take to get a response from Ron Johnson, Senator of Wisconsin, to questions about what he says in Washington, DC and on his website?

Johnson is seen on CNN and MSNBC extolling platitudes of leadership that are fraught with misleading points and deceptive points to push the agenda of the GOP and wealthy individuals that are primarily Caucasian.  You will see him gung-ho with the rhetoric of scam.

Merriam-Webster defines SCAM as a fraudulent or deceptive act or operation.  I offer the Joseph Project for your consideration on Ron Johnson's website.  It is supposed to show how involved and engaged the Republican senior senator of Wisconsin is working with the lack of un- and under-employment of African American men in Milwaukee.  

Milwaukee has un- and under-employment in some census tracts that is over 50%.  The city is mired in Enduring Concentrated Poverty, yet it is the gateway to Wisconsin viability.  So, it is always a plus when we can see elected-appointed-hired and donor for hire government representatives taking a lead in opening opportunities for "gainful employment" for the Core Constituents.  Not exploiting them with hype.

Johnson Website
Take a look and go further, call Senator Johnson's office (414) 276-7282) and Rev. Jerome Smith (414.212.8428) and maybe they will speak with you,  They did not with my office even though the website says, "see what Making connections between people who are genuinely seeking an opportunity with the opportunities that exist around the state".

What I have been able to find out - without the response to communications from the office of Ron Johnson, Senator and Pastor Jerome Smith, Greater Praise Church of God & Christ (The Joseph Project).

Yes. There is some employment connected to Sheboygan that requires travel.  Travel is a large issue for People of Color - license, automobile and funds for fuel. 

It appears that Rev. Smith provides van travel with some concerns.  

Johnson is NOT available to discuss and provide avenues of solutions that are so important to African American men (the target group) in the Joseph Project.  He refuses to answer inquiries and come to the table to make a real impact that his office could help with.  One such need is matching employment of Milwaukeeans to Menomonee Falls through dependable public transportation of Milwaukee County Transit and Wisconsin Transportation.  Travel to Sheboygan is 1 hour one way.  Menomonee Falls is 24 minutes or less.

Rev. Smith was invited to come and introduce the Joseph Project on Public Policy w/Mary Glass & Company.  He said he would come, but he did not show up for the show.

More to come.

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