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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Frontline - Poverty, Property and Profit, puts it on the Frontline

INVESTIGATION | Affordable Housing is suppose to be a "safety net" put in place for the citizenry.

A method to provide those without housing an opportunity though Section 8 HUD Housing as well as low-income housing built with tax credits.  Notice the disrespectful way Dallas provided the vouchers and the running to get in line for the vouchers on VOUCHER DAY.  That's the start for transparency, accountability and due process.

What this report show is segregation, discrimination, misuse of government tax credits, funding for low-income programs being stolen, and NO REAL ACCOUNTABILITY - enforcement.

We see how the high rollers, pay-to-play, how minimum to NO jail time is associated.
How they have villas or private estates to wine and dine clients and elected officials.

AFFORDABLE HOUSING has been used as a master scam.
African Americans and other Work Challenged individuals are targeted.

This is ALLOWED to happen - scammed by those in power, developers, brokers, real estate clientele, lobbyists, law firms, government workers, banks and the like with NO real oversight by the Government Accountability Board.

Take a look and see how the segregation, discrimination, double-standards and mistreat of the African American women, as well as the low-income Caucasian in the report, suffer.

LOOK at the African Americans that are window dressing at the chicago gathering and the man who was homeless.

As a Steward in your area, we need you to check up on your HUD Housing and Affordable Housing government funded programs.  

Make sure an Audit is requested for your urban and/or suburban area. Senator Chuck Grassley is where we will focus energy for the city of Milwaukee, Milwaukee County.
Did you notice how citizens of privilege have little to no tolerance for others who have fallen on hard times OR from the gate have been dealt fraud?  In this clip, it is the Caucasian homeowner.  She represents a growing CLASS /RACE group of the haves vs the have-nots.  Never mind, this woman is no doubt a paycheck or two - a catastrophic illness, from bankruptcy and living in her car.  

You, ALL RACES, have a fiduciary responsibility to see that America represents its creed.  Its civil-legal-human rights.

The Caucasian woman is living in a fog of fantasy to privilege through the lenses of denial and yes bigotry.

We need you and you need you
First, to recognize there is a NOW need for change.  You must be an active participant in the change -  by changing the image of those trapped in Enduring Concentrated Poverty, registering to vote.  Voting every time (down-ballot).  Running for office.  Electing candidates with your Like-Mind.  Removing the elected-appointed-hired and donor for hire folks that are reducing DEMOCRACY for all.

TOP/DOWN:  Theresa Gabriel - Deputy Director, City of Milwaukee Election Commission, Candidate/Attorney Eric Finch, WI Democratic Chair, and Candidate DNC Officer Khary Penebaker

                                                            EAST LIBRARY, 2320 N. Cramer

May 17, 2017

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