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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Will DONOVAN, FINCH, KENNEDY, or LANING address the Open Letter challenge for Inclusion of African American women and men?

MAY 31, 2017
MILWAUKEE-MADISON-RACINE-KENOSHA-WAUKESHA | In southeastern Wisconsin, the 5 cities above have about 90 per cent of the African American population according to Wisconsin Department of Health Services. 

Open Letter

May 31, 2017

JOE DONOVAN - Candidate for WI Dem Chair
ERIC FINCH - Candidate for WI Dem Chair
BRYAN KENNEDY - Candidate for WI Dem Chair
MARTHA LANING - Candidate for WI Dem Chair

MARY GLASS - Concerned Milwaukeean
Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC
Indivisible - Milwaukee (The Hub)

Inclusion of African Americans in WI Democratic Party Operation, Management and Administration
Black Women Demand Support, send Open  Letter to DNC Tom Perez

Lady and Gentlemen:

"We, MPA LLC & Indivisible - Milwaukee (The Hub), subscribe to the measured/steady and right-on statements within the Open Letter.  Further, know that the lack of Inclusion of African Americans is a biggie in Wisconsin.  Therefore, my office calls for an immediate prima facie change right-from-the gate to show the necessary change that allows cross-pollination of African Americans in the operation and administration by the WI Democratic Chair and WI Democratic National Officer that is elected during the June 2-3, 2017 convention", Mary Glass, CVO.

Like the 31 African American women who signed on to the Open Letter to National DNC Chair Tom Perez, May 25, 2017, African Americans are not broad-based and taken for granted for their loyality at the BALLOT Box.  And, due to the growing perception that the DEMs, just like the GOPs, have failed to incorporate in each layer of the parties positions held by African American and to address vital quality of life and economic development issues.

We feel that the presence of African Americans as a VALUED VOTER does much to the "prima facie"/image of the party's interest at the operation, management and administration of the Democratic Party.  It also allows Inspiration and aspiration.

If the prima facie/image is INCLUSIVE (cross-pollination) and committed to with hands-on implementation of the Wisconsin Democratic Party; it will extend to the offices of the elected-appointed-hired and donor-for-hire members and associates that subscribe to the Democratic platform.

To have a staff pool devoid of African Americans (one person) is shameful and unacceptable.  

To refuse to respond to inquiries is unacceptable - WI Dem Party and federal-state-local elected officers.

To continue to resort to cronyism, beehives, silos and rabbit holes that are race-based and exclude African Americans is what we have and it is a "loser" given the rhetoric, terrain and the competition.
Your past outreach plan has been "last-minute", "haphazard", "lacking from-the-jump off plan for inclusion" and  "lacking in election offices".  It has operated at the 30,000 feet level and brought zero innovation, non-support of legislation that address quality of life and economic development, i.e., Incarceration, gainful employment, affordable housing, affordable health care in the neighborhood, technology attainment, in-the-neighborhood development for sustainability with neighborhood fingerprint and demanding Oath of Office by every Democrat.

Right now, how many of you have talked about the Mass Incarceration and Enduring Concentrated Poverty weight on urban families?  How many of you have Incarceration as part of your winning strategy to recruit, entice, persuade potential African American voters - women and men for THIS campaign?

What say you?  What say you NOW?
We ask you say by Thursday, Evening, June 1, 2017

May 31, 2017

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