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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Indivisible - Milwaukee (The Hub) adds to May 17th Citizenship Clinic - Solidarity-Sanctuary-Intersectionality

MAY 17, 2017
East Library, 2320 N. Cramer
May 10, 2017
MILWAUKEE | Indivisible - Milwaukee (The Hub) continues to provide information for Informed Decision-Making with it first Citizenship Clinic to bring Like-Minds together for briefings and linkage of efforts in the city of Milwaukee and neighboring districts throughout Wisconsin.

We seek and WELCOME each electorate that sees the NEED for ENGAGEMENT in the Power of the Vote.

We recognize the importance of ORGANIZING at the city level for the outpouring of registered voters.

In Election 2016, we recognize the difference of  Donald John Trump (1,405,284) and Hilary Clinton (1,382,536) was 22,748 votes.  

We have checked with the City of Milwaukee Election Commission for Registered Voters for the 2016 election in Milwaukee.  Milwaukee has 346,297 registered voters.  For the November 2016 election, the turnout of registered voters was 247,836.  That meant 98,461 did not vote.  That means that there were over 3 times as many votes available that were not used.

Election Commission
We will have an administrator from the Election Commission of Milwaukee present to share facts about:
  • Security from hacking
  • results of requested report for the Green Party
  • election 2018
  • # of Wards in Milwaukee
  • # of registered voters
  • # of voters that turned out
  • # of potential voters in the city of Milwaukee
  • voting by absentee
  • voting by early ballot
  • voting day of
  • proper ID for voting
  • becoming a worker in the voting process
  • a NEW rule effective starting 2017 or 2018
  • Election - Running for Office
You are Invited.  Reserve your seat now.  Limited seating.

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