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Friday, January 15, 2016

FRIDAY EDITION - MPS Superintendent Driver and team Attendance Summit, it was minus the Leadership of Parents

James Madison High School
MILWAUKEE (January 15, 2016)  - The City-wide neighborhood Brainstorming idea with/by/for the People is a great idea to begin to address the issue of "Attendance" within Milwaukee Public Schools. We applaud the thought and effort to outreach to all and engage in hands-on problem solving.

It was a MISSED opportunity when the Heads of the event EXCLUDES the Parents in the Leadership, Stewardship, and Fellowship role.

One of the explications of the dialog to make our largest public school in the state, MPS, top in academics for its student population; it requires PARENTS of MPS at the "Head" and forefront of leadership in the "attendance" and "training" of their children.  

It requires the heads of household of the diverse structures of families ENGAGED in the day-to-day sequence of motivations, behaviors, learning patterns, roles, and responsibilities FOR STUDENTS in Milwaukee Public Schools right-on attendance.  We must start right - to end right.

As the school-age MPS student navigates the day, he or she, are beset with unbelievable threats and negative opportunities that pose weaknesses in the strength of the importance of Education attainment.  The remedy must be systemic and infrastructural.

Photos taken from Bucks website
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High School BREAK-OUT Session

The breakouts allowed participants to provide answers from questions by a facilitator.  For the "high school breakout", parents, members of the community, and support staff of MPS answered questions led by Dr. Orlando Ramos, Regional Superintendent - High Schools. 

The input shared included:
  • lack of communication to/from parents;
  • reporting to MPS for attendance by parents and the recording of "attendance" by MPS staff.  The process was frustrating and time-consuming - problematic for parents, especially for parents calling in and removal of error logging of attendance;
  • time changes of school bus company - school transportation without notice and students not picked up;
  • issues of shame (parents and students); 
  • school reminds students of a "prison"; and
  • impactful issues of disparities within the homes.
A couple of very interesting observations were made by a parent that spoke of when she went to school vs today's environment. She spoke of her daughter's concept for attending school is driven by the law - According to her daughter, she attended school because it was the "law".  And, how her daughter spoke of the school reminded her of a "prison".  This is very telling and needs immediate and ongoing tweaking - safety matters, imaging, and subliminal.

Parent Coordinators & Jabari Parker

The high school, middle and elementary discussion groups would have been better served if Parent Coordinators were co-facilitating the breakouts.  It would help install the main partner and the supporter of students, their parents.

Accomplished basketball star Jabari Ali Parker, Forward, Milwaukee Bucks would bring to the table a parent-celebrity collaboration for to support the reasons for school attendance and achievement that demands daily school attendance.  Parker would assist with messaging the importance of "worth-achievement" in hard work for the end-game, graduation with honors.

As a pat-on-the-back, the gift, a token of sports tickets, from the NBA Bucks team, is to remind them that scholarship achievement is first and accolades, rewards, careers, enjoyment; and, gratification comes later.

It would help create an interdisciplinary effort for a pedagogy that links parents, teachers, schools, and members of the community to grow school Attendance at all levels - especially at middle and high school levels.

Parker would engage in the importance of the use of "books", online computers training and the "library" (school and public) whenever he is in a circle by the very young, middle, high school and parent.  

Therefore, the Bucks should be assisting parents with obtaining at least 1,000 laptops to help promote Parent Coordinators from their homesite to ensure communication and linking to the website for quality of life and economic development needed to grow families.

The focus is placed on "school attendance" rather than basketball, Bucks, and a one-time reward of Bucks tickets.

Question:  Do the tickets come with escort benefits since many of the recipients are underage?

Since Jabari  Parker is 20 years old, an African-American from the south side of Chicago, not far removed from high school and college level schooling, he brings much to the table for "right-now" gratification that is connected to achievement in the classrooms. 

This is an excellent opportunity for a joint effort of parent, celebrity, other members from the neighborhoods and MPS school system to use the NEW Wisconsin law of passing a Citizenship test prior to graduation as a prideful act.  The law starts this year, 2016. This way of showing the importance of being a good citizenship by Jabari Parker is his "giving back to the community" - passing it on.  

It allows some forms of Ambassadorship to be created with/for the NBA Milwaukee Bucks, given the Bucks negativity brought on by the Cheaper to Keep Them and $500 million Bill 209 that put in place take-over of large amounts of land for $1, resources in Milwaukee city and county, with a 30-year baggage of Involuntary Servitude for a NEW NBA Bucks Arena and Mega Entertainment complex minus tie-ins of the parents that are the students of MPS.

This is the title of the Attendance Summit by MPS on the Bucks website:


The title of the article on the Bucks website is misleading and sends the wrong message". 

This would be a place for the Bucks to address mentorship, apprenticeship and scholarship with a media Internship for students from MPS schools.  There were only young-looking Caucasians following Parker.

Question:  What happened to Marcus Landry?  He is Milwaukee's sons from Vincent High School to serve as a role model.  He was on-off with a waiver by the NBA Bucks.  It is also the "realism" around becoming a selected sports athlete for a national team - a real concern for those who lose their career due to injuries, contract arrangements and/or competitiveness with little to NO sum gain. 

The MPS Attendance engagement allows Jabari Parker, Forward, NBA Bucks, an opportunity for multi-dimensional successes and personal growth as a strategist for scholarship/education attainment through a deep-dive commitment of each student day-to-day Attendance.

Successes gained in Milwaukee can be shared with Jabari Parker's hometown on the south side of Chicago as well as other like cities. 

This role-modeling EFFORT/strategy/collaboration can become a WinWin spike for the nation and its economic development and quality of life issues.

What say you?

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