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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Re-Define, Re-Brand & Un-trap Spider's Web Infrastructure - October 1, 2013

Enduring Concentrated Poverty/ECP
Identifiers of ECP for NET Change - A photo of Public Policy in Milwaukee
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Today's layout of addressing public issues in Milwaukee by city and county governments is a Spider's Web. It is perpetuated and controlled by federal funding allocations and use of funds by well-connected individuals who get the funding. The funds are federally-based with special funding and entitlement funding that never get to those intended.
MILWAUKEE | October 1, 2013, Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC has on the table a 2010-2020 timeline for to aggressively address the Mission to "Re-define, Re-Brand and Un-trap" Milwaukeeans, especially African American, othe People of Color and the Work Challenged.

All Hands on DECK, WE CAN
All Hands on Deck, WE CAN is the Signature Initiative of Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC.

It is the ACTION and Re-BOOT strategic principle of the 2005-2010 Enduring Concentrated Poverty/ECP observation and investigation conducted by Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC.   The Smart Growth Signature Plan 2005-2010 was a look at the "root-culture" and "Code of Conduct" of leaders, standard-bearers, ministers, donor-for hire, philanthropic groups, funded community organizations, neighborhood businesses, corporate businesses, and elected-appointed-hired representatives of federal, state and local governments.  

MPA LLC Smart Growth Plan (2005 - 2010) defined how "poverty" in the city of Milwaukee was/is by-design. It is the byproduct of planning of well-connected individuals to control land value, land use, city coffer, isolate stakeholders of Milwaukee, parse and outsource assets of the city to other areas and non-Milwaukeeans.   The taking and controlling of "assets" that include federal mega entitlement funding that reaches $$BILLIONS.

It allows planning and management of the assets with plum positions (plum positions gained through cronyism, appointments, election paybacks - given not earned or qualified through normal processes).

The wealth-building that is in-place helps to facilitate "life-time" positions as elected-appointed-hired position.  It allows "non-profit" organizations, large and small, to be dummy organizations to funnel tax-free funds with missions that are worthless.  The funds are gained and perpetuated on an annual or biennial basis.  The grant funding is gathered with branding "low income", "disadvantage" or the flavor of the year funding.

Land is syphon out through ficticious boards, committees and/or statutes (for $1, economic development pools, endless tax credits, without accountability or meaningful investment in the city for quality of life and economic development).

In fact, the same individuals and/or organizations meet their bottomline, create CEO, VP and senior positions, create personal wealth and fortunes on the backs of those who bring in the entitlements.  All the while, those same folk go lacking in education attainment, technology attainment, gainful employment, safety prevention and intervention, census tract/neighborhood business development, affordable housing, the arts - INFRASTRUCTUAL value for sustainability.

The common thread from one representative body to the next revealed:  lack of transparency, pompous, high levels of discrimination - "WE-DO-IT-THIS WAY" only, cronyism, bait-n-switch tactics, appearance of fraud (wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain), appearance of and/or conflict of interest, widespread disrespect, election paybacks, disregard of oath of office, "double- and triple-standards" between Americans of African decent and Caucasians (Caucasians 100% favored), massive incarcerations of African Americans and Latinos yearly, growing homicides, increased drug trade instead of viable employment instituted in the city of Milwaukee for People of Color, high and disportionate police-killed-African Americans; and, neglected guidelines/regulations/statutes/ resolutions except for selfish gain by those well-connected.  We even have massive "DONOR-FOR-HIRE" leaders sitting on designated "non-profit" boards and travel in and out of state, region and country with Mayor John Norquist, Mayor Tom Barrett, Governor Jim Doyle and Governor Tommy Thompson.

The tactic obtained federal funding year-after-year; such as:  through transportation, HUD housing, WHEDA tax credits, Brownfield correction and Brownfield tax credits, tax increment, TINs/Targeted Investment Neighborhoods, and other funding.  It was not to clean up the problem or provide self-sustainability (even though it may have been written in the grant-for-funding).  It failed, by design to perpetuate the funding year-after-year.

Clearly, mega funding was coming by the $$$Millions on behalf of African American and other People to stem the tsunami negatives weighing down and over-powering them.  People of Color and low income Milwaukeeans branded by negative tags" (disadvantaged, blighted, gentrification, low income, poor, crime, minorities).  Even when the tagging was "positive" (affordable, safety prevention, Empowerment Zone or paradigm shift regulations, it was still negative because it failed to do what it was intended.  It failed to have the stakeholders at the blueprinting and BUY-IN table.  

So, like the MEGA FUNDING/mega funding by President Barack Obama for Education through the office of Secretary Arnie Duncan and ARRA/American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 - EPA, LABOR and Secretary Ray LaHood - U.S. Transportation and Construction that bypassed African American, other People of Color and Work Challenged in Milwaukee and Wisconsin; MPA LLC is determine to put a spotlight on the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, HUD, FEMA and U. S. Department of Education for the Affordable Health Care law. 

We already see the RUN-on  by those who have "business-as-usual"  in mind. 

Below poverty - poverty level - concentrated poverty - perpetuated poverty are four descriptions of the city of Milwaukee.  In fact, Milwaukee has grown to annual negative reports from magazines, academia research, government reports and Forbes economic polling of the status of African American, other People of Color and Work Challeged Milwaukeeans.  In 2008, the case study of 16 cities in America identified Milwaukee has an Enduring Concentrated Poverty city - Federal Reserve and Brookings Institution study.

Milwaukee's government representatives (those who received federal funding on behalf of the half-million population and allowed dispursement of funding) failed by design - ISOLATION and DISCRIMINATION.

The business-as-usual approach was/is a deceptive approach used by those we have "in office".

Stakeholders failed to take on STEWARDSHIP with ACCOUNTABILITY.
Stakeholders failed to "remove" those that fail to do as they said during their "election campaigns".
Stakeholders were/are pitted against each other - a house divided will not stand.
Stakeholder neighborhoods sieged by homicides and co-dependency.
Stakeholder neighborhoods controlled by a handful of "national" organizations that fail to represent those they say they serve at the leadership, administration and operation level with decision making and planning abilities. 
Specific stakeholders put-in-the-GAP - "paid-off" with grant money, positions and acclaim.

SIGN-UP - www.healthcare.gov
Smart Growth 2010-2020
MPA LLC focus is the eradication of the methodology of Enduring Concentrated Poverty created and perpetuated by elected-appointed-hired-donor for hire individuals. The incorporation of the Smart Growth 2010 national mandate is a contributor to the "infrastructure" foundation. 

MPA LLC has adopted the Affordable Health Care law as the way to garner true "infrastructural change" - Population and chronic health care and wellness.

ALL HAND ON DECK, WE CAN have "intended consequences".  
Step I
  • Public square being accountable for their existence.
  • To give apathy a shot of high-energy through neighborhood and census tract alert and responsibility.
  • Education attainment in basic-medium-advanced language development.
  • State-of-the-art technology attainment.
Step 2
Thorough strategic planning and monitoring with enforced accountability by residential and commercial voters-beneficiaries at the census tract and neighborhood level.  Invite elected-appointed-hired government representatives to  the table to hear what the People want, will help pay for and will keep him/her in office for.  

Step 3
Stewardship that requires "Reporting" in the public square of infrastructural issues related to how quality-of-life and economic development is addressed by those elected-appointed-hired-volunteered set a precedence in how the day-to-day change or NO change occurs and creates a residual that is Enduring Concentrated Poverty/ECP is Step 3.

Disrespect of Oath of Office, Pledge to Milwaukeeans, especially African American and other People of Color are grounds for immediate termination of service - prior to term end or at "re-election" is Step 4.

Public policy is the action taken by government to address a particular public issue. Local, state, federal, and international government organizations all craft and implement public policy to protect and benefit their populations.  John Hopkins University

Update:  October 2, 2013

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