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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

DOLLAROCRACY - John Nichols and Robert McChesney

MILWAUKEE |  Monday, October 8, 2013, Plymouth Church, 2717 E Hampshire Street, Milwaukee, WI 53211, 6-9pm.

John Nichols and Robert McChesney discussion and book signing of:  Dollarocracy,   How the Money and Media Election Complex is Destroying America, was well-received by over 200 people that were given an overview of what the political landscape looks like from a historic takeover of the "haves" as well as the present "haves".  How the powerful "money grabbers", have mounted a campaign that is buying elections.  How they have used millions and billions to control government.  The use of dollaracy, perpetuate their greed and what decay it has done and is doing to "democracy" in America. 

John gave snapshots of how "dollarocracy" is in motion in Wisconsin and the nation.  One example in Wisconsin was his account of how the senior and not-so-senior citizens of Solidarity Singers of Madison, consistently returned, arrest-after-arrest, day-after-day, to make their voices heard at the capitol.   Their tenacity ended in a victory for the People.  How our governement today is paralyzed by those who do not want democracy.  How their greed backed by millions of dollars is eroding the rights and safety of all Americans.

Robert gave detailed examples to document the historic take of how greed and takeover of greed has prevented members of the population of America, at different times in history their right to vote - African American, women and others at different times .


The event was sponsored by Grassroot North Shore.

Books were $25.00.
John and Bob donated the book's intake to Grassroot North Shore to support their democracy engagements.

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