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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

INDIVISIBLE - Milwaukee (The Hub) Wednesday Talk @ East w/Prof. Soroush Aslani

Photos by:  Craig Jackson 
Professor Soroush Aslani - UW-Whitewater
MILWAUKEE | Professor Soroush Aslani was present for Wednesday Talk to speak with individuals learning about the Indivisible Movement.  A group of concerned activists and individuals curious to what the Indivisible Movement was about gathered for the first caucus session to make an assessment of who is out there and what we are doing to address the deeply troubling efforts of Donald John Trump.

The airwaves are filled with efforts in the federal courts to stop the Executive Order to Ban Muslims from America.  It has caused chaos in families that travel from their homeland to America, refugees, immigrants - those seeking or already have a Green Card, the heavy vetting of 2 years before eligible to come to America and live and/or go to school; as well as to become a citizen.  The Ban has turned everything topsy-turvy.

Professor Aslani shared some hardships and noted the Order was "blatant discrimination".

He was quite clear about how there has been a broad-brush" of negativity for all Muslim due to the condemned efforts of some. 

He reminded the audience of the wonderful achievements of the students coming to America and contributing to the academic world.  That, just as there are elements of wrong in all races and society, it should not label ALL of /from a particular group.

We send a SHOUT-OUT to Virginia Hirsh - Indivisible Bucking Beaver and fellow visitors that came to the earlier planning session, but, the time given was incorrect.

Tomorrow's event to support Professor Aslani and students is being held at UW-Milwaukee, Spaights Building, 11am - 1pm, on Thursday, February 9, 2017.  Join us in support.

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