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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Creating SOLIDARITY in 2017 with Our Seniors helps drive our NOW and Future Growth in Milwaukee

September 21, 2012 
Bethesda Senior Center
Above is a snapshot of an event sponsored by Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC in 2012 for healthcare at Bethesda Senior Center.  CLICK

February 28, 2017
MILWAUKEE | Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC calls out the efforts of our wise minds of our Seniors to guide our Infrastructure and set sail on a path that allows historic remembrances over the last 50 years.

Recognizing the decades of hands-on entrepreneurship, leadership, make-do, and creative experiences of African American Seniors along Fond du Lac Avenue of Amani that has/is being given to Amani, Metcalfe, Harambee, Riverwest and nearby contiguous neighborhoods.

The RE-BOOT includes the creation of the Amani Book and Garden Club to connect all age groups, especially the seniors and youth in the enrichment of the various environments and minds.  The community has two resources to draw leadership.  

It also seeks the quality of life and economic development comment and commitment of residential and commercial stakeholders that rent, lease and own real estate as well and subsidies all taxes incurred in the area.

"My work with Worthington Horton, past Executive Director of Bethesda Senior Center, 2845 W. Fond du Lac Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, back in the 1990's served the Fond du Lac Corridor well with a place for the daily programming for the seniors and a place for community programming for economic development and quality of life to help encourage self-sustainability", said Mary Glass, Chair/CEO/CVO, MPA LLC. 

53rd Anniversary
MOTHER Liller Bates - Founder, Bethesda Senior Center
Sunday, February 18, 2017
3854 W. Fond du Lac Avenue
Sunday, February 18, 2017
3845 W. Fond du Lac Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53210

We recognize and join with the seniors in calling upon our elected-appointed-hired-and donor for hire government representatives to work with us going forward in INDIVISIBLE - Milwaukee, The Hub, to make sure that we plan and make the decisions that will support business and technological attainment, an industrial and education attainment framework that is connected to each neighborhood by the citizenry.

We see Urban Health as a priority.

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