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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Public Policy w/MARY GLASS & Company - SHOW 5, Dr. Rogers (Black History) and Mitch & Virginia (Bucking Beavers Indivisible)

SHOW 5 - Public Policy w/MARY GLASS & Company
MILWAUKEE - February 3, 2017

Public Policy w/MARY GLASS & Company Show 5 had 
Dr. William Williams, Educator, Historian and Talk Show host from Atlanta, GA (via telephone) to kick-off Black History Month with his in-depth background of Dr. Carter G. Woodson, Founder of Black History Week and the importance of sharing one's history.
Dr. Rogers has completed extensive work in Education - a retired professor from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee after 22 years.  His hands-on outreach as a community lecturer, writer, and researcher has provided enhancements in leadership in well-known organizations like Wisconsin Black Historical Society and 100 Black men.   
His explanation of the success of a "Saturday School" concept prompted the host to commit to creating such a program during Black History Month - volunteerism with a commitment of leaders in the neighborhoods - for training youth and young adults.

L-R:  Mitch Haycock, Mary Glass, and Virginia Hirsch
Virginia Hirsch and Mitch Haycock, Bucking Badger Indivisible were the other two commentators for Show 5.  
The Indivisible Movement is an idea that mushroomed thanks to a Guide created by US Congress staffers.  It is an idea for individuals and groups of the citizenry to organize, and to form outreach to each other and elected officials to effectuate changes similar to the efforts of the Tea Party. 
L-R:  Virginia Hirsch & Mitch Haycock - Bucking Beaver Indivisible
Virgina and Mitch have in less than three (3) weeks met with others and taken testimonies.  Additionally, they have visited the offices of all 3 of Wisconsin federal elected officials - Senator Ron Johnson and Senator Tammy Baldwin and US Congresswoman Gwen Moore.
CLICK to "Listen" to this informative 30 minutes.

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