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Monday, October 14, 2013

Reporting - Housing Authority City of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County Executive & Board of Supervisor

MILWAUKEE | For MPA LLC Consumer Protection Group, its business model calls for customer services and products that are transparent, honor ethical value, support best practices, engage risk management, invite INNOVATION, engage INCLUSIVENESS through enforcement of laws, create neighborhood partnerships for financial growth, re-investment of federal funding for sustainability, educating the population for preparedness, recognize GROWTH industries at the neighborhood level, expose exploitation, expose fraud, expose cronyism, expose bias, expose DISCRIMINATION, expose oligopoly and monopoly take-overs and ROLL Call elected officials for better government.

In the first quarter of 2013, to address the unacceptable "Code of Conduct" by those of TRUST that identified misuse of power, violation of rules/laws/statutes, fraud, discrimination, exploitation, monopoly and oligopoly control, and exploitation that contributes to the "Stench of Cover-up".

Two troubling cases in investigation and Reporting to federal levels for address regarding violation of the law, best practices, risk management, transparency and accountability affect quality of life issues of:
  1. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT - EMPLOYMENT - Anti-Trust and Discrimination - Milwaukee County
  2. AFFORDABLE HOUSING - Section 8 Housing - City of Milwaukee
The process may be slow but it is thorough and allows all parties an opportunity to correct Code of Conduct.

Tom Barrett - Mayor City of Miwaukee
HACM Board of Commissioners
Top Down:  Chairman Willie Hines, Vice Chairman Michael Van Alstine, Commissioner Sherri Daniels
L-R:  Commissioner Lena Mitchell, Commissioner Filiberto Murguia and Commissioner James Witkowiak
Enlarge photo - click photo
Case I - City of Milwaukee Housing Authority - Section 8 Housing and Rent Assistance
    Exec. Dir - Antonio Perez
    • Mayor Tom Barrett.
    • Chairman Willie Hines - Common Council.
    • Chairman Willie Hines & Board of Commissioners - Housing Authority of City of Milwaukee.
    • Executive Director and Secretary Antonio Perez and staff
  • Landlord Contractor - ACC Management Group Inc., Touissaint Square
  • Landlord Contractor - Mandel Group - North End/Portriat
Funders:  WHEDA and HUD

Top Down:  Secretary/HUD Shaun Donovan, Deputy Secretary/HUD Maurice Jones
L-R:  Executive Director/WHEDA Wyman Winston, Revitalization Specialist/HUD Caleb Kopczyk and Region 5 Director/HUD Antonio Riley
Housing and Urban Development WI Housing and Economic  Development Authority
WHEDA - Executive Director - Wyman Winston
HUD, Milwaukee - Public Housing Revitalization Specialist  Caleb Kopczyk
HUD, Region 5 - Director Antonio Riley
HUD, Federal - Deputy Secretary Maurice Jones
HUD, Federal - Secretary Shaun Donovan
CLICK - HACM Organization Chart

CLICK photo - to Enlarge
Case II - Milwaukee County Executive and Board of Supervisors
    • County Executive Chris Abele
    • Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors
    • Milwaukee Couty Board of Ethics
      Milwaukee County Board of Ethics - "At time of Complaint"

      CLICK - Complaint on Scribd.com
Stay tuned.

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