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Sunday, June 18, 2017

FATHER DAY REMEMBRANCE - Father Philando Castile

Philando Castile - 32 years, died July 6, 2016
The officer that killed/murdered him was acquitted of Manslaughter - ALL counts.
Below, his mother, Valarie Castile speaks to the INJUSTICE.


This is why YOU must be REGISTERED correctly and READY to vote for a candidate you choose to examine profile, call for transparency and accountability of those in office (federal to local government representative).

To beam in on legislation that "disallow" the present murder format by officers - rogue or otherwise.  The prima facie point is Black Lives like all of the privilege matters.  

We, the People, must lawyer-up, tactical plan, write, encourage, persuade, become an elected officer - look at the 2018 positions on the down ballots and roll up your sleeve for putting the right laws on the books with enforcement.  

This includes contacting Tom Barrett, the mayor and Ashanti Hamilton, Common Council President for review/updated committees, bureaus, boards and authorities that are stagnant and clogged with career appointees that have not a clue and VOTING against you.

To just get angry and do not FRAME the results for better outcomes, we will continue to see the Ms. Valeries' grieve and most of all bury their/your sons - children.

To just get angry and FAIL to know who the members of your executive, legislative and judicial representatives are for starters is asking for even more insensitivity and instances that say "African American lives do not count".

To just get angry or NOT get angered due to NUMBNESS, you must come out of the stupor and chart your course for RUNNING FOR OFFICE and WINNING with outreach, organizing and clear due diligence.

SILENCE is Not an option because NO Black is Exempt.
Also, as Ms. Valerie said, it is her son today, but they are coming for you, especially the children of mixed races.

We have been warned.
What say you?

Tomorrow is JUNETEENTH.  We will announce our next ACTION STEP.  We hope you join us.

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