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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Enslavement through Social Controls and Oppression in the City of Milwaukee - Part I

June 22, 2017
CITY OF MILWAUKEE | Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC continues in its public policy leadership quest to provide state of the art information for Informed Decision-Making by Milwaukeeans, the Core Constituents.

CORE CONSTITUENTS are the people who live, work, invest in real estate, grow families, grow businesses, worship and create the population of authority within the 96.8 square miles of the city of Milwaukee.

Social Controls and oppression by elected-appointed-hired and donor for hire has gone viral and African American, other People of Color and the Work Challenged residential and commercial stakeholders are the target. 


For the last 12 years, the economic face of Milwaukee has ruthlessly been changed without the inclusion and permission of the population of authority in Milwaukee.  It is clear that the have-nots were more and more marginalized.
Some notables are:
  • The mayor of Milwaukee has engaged in wrongful "outsourcing" of the city coffers without authorization from the citizenry of Milwaukee.
  • The mayor, Tom Barrett, has helped form and reinforce the Milwaukee 7 and the board of MEDC/Milwaukee Economic Development Corporation and gave the GO LIGHT to disenfranchisement of the majority population of Milwaukee.
  • Laws and authorities have been formed by/for Caucasian groups.
  • The use of funding aimed for African American, other People of Color and the Work Challenged seized:
    • tax credits.
    • a 30-year Involuntary Servitude of MEGA commitment to the Milwaukee Bucks.
    • MEGA developments by neophte developer Rick Barrett tied to transportation.
    • MEGA discriminatory Bublr Bike deal.
    • Unnecessary East/West BRT and streetcar.
    • MCTS Removal of Route 279 and failure to connect employment of Milwaukeeans by public transportation.
    • MCTS Reneged and HALT to Go Pass - 2019 BROKEN promise for seniors, disabled and low/no income.
    • Earmarks meant to "empower" low-income citizenry and census tracts of poverty.   
In 2005, Tom Barrett - mayor of Milwaukee and Milwaukee 7, co-led by Gale Klappa - We Energies, created a monopoly-oligopoly enterprise made up of Caucasians only that is a platform for mega dollar economic development using the largest urban city, its land mass, federal resources and its population. 

The city of Milwaukee comes with the largest population, huge "land-riched real estate", tax credits, development packaging, housing funding, tax increment financing, special EB-5 and foreign investments, Department of Labor support, HUD support, Department of Transortation, WHEDA and other financing on the backs of and federal empowerment resources earmarked for African American, other People of Color and the Work Challenged of the city of Milwaukee.  

African American, other People of Color and Work Challenged citizenry make up over 3/4 of the population of Milwaukee.

Milwaukee 7

Milwaukee 7 is made up of Caucasian leaders of 7 counties (Kenosha, Milwaukee, OzaukeeRacineWalworth, Washington, and Waukesha) in southeastern Wisconsin.

Milwaukee 7 was/is operated through Caucasian corporations led by Tim Sheehy, Executive Director, Milwaukee Metropolitan Association of Commerce and its staff.

Milwaukee 7 is made up of Caucasian leaders of the Greater Milwaukee Committee.

The GMC/Greater Milwaukee Committee made up of primarily Caucasians that were/are selected members of community organizations, philanthropic organizations, law firms, real estate barons, colleges, and universities, i.e., UW-M, Marquette, MSOE, Alverno and Cardinal Stritch. 

Milwaukee 7 formed an alliance that barred African-American, other People of Color and the Work Challenged from its decision-making, planning, and governance.  

Willie Hines, ex-Common Council President at Milwaukee 7 gathering 
Figurehead, Willie Hines (ex-Common Council President) became the poster card for African American involvement - ZERO, a sellout.

Social Controls and Enslavement
Part II - Enslavement through Social Controls and Oppression will address four documented processes called GIMS.   They are:
  • Gentrification 
  • Involuntary Servitude
  • Monopoly-Oligopoly
  • Subjugation
The above four enslavement tactics are Caucasian-based governed by Lutheran-Catholic-Jewish and James Company non-profits.

The take-over and control started downtown and it has creeped to Amani, WAICO/Y, Midtown, Sherman Park, Williamsburg Heights/United Community, and Harambee.  The census tracts neighborhoods  are in Districts 6 -- Milele Coggs - Alderwoman, District 7 - Khalif Rainey - Alderman, District 10 - Michael Murphy - Alderman, and District 15 - Russell Stamper - Alderman for starters. 
Click link below.

You can see the original Caucasian contributors, donations as high as $1 million by We Energies.

The legal formation of Monopoly-Oligopoly.

We the People must NEVER give up our legal-human-civil rights by failing to STAND UP with a STRAIGHT BACK and speak to power of all kind.   We must remember from WHENCE we come and the millions who have died, have suffered and died, for our marriage with FREEDOM.                    Mary Glass 6-22-17

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