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Friday, April 1, 2016

Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC announces Endorsement of Comptroller Martin Matson

MILWAUKEE | April 1, 2016 | Today's announcement of Endorsement is for MARTIN MATSON, Comptroller, City of Milwaukee - City of Milwaukee Charter Officer.

Milwaukee has a long way to go to get "the People's finances in order" and to "ensure that the People's funds are not exploited with outside interest and pet projects of the executive and legislative branches of charter officers,"said Mary Glass, Chair/Chief Visionary Officer.

During the NBA Bucks deal, Comptroller Matson due diligence included a "special" review of an outside consultant to provide input about the feasibility of the deal.  He used money from his annual budget to fund the review.

The Comptroller position is one of sole responsibility and importance to both the People and the city's business.  It is important that the citizenry can call upon the present office of Comptroller and receive a "RESPONSE".  In fact, the policy of the office of Martin Matson is team-service.  It is not uncommon for him to answer his telephone, engage questions and follow-up with quick response - so different from 99.9% of other Charter officers.  It sends the right message.  It helps to get feedback and honor his Oath of Office.

MPA LLC has asked many, many times for information and argued for in favor of different protocols from his office in its FOLLOW-the-MONEY series.  The exchange of information has not been limited to his office; and, he has come to the neighborhood to speak directly to the People on Saturdays and answer questions about the office and services he provides for the People.  His presentations are engaging and with handouts for discussion and follow-up. Notably, Mr. Matson visits to the People are NOT "rushed".  And, then, there is his staff.  They are always polite, professional and engaging with general information, messaging, research and request of specificity.  

"In other words, Comptroller Matson engagements are hands-on, open-door, welcome issues of concern, worthy of support and worthy of 4 more years", said Glass

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