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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Milwaukee Charter Legislators - STANDING COMMITTEES - Standard-Bearers Need to Adopt Decorum that Enhance TRUST, RESPECT and FAIR PLAY

April 26, 2016
MILWAUKEE |  Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC supports the ideology of direct civility to cradle the rooted thoughts for collaboration.

“We are now faced with the fact that tomorrow is today. We are confronted with the fierce urgency of now. In this unfolding conundrum of life and history, there "is" such a thing as being too late. This is no time for apathy or complacency. This is a time for vigorous and positive action.”

― Martin Luther King Jr.

Due Diligence
The Community and Economic Development Committee hears matters relating to community development, block grants, job development, business improvement districts, city public relations, industrial land banks and revenue bonds, emerging business enterprises, recreation, cultural arts and the library system.  Linda Elmer is the Staff Assistant for this committee.

The Finance and Personnel Committee considers appropriations, finances, taxation, revenues, labor relations, personnel, pensions and other benefits, insurance, audits and city budget.  Chris Lee is the Staff Assistant for this committee.

The Judiciary and Legislation Committee acts on legal claims against the city and on matters involving other governmental units at the local, state or federal level. It also handles elections and referenda, lobbying, annexation, detachments and boundaries, deferred assessments and refunds or cancellation of taxes or billings.  Joanna Polanco is the Staff Assistant for this committee.

The Licenses Committee reviews various license and permit applications, including those for alcohol beverage-related businesses, home improvement businesses, rooming houses, loading zones and domestic partners.  Molly Kuether is the Staff Assistant for this committee.

The Public Safety Committee is concerned with issues brought forth from the fire, police, health and neighborhood services departments as well as traffic control, emergency medical services and parking. It also licenses alarm businesses and public passenger vehicles and drivers.  Joanna Polanco is the Staff Assistant for this committee.

The Steering and Rules committee, which consists of the Council President and the chairs of the other standing committees, formulate policies and rules for the Common Council, oversees charter schools, and considers extraordinary matters affecting multiple committees.  Linda Elmer is the Staff Assistant for this committee.

The Zoning, Neighborhoods and Development Committee reviews issues relating to city development, zoning, historic preservation, incremental tax financing, building codes and housing projects.  Chris Lee is the Staff Assistant for this committee.

The Standard-Bearers

Who are the seven (7) standard-bearers of the Common Council that will MAKE-UP the CC due diligence team?

Who will Call it like it is?
Who will Keep it real?

Who will create public policy respectful of the folk at the top of the Organization Chart of Milwaukee?

Who will REVIEW and update laws/resolutions that will help foster TRUST and fine-tuning of the Mother board of the city government?

In the past, last four years, we have seen too much in bad practices of cronyism and Conflict of Interest that has the DNA of misdemeanor and felony.  

We have seen arrogance, laziness, passing the buck, failure to be informed, and shooting from the hip representation of the elected-appointed-hired.  This was/is not the case of obtaining positions on various boards, committees, authorities, awards, trips, etc.

And, total disregard for the INFRASTRUCTURE of the Electorate - their families quality of life and economic development which feeds risky behavior of Milwaukeeans.

Lack of oversight and transparency that allow Rocky Marcoux and Martha Brown to forge a tag-team of ruthlessness in the "rigged" administration of the Department of City Development.

The same type of arrogance is seen by DCD staff - in the hired-appointed staff - communication director, secretary of commissioner, real estate group, MEDC tax credits, RACM decision-making with discretionary procedures and funds, those handling outreach to UW-M, community gardening-Strong Neighborhood, TIN programs, and the business improvement district

Kenneth Little
Commercial Corridor Manager
(414) 286-5617
Natanael Martinez
Economic Development Specialist
(414) 286-5813
The Ethics Committee was found to "defame" the name of the committee through a lack of process and procedures in conducting "fair play" of the Mission and their reason for being in the MC COLE Complaint. 


MC COLE, Hazem Farrah & Midhat Farrah
MC COLE, Hazem Farrah & Midhat Farrah are the poster-Entrepreneurs that have been shafted in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Lack of correct behavior of members of the Common Council - singularly and in-a-group - Common Council monthly meeting have left a "stench" of rigged government.

MC COLE was shafted by the License Committee - Chair, Tony Zielinski - District 14, Vice Chair, Milele Coggs - District 6, James Dudzik - District 11, Robert Puenta - District 9, Nik Kovac, District 3  - and most of all, the OUTRAGEOUS and Conflict of Interest decorum of Russell Stamper - District 15.

Alderman Stamper chose to misrepresent the truth, disrespect his charter office, the electorate, his position on the License Committee; and, he engaged in giggle with colleague Alderwoman Milele Coggs during License Committee.

Further, Alderwoman Coggs can be seen in the visual nodding, and Alderman Stamper's pursuit of punitive actions toward the struggling taxpayers, business owners was misplaced and not in line with the protocol of fair play, CAPACITY BUILDING and building TRUST. 

Chair, Tony Zielinski, rips through the applications and is often seen condescending and showing favor to some districts.

During MC COLE application, he chose to have Mary Glass, Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC, consultant to Mr. Cole walked out of the hearing by the City Police at the table because she ask clarity of what to do next.  

This was after Zielinski arbitrary and capricious dismissal of Mr. Cole's application. 

MC COLE invested over $100,000 and got denied a Class B license.  You can hear Alderman Stamper disparaging comments to Mr. Cole in the January 6, 2015 Channel 25 License hearing - after he misrepresented the truth, became disrespectful to the process - would NOT meet with Mr. Cole - but said he did.

After he had invested several months waiting to be heard by the License Committee - in compliance for several months, $1,100 investment for a license (six months later, January 6, 2015), Mr. Cole was denied 3 years from a Class B license - even though he was "in compliance" with the rules and regulations.  At that point, he asked for his investment of a license fee of $1,100, the city clerk's office sent him less than $100.00 of the $1,100 for their services.  

Just disgraceful.  It will stop this season.

Ideology that lacks REASONABLENESS - Alderman Russell Stamper and Neighborhood Posse

MORE to come. . .

That is inexcusable.
27th Street Tobacco & Wireless

The 27th Street Tobacco & Wireless Shutdown of  Hazem Farrah & Midhat Farrah business - 27th Street Tobacco & Wireless, was a clear example of again, Misuse of Power by our city government and including behavior that is Misdemeanor and Felony flavor.  We have our government levels involved - city Alderman Robert Bauman, Keith Stanley - Avenues West BID, Penfield, Marquette, city attorney, county court and State Representatives - both houses.  

It was led by Rep. Evan Goyke who failed the "due process" test by NOT at least speaking with the business owners to see if due diligence had been conducted prior to vilifying the business, creating a state statute (for Milwaukee Common Council) and forcing the abrupt sale of the business - citing undocumented legitimacy of said high volume calls, sale of drugs, prostitution in and around the block - a social condition scenario found throughout Milwaukee.  

SAFETY MATTERS Campaign with 27th Street Tobacco owners and Candidate Andrew Shaw

MORE to come . . .

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