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Monday, October 20, 2014

Business Association files Ethics Complaint against Alderman Russell Stamper, 15th District

Late Edition
October 20, 2014
Mary Glass - Chair/CEO, Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC will file an Ethics Complaint on Tuesday, October 21, 2014 against 15th District Alderman Russell Stamper II and call for a review by Common Council President Michael Murphy.  Her office is also looking at possible criminal options.

"We can not have any one that takes an Oath as a charter officer to do what Alderman Russell Stamper II did and not say, WHOA.   Not this time," said Glass.   The people in the 15th District has suffered from this type of behavior far too long.  Providing a Class B license must be on the merits.  If they fulfill the requirements, the businesses must be given a CHANCE.  If the individual comes to the License Committee or any committee in the city of Milwaukee and behavior such as that exhibited by freshman alderman Russell Stamper is shown, it can not be tolerated."

No one is EXEMPT.  This was blatant and definitely can not go without review. 


Bottom Left - Right: Ald. Russell Stamper, Ald. Bob Puente, Ald. Jim Dudzik
Top down:  Ald. Tony Zielinski - Chair and Ald. Milele Coggs - Vice Chair
City of Milwaukee License Committee
On Monday, October 20, 2014, City of Milwaukee License Committee, Alderman Russell Stamper II was outed in "favortism", "cronyism", failure to communicate and the appearance of Conflict of interest.

Alderman Stamper failed to be impartial and do the district's business on the merits.
He failed to put aside his bias and favoritism of selected individuals from the district - as evidenced by his reasons given for a "delay" and/or "hold" on the Class B license and questionable and prejudice comments about the weight of decision relative to Sharon and Larry Adams - Walnut Way. 

Stamper's small group of cronies have burrowed in the neighborhood without the endorsement of the People of the immediate area.  Every person, taxpayer in the city must be given "due process".  He was cited by Mary Glass, Chair/CEO, Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC and consultant for M C COLE, NEW Hammer's Den, corner of 18th and Fond du Lac Avenue.  The former site of "Working Class". The charges are:
  • DOUBLE STANDARD and PITTING one taxpayer against another in District 15.  Two capable business owners were present for review and to receive a Class B tavern license.  It was revealed that: 
    • Notice/Reminder was given to DONALD LEWIS, Urban Cafe, Cypress and Fond du Lac while ignoring to Notice M C COLE, NEW Hammer's Den.  The Notice would allow the business owner to visit a meeting called by self-appointed members of the neighborhood and used by Alderman Stamper for community support.
    • Alderman Stamper had refused to return telephone calls for weeks to Mr. Cole; and, the hand-selected bias group attacked Mr. Cole at a meeting held at Walnut Way on October 10, 2014.  So, it was clear that the Alderman Stamper was not conducting himself appropriately - not returning calls left over weeks and not extending his office for information to M C COLE.
    • M C COLE was told by a member of the neighborhood (after-the-fact) that his name was called at a meeting held on Saturday, October 18, 2014 with select people of the area.  However, Alderman Stamper, leaders of the meeting, Virginia Duprest, Sharon Adams, Juanita Williams and others, failed to Notice M C COLE.
    •  According to ex-Alderman Fred Gordon (appeared with Donald Lewis), and on the video below, his client was told about the Saturday, October 18, 2014 meeting.
    • According to Donald Lewis, Alderman Stamper pulled him to the side and "Reminded" him about the meeting to be held on October 18, 2014.
    • But, NO notice was given to Mr. Cole.  Why?
    • This type of Willie Lynch behavior of pitting one against another has no place  in the city of Milwaukee by anyone, especially an African American elected representative.
    • Perhaps Mr. Stamper is accustomed to conducting "cronyism" at the supervisory level in Milwaukee County and feel he will run roughshod over the taxpayers of the city of Milwaukee.  Not this time.
  • STAMPER OK'D Donald Lewis Class B and "put-a-hold" on the Class B license of MC COLE until he brings the issue before the "quote" community.   This is the "community" that failed to provide "inclusiveness", respect for the rights of M C COLE as a fellow taxpayer and failed to inform M C COLE of the meeting on Saturday, October 18, 2014, but claim innocence for wrongdoing. As evidenced by Virginia DuPriest and Juanita Williams lofty testamony at the License Committee hearing.
  • STAMPER should have been impartial and made his decision on the merits and not allowed Conflict of Interest and political maneuring with certain individuals, Larry and Sharon Adams, Virginia DuPrest, Juanita Williams and others behind-the-scene in the neighborhood to cloud his judgment and Oath of office conducting the People's business.  He has compromised a property owner, investor and potential employer of the 15th District.
  •  He also should of been building TRUST and leadership for his tenure as the temporary selection of 2 years for the 15th District. 
M C COLE, property owner and investor has invested $88,000 in the last year in funds.  His business is located on the corner of 18th & Fond du Lac.

He bought the property one year ago for a 3-part hospitality development of a tavern, restaurant and two (2) apartments.  The building was vacant over 5 years.
He has worked night and day for today's inspection.
He presented the compliances to steps given by the city of Milwaukee.
He has signed support petitions by the immediate neighborhood - delivered to Stamper's office via city clerk's staff on Friday, October 17, 2014.  Stamper and assistant were not present.
He has letters of recommendation from business colleagues of the hospitality industry.
He has paid city taxes ($7,000) for one year without getting one cent from his investment.
This is an owner, investor and taxpayer who asked for what is coming to him by law but was truly disrespected by the five-member License Committee of the city of Milwaukee on October 20, 2014.  The five-member group went into "lock-step" and deferred "in-committee" decretion on behalf of correctness and decision making.  

By the other four-members of the committee remaining silent, Alderwoman Milele Coggs, 6th District, Alderman Tony Zielinski - 14th District, Alderman Jim Dudzik, 11th District,  and Alderman Bob Puente, 9th District; they each became "complicit" to the wrongful behavior of their fellow councilman Alderman Stamper - someone should of offered credibility of the People's business.  Someone should of stepped up.

M C COLE, property owner and investor, right to due process was put on HOLD by Russell Stamper II and the other four members of the License Committee. 

MC COLE, property owner and investor, bought the property with improving the neighborhood in mind.  His 3-part development in the hospitality industry brings a minimum of 10 jobs, along with mentorship, internship and apprenticeship training. He deserves our support - not our arrogance or behavior of deception.  And, certainly not the behavior seen over the last week.

WARNING:  We have had to change the "link".
It appears that the "link" shorten and now it is back to the full video.

Take the time to review the tape.  You need to see what is going on.
You can slide the pointer to find specific testimony.
M C Cole, Donald Lewis, Mary Glass testimony and Glass being asked out - to leave - the License Committee Meeting can be found closer to the end of the tape.

Alderman Russell Stamper and members of the License committee gave a 5-0 vote from the License Committee, to HOLD MC COLE Class B license even though the issues were present to pass.  

The lock-step behavior by this city of Milwaukee committee was noticeable just as the giggling and half-sleep moments of the committee members.  This too was out of order.

Notice how Stamper tried and successfully got Zielinski to remove Mary Glass because she asked questions for clarity and to know what should her client expect.  

Stamper used the misguided and powerplay "high tone" by inferring Glass was disrespectful because she sought answers from the group for her client and sought process and procedure.  Stamper and Zielinski tactics were BOGUS and is seen as arrogance.  Both were in the "cover-up" and disingenuous mode.  

Zielinski is the chair of the License Committee, his job is to provide clarity and information about the People's business at the License Committee level.

This was a hearing, Stamper has refused to respond to calls.  
Stamper has shown favoritism.

But whether Stamper responded before or not, when the citizenry comes - Zielinski, Chair and members of the License committee need to bend over backwards to see that their questions are answered - instead of the misuse of power exhibited by Zielinski, Stamper and other city representatives at the front table giggling.  It sends the wrong signal.

It was not a good day for the People with this type of miscarriage of justice.  Therefore, it must be logged and brought up for review.  This is definitely NOT the end,

Alderman Stamper, though in office a short time, is beginning to acquire a reputation of NO RESPONSE to inquiries, failure to return calls, claiming to have addressed issues when the office has not, attending only select meetings in the neighborhood, too punitive and appearing to not be in command of the learning curve necessary for the district he has been allowed temporary tendency as alderman.

Larry and Sharon Adams - Walnut Way
Larry and Sharon Adams are property owner next to MC COLE. 
It was evident that Alderman Stamper has selected Sharon and Larry Adams/Walnut Way and Virginia Duprest (in video) as his decision makers and dictators for the rest of the 15th District. We say no.  This is America.  There are laws and rules.  We expect the laws of due process to prevail as the guidepost for all.  Not just for the favorites.

Stay tuned.
Updated:  October 21, 2014

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