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Monday, October 13, 2014

13 Things Milwaukeeans - Core Constituents Need to look at during the City of Milwaukee Budget Review, Part IA

October 13, 2014
A citizen viewing of the September 23, 2015 city budget by Tom Barrett, mayor

City Center Milwaukee |  DAY 43  | Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC Phase II Invoked Atonement & Reparation Assessment (2014/15) looks at specifically what elected-appointed-hired and volunteer representatives in local government do with the People's finances in the city of Milwaukee. 

City of Milwaukee Budget

The asking price of the 2015 budget, by mayor Barrett, is $1.2 billion with an increase of $18.44 above last year.  The increase for this year is $21.11.


For the next two weeks, we will report on the people, process and procedure of how the People of the City of Milwaukee finances are being spent, with the 2015 proposed budget in the spotlight.

Core Constituents cannot elect and retain individuals that violate Oath of Office, DISCRIMINATE, disenfranchise and disrespect the voter-taxpayer-stakeholder.  To fail to honor office and charter duties is automatic "termination of office" - recall or ejection at re-election should be next.  

We must clean house and remove these Jim Crow type behaviors.  

We must also expose and remove the "Spooks by the door" and the " gatekeepers".  No one is Exempt.

We must take care of business as good Stewards and great citizens.

U.S.  Constitution
The jury consist of the Core Constituents who live, work, invest in, grow businesses in, hire in, employ in, send their children to school in, go to school in, volunteer in, worship in, pay taxes in and bury their families in the city of Milwaukee.

Core Constituents cannot elect and retain individuals that violate Oath of office and disrespect the voter-taxpayer-stakeholder with donor-for-hire, cronies (individual-contracts-projects-programs- real estate, TID other tax credidts), and PAY OFF election favoritism by siphoning the city coffers; i.e., COA, Manpower, Milwaukee 7, Harley Davidson, MMAC, Michael Cudahy, Gale Glappa, Gilbane, CGSchmidt, Mandel, Gorman,  Julie Penman, Michael Lovell, Tim Sheehy, UW-Milwaukee, to name a few.

Core Constituents cannot elect and retain individuals that appoint, hire and volunteer individuals that violate Oath of office and disrespect the voter-taxpayer-stakeholder and statutes.

Core Constituents cannot elect-appoint-hire individuals, train, pay salaries, give benefits, pay into pension fund, and allow violations of due process, discrimination, "slush funds" for City of Milwaukee Police with Safe and Sound, slush fund for WWBIC/Wisconsin Women Business Initiative Corporation; and, raiding the city coffers by "non-Milwaukeeans".

Core Constituents cannot elect-appoint-hire individuals, train, pay salaries, give benefits, pay into pension fund, and allow profiling, entrapment, and INCARCERATION of African American without merit.
Core Constituents cannot elect-appoint-hire individuals, train, pay salaries, give benefits, pay into pension fund, and allow EXECUTION of African American.  Period.

Given the long-waiting, importance and urgency of quality of life and economic development Core Constituent families' within the city of Milwaukee for removal of disparities, MPA LLC recommends the following 13 points for Core Constituents to think about before supporting the 2015 proposed budget.  They are:

  1. PROMISE:  We must let our elected officials know this budget cycle is where they are "marked for replacement" going forward to Election 2016 as well as scrutiny of behavior between now and then.
  2. QUESTION:  Where in the budget, with specificity is the mayor's "investment in every district", especially areas densely populated by African American, other People of Color and the Work Challenged?
  3. QUESTION: Does "every" mean downtown, UW-Milwaukee, Freshwater Science, Water Council, eastside, third ward, valley and Brady Street only? Since all of the mentioned organizations/areas have been able to grow with mega funding brought to the city by the name of Urban, low/moderate income, racial disparities, brownfield, tax credits, and other federal funding sent to change the conditions of Enduring Concentrated Poverty at the neighborhood and census tract level.
  4. QUESTION:  What does the mayor mean by private sector?  African American, other People of Color and Work Challenged private sector businesses are isolated, discriminated against, disenfranchised, deprived of financial packaging and marginalized as demonstrated in the city's DWilson Disparity report and UW-Milwaukee, The State of Black-Owned Businesses in Milwaukee:  Uneven Progress, Fragile Gains.   A "disparity" condition that has not changed nor is it reflected in the 2015 budget.
  5. QUESTION:  Where in the budget do we see departmental commitments for multi-year and multi-tier projects, programs and partnership that speaks to "packaging financially" African American and other People of Color businesses at the neighborhood and census tract level?
  6. QUESTION:  Where are the codes, resolutions, charter agreements and Executive Orders to replace the disparity of underpinning entrepreneurship at the census tract and neighborhood level?  It is here that the hires are basically 95 - 100% from the neighborhood.  This is how we begin to make inroads to change the increased risky behavior found in some of Milwaukee's neighborhoods but can be expected with the given ingredients of poverty.
  7. QUESTION:  Where are the codes, resolutions, charter agreement and Executive Orders to address the fraud in the code set-asides; i.e., DBE?  CG Schmidt, Gilbane, Mandel, Gorman, etc. go in-and-out of these makeshift intentions, with African American, other People of Color and Work Challenged talent with mega funded deals that never change the landscape of business development for the "CORE CONSTITUENTS"; i.e., prime contractors.  The men and women are troubled by the same-old bait-n-switch that comes with "duplicitous" leadership. 
  8. EXPECTATION:  Removal of institutional barriers that include discrimination and disenfranchisement; and, replacement with incentives for capacity building that are not laborious and deceptive, i.e., the lengthy and costly certification process.
  1. EXPECTATION:  Multi-level and multi-tiered financial means and packaging for hidden talent and vetted business development for emerging entrepreneurs.  It is an automatic "open government, participatory engagement to help replace pitting against one another for No-Win outcomes.
  2. AFFIRMATION:  We know for a fact when the Executive and/or the Legislative branches choose to be supportive of the "needed necessary parts" from the city resources and potential partnerships, they rise to the occasion with the appointed-hired members of the city cabinet necessary for success. The projects become "featured projects", with massive investment of city workers time and planning to "make the idea fit and/or conform to the statutes and funding guidelines".
  3. UNACCEPTABLE:    The projects are delivered to the public - renderings through construction - without vetting by the Core Constituents.  The culture within city hall does not recognize or engage the inhabitants, accept for perfunctory recognition of federal regulations called set-asides and the perfunctory appearance of Inclusion at this time for the budget.
  4. QUESTION:  Where are the commitments to growth of the economic and quality of life base by the programs and projects of the mayor and city of Milwaukee to not only recognize but seek partnerships, promote training, promote in-city hiring of those you do business with; and, promote "joint" partnerships of Core Constituents that are private sector/for-profit, non-profit and public to help eliminate "barriers of entry" and "barriers to remain viable" due to economic constraints. This includes firms hired through the city coffers; i.e., Kohn law firm.
Our limited resources should always seek to provide scoring that automatically calls for the People's approval first and last.  Period.  It is how we score big time on the People's score card and Fitch Rating.

Stay tuned.

We thank the office of Comptroller Martin Matson and Special Assistant Darlene Marek, office of Treasurer Spencer Coggs, Edwin Huertas - Office of Common Council President Michael Murphy, office of Jim Owczarski, Eileen Lipinski, Mary Lohmeier, and Kathy Williams.

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