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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Business Association takes a snapshot of Housing Authority of the City of Milwaukee and charter members oversight

City Center Milwaukee | Day 53 |  Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC Invoked Atonement and Reparation is in the 8th month of engagement to evaluate the services of elected-appointed-hired, donor-for-hire, non-profit and for-profit organizations that utilize funding and resources of the city of Milwaukee.

As a researcher and public policy protagonist, we see and report on issues of wrongdoing per oath of office, expectation of the People and the Constitution. 

This is the season that ALL property owners are asked to "PONY UP" for to support the city of Milwaukee budget.  

Tom Barrett, mayor
On September 23, 2014, one month ago, mayor Tom Barrett shared his 2015 budget for 1.5 billion dollars.

MPA LLC reminds the charter leaders of the city of Milwaukee, mayor, 15 members of the common council, treaasurer, comptroller and city attorney to "pony up" with accountability and best practices for the CORE CONSTITUENTS - African American, other People of Color and the Work Challenged: 
Work Challenged represents un-, under-skilled; un-, under-employed; un-, under-financed neighborhood-level businesses; disabled; and re-entry. 

Re-entry represents those returning from WAR, INCARCERATION, boomerang employment, boomerang retirement and college-certificated graduates unemployed.

MPA LLC is getting prepared for its focus March 1-7, 2015 for Consumer Protection Week.

The national engagement is on "preparedness" of the People. It is taking a look at those who provide services that are deceptive and fraudulent.  This includes our government services that engages in monopoly-oligopoly, cronyism, pitting one individual or group against another, by-design misinformation and FEAR though misuse of power.  In government it is often called:   bureaucracy.

Whereas bureaucracy is referred to as "non-elected" government individual and department, it is done in agreement with "elected" individuals.

Over the last year, MPA LLC Consumer Protection Group has watched the policies and procedures of the City of Milwaukee Housing Authority, ran by Tony Perez and Debra LaRosa.  We have also had the opportunity to look at engagement or non-engagement of Mayor Tom Barrett, ex-alderman Common Council President Willie Hines, Alderman/ Common Council President Michael Murphy, City of Milwaukee Housing Authority board, Executive Director Tony Perez, members of his staff and staff, Section 8, Rent Assistance, WHEDA, HUD Milwaukee, HUD Regional and HUD federal.

No wonder we have widespread FRAUD and deception.

Our report at the 2015 conference will share not only flaws but show opportunities to change by the elected-appointed-hired, donor for hire, not-for profit and private contractors of the city like Mandel Properties, ACC Management, Team Management and the housing organization in place to ensure that protection of the rights of the citizenry are uppermost.  This would include local arms of legal services such as Milwaukee Bar Association, Legal Action, etc.

We are allowing billions to be mismanaged and services to the customer to be a "business-as-usual" and "perfunctory" service that leaves so many Enduring Concentrated Poverty Milwaukeeans at the mercy of scams by those that are legally to serve; and, giving a class A act before the cameras and in the press releases.

Stay tuned.

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