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Friday, October 24, 2014

Business Association Open Letter to mayor of Milwaukee identifying Trick or Treat Government

City Center Milwaukee | DAY 54 | Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC continues to look at and call forward behaviors, ideas and actions of elected-appointed-hired, donor for hire, not-for profit and for-profit government representatives that are egregious and by design promotes Enduring Concentrated Poverty in Urban Milwaukee. 

License Committee
The city of Milwaukee License Committee behavior "in committee" triggered outrage and accountability by long-time public policy advocate Mary Glass, Chair/CEO, Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC.  Glass represented a client at the committee who was a target of favoritism, cronyism and the appearance of Conflict of Interest.

Actions to bring focus, change and reform has invoked contact with the city of Milwaukee Ethics Committee, calls to the city clerk, Jim Owczarski, call to Alderman/Common Council President Michael Murphy, a special Unity Forum with Class B tavern owners, property owners of tavern and liquor store owners.  It also includes an Open Letter sent to the Executive Branch, CEO of the city of Milwaukee, Tom Barrett, mayor.


Mayor Barrett: 

This is a Letter of Accountability sent to the top charter officer of the city of Milwaukee. My communication speaks to the “Trick or Treat”  government shown by the City of Milwaukee License Committee (Ald. Tony Zielinski-14, chair, Ald. Milele Coggs- 6 vice chair, Ald. Russell Stamper-15, Ald. Jim Dudzik-12 and Ald. Bob Puente-9) on Monday, October 20, 2014.  

The behavior was despicable  and just sent the WRONG message to the CORE CONSTITUENTS. A message my office just will not allow to pass without address from your office and the common council.

I and my client, M C COLE, property owner, investor and employer represent the private sector of the city of Milwaukee at the neighborhood and census tract level. We came to share compliances for a Class B License for Mr. Cole. Members allowed to represent a position on our License Committee in city government failed in basic customer service and in integrity of the Oath of office

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