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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

March 1-7, MPA LLC 2015 Consumer Protection Week - Theme: Fraud & Deception in Milwaukee

MARCH 1-7, 2015
City Center Milwaukee | Day 52 | Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC continues to engage nuance, innovation and reform for improved quality of life and economic development for Milwaukeeans.

MPA LLC Consumer Protection Group
March 1-7, 2015
Consumers drive the market, economy, neighborhood and lifestyle.

To continue improvement in Smart Growth, AHOD 2020 and Vision 2050, MPA LLC has a direct and quality assurance probe for "best practices" dealing with the consumer.  Our 12 building blocks for growth and engagement are part of the evaluation of services provided by elected-appointed-hired, donor for hire, non-profit and for profit businesses conducting services related to funding and resources of government.

We seek and provide awareness, information, education and transparency in communication for an UPscalable economy in our our Infrastructure for core constituents at the neighborhood and census tract level.

Housing Authority of the city of Milwaukee
Housing Authority of City of Milwaukee
City of Milwaukee and its housing program touts excellency in housing.  For the most part this may be true; however, we will look at some points of interest.  

This is especially true for those multi- units for seniors and families seeking housing; process and procedures for governing sites, engagement and outreach opened to the housing units; handling of complaints, evictions, removal and reasons for removal.
Tony Perez - HACM
Tony Perez, Executive Director and Debra LaRosa are going to be asked for specifics regarding the services that is provided for the  consumers/stakeholders of the city of Milwaukee.

"We are going to look at properties that are involved with HUD/Housing and Urban Development Section 8 and Rent Assistance dollars and resources.

We further will visit the Tom Barrett, mayor, Michael Murphy, Alderman/Common Council President and the board members of the Housing Authority of city of Milwaukee.

MPA LLC Consumer Protection Week
March 1-7, 2014 is the week for reporting investigation awareness, education, training, intelligence of reports from those who live in, have lived in and those seeking housing that includes purchasing a house.  

It is the time that the US Department of Justice provide its consumer protection focus.  We will work with the local office of U.S. Attorney James Santelle in Milwaukee to ensure up-to-date information and panelists for education.

The national office will provide information for participants engaged in our seminars.  We will outreach to specialists with information about Section 8.  Our panelists will include Section 8 and Rent Assistance participants in the Milwaukee programs and those providing services. 

Section 8 housing in Milwaukee related to rent assistance and HUD/Housing and Urban Development receives heavy resources and the process and procedure for evaluating contracted property owners,  board accountability, executive and staff accountability, contracted businesses accountability and tenant evaluation will be spotlighted.

The 2015 theme:  Fraud & Deception in Milwaukee.

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