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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Why we expect more from Tom Barrett, mayor

April 3, 2016

We have a right to expect more from Mayor Tom Barrett

Whereas the JSOnline article by Ms. Angela Peterson has a "RIGHT-ON" flavor and many valid points, as always the CORE CONSTITUENTS, especially African Americans are "tipped around" with a stat here and a stat there. The truth is, Thomas "Tom" Barrett has been a "gentrification mayor" with his hands in the cookie jar of the city of Milwaukee; and doing the bid of the HAVES (MMAC-Milwaukee Metropolitan Association of Commerce, Milwaukee Economic Development Corporation board, Wisconsin Center District, Greater Milwaukee Committee & Milwaukee 7).

Yes. He has worked behind the scenes with Tim Sheehy, Gale Klappa, members of the Greater Milwaukee Committee (such as Northwestern Mutual leaders and Tim Sullivan of bankrupt Bucyrus Corp) members of the Milwaukee 7, Beth Weirick - BID 21, Barry Mandel, CG Schmidt and other Caucasian men with a monopoly-oligopoly plan every since Marvin Pratt racked up a substantial lead in 2004.

By the way, Tim Sullivan and the name of Bucyrus Corporation showed up with the RIGGED DEAL of Redevelopment Authority of the City of Milwaukee/RACM, ex-Alderman/Common Council President Willie Hines, ex-Alderman Willie Wade, members of the common council, Tom Barrett and team for Sister Edna Lonergan - St. Ann’s Intergenerational Center on North Avenue.   

They gave the prize land (that the city of Milwaukee would not let others have – after 19 years of a fleecing by Irgens Development) away for $1.  St. Ann’s then used African Americans and their status (child care and seniors – Medicare and Medicaid) to clinch underwriting.   The People paid for everything.  What did St. Ann do?  What did Next Door Foundation do?  What did Tim Sullivan, Bucyrus do to have his name on the building?

Just in case we are documenting, the business association, CNI/Fondy North Business Association that I led in the area and other members of the Amani Neighborhood met and allowed the original land to be sold to the city to develop so at least 100 jobs from the for-profit industry would create the 100 jobs for the immediate neighborhood.  NOT to give it away for $1 to a non-profit.  Especially one that FAILED to contact the neighborhood for support and/or approval of acquisition and blockage of view.

St Ann was built by CG Schmidt (Caucasians did the work) just as predicted.  This was another steady hand of Tom Barrett for jobs.

By the way, Irgens Development 19 –year possession included $100,000 per year to Irgens regardless of his non-completion of space.  Irgens fleecing was during the watch of Commissioner Julie Penman (Yes. The same one that sits on Tom’s “behind the scenes and working hard” MEDC Board). 

YES.  Tom Barrett has been working very hard with ruthless Rocky Marcoux and Martha Brown tag team. Rocky Marcoux came right after Penman was fired by Marvin Pratt, Acting Mayor.  Julie Penman was one of Tom’s contributors to his campaign.  She was rewarded by Tom. And she went on to join HGA and work on several projects – including UW-Milwaukee Master Plan.  HGA was recently found with good ole Tom Barrett in the below the radar project of Rocky Marcoux and UW-M charrette that fail to include the Amani stakeholders.  It was a hush-hush meeting with Stamper – again busy working behind the scenes.

Tom has been acting with a "steady" and "behind the scene" takeover of the transportation funds (streetcar) while quietly smiling with bait-n-switch with the NBA MEGA BUCKS DEAL.

He claims Bob Donovan has worked with Scott Walker; well, Tom who are you smiling with at the press conference in Madison, June 4, 2015? Tom sold the CORE CONSTITUENTS out for 30 years in underwriting the TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION of the Cheaper to Keep them Deal with Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin.

Take a listen to "Talking Tom" to justify his "misuse of power" and "listen to him talk about someone's child playing for the NBA". By the way, Tom said he was briefing the Common Council" - Joe Davis, Alderman and ex-mayoral candidate do not remember his keeping them in the loop.

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