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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Why Mary Glass chose Candidate Bernie Sanders as her choice for the next U.S. President

MILWAUKEE | Election 2016 | Bernie Sanders, Caucasian, Jewish, Vermont Senator and Candidate for U. S. President 2016-2020 was the choice of Mary Glass, Chief Visionary Officer of Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC.
Bernie Sanders is a "genuine" politician - his record speaks OF it. What you hear and see is what he is.

I like his messaging.

I like his message.
I like his continuity.
I like his truth-telling.
I like his REFRESHING engagement of HOPE.
I like his willingness to STAND HIS GROUND, based on the merits.
I like his no-nonsense approach to his narratives.
I like that he speaks to "power" and wielding power of/for the People.

I like that he realizes and commits to aggressive reform to address monopoly-oligopoly and the rigged economic system.

I like that he speaks of the decisions by our highest court decisions that allow pacts, big business, wealthy families and billionaires to buy campaigns.

I like that he speaks of "STATE GOVERNORS" rigging the system with "VOTER REGISTRATION" and other trumped-up processes that block voting of every American.

I like that he speaks with high-level enhancements of 100% free public education and 100% healthcare for America's infrastructure.

I like that he realizes and commits to without fail policy changes with specificity in law enforcement patterns and practices against African American and the rigged incarceration system.

I like that he is a senior-age Caucasian man that speaks to standing firm against DISCRIMINATORY practices in America.

I am very pleased that he speaks out against the outrageous and disrespectful behavior of Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu - made a deal with John Boehner (to disrespect President Barack Obama) and spoke to the U. S. Congress and Netanyahu's massive killings of children and families of Pakistan. 

I think of all the candidates he brings to the table "legitimacy" that will drive "VOTERS" to the polls while raging a necessary campaign of an absolute majority.

I like that he is a MORALITY and DEMOCRACY candidate. 

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