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Thursday, April 21, 2016

NOT just Business-as-Usual - Oath of Office Substance IN Milwaukee Common Council Leadership & Stewardship

April 21, 2016
MILWAUKEE |  Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC recognizes, celebrates, and Call for "due diligence" of the 2016-2020 City of Milwaukee Common Council.  

The 2016-2020 City of Milwaukee Common Council  is a 15-member body that represents the charter officers of the legislative branch of city government.

It has 3 NEW members and a NEW 48th Common Council President.
Bublr Bike - REDLINING
NBA MEGA Bucks Deal - 30 years of Involuntary Servitude


In 2015, Milwaukeeans were downloaded defeat after defeat of misuse of power - Streetcar vote, NBA MEGA Bucks Deal (30 years of Involuntary Servitude), The Couture, Bublr Bikes (not in the People of Color areas but jumpstarted and supported by the city budgets) Renaissance Luncheon (September 15, 2015) and mega housing for the PRIVILEGED and HAVES.

Those Voting in favor of the measures were:   Aldermen Ashanti Hamilton, Nik Kovac, Bob Bauman, Milele Coggs, Willie Wade, Jose Perez, Terry Witkowski, Russell Stamper and Common Council President Michael Murphy.

"We believe the streetcar not only complements a larger transit network," Murphy said, "but also serves as a city-building tool within a broader development plan — a plan that improves mass transit while attracting commercial and residential development in the heart of the city's tax base."

Voting against were Aldermen Joe Dudzik, Joe Davis, Jim Bohl, Bob Donovan, Robert Puente and Tony Zielinski.         Journal Sentinel
The city of Milwaukee is in crisis due to capricious leadership that has created DISTRUST, federal probes, and a label of "rigged" decision-making.
A streetcar connecting the Milwaukee Intermodal Station with the city's lower east side was approved by the Common Council on Tuesday, bringing if not to a halt then at least to a pause, decades of sometimes acrimonious debate.
"It has taken us 24 years to decide," said Mayor Tom Barrett, who during an afternoon signing ceremony at the Pabst Theater called the streetcar legislation "historic."
"Thadebate is over."
Ald. Bob Bauman shared the mayor's relief.
"We've at last broken a 25-yearlong logjam of contention and argument and inaction," he said.
"Now the wind is at our backs." Journal Sentinel
The true owners of the coffers are "omitted" year in and year out in the Infrastructure of best practices of outreach and engagement of city rules, regulations and dispensing of resources.

The City of Milwaukee Common Council legislators - individual and joint - have allowed the following to Go Wild in arbitrary and capricious behavior in the city of Milwaukee government practices that has "excluded" and is injurious of the CORE CONSTITUENTS.   The violations are seen to perpetuate risky behavior that we see disproportionately in high pockets of Enduring Concentrated Poverty.  They are:
  • Department of Administration - DOA
    • i.e., CDBG and Budget
  • Department of City Development - DCD
    • i.e., BID Districts
    • RACM & RACM Board
    • MEDC
    • 30th Street Corridor
    • Century City
    • Kein Burton
      Development Manager
      (414) 286-5845
      Benji Timm
      Project Manager
      (414) 286-5756
  • Department of City of Police
    • Budget
    • Distrust
    • US DOJ COPS probe
  • Department of Library
    • Use of Computers and needed hours.
    • Revitalization 
    • Slow - Second-Class - No development of Center Street and MLKing
  • Department of Neighborhood Services - DNS
  • Department of Public Works - DPW
  • EB-5 Developments
    • Blue Ribbon Management
    • Gorman
    • MMAC
    • First Pathway Partners
  • MEDC Board
    • Oversight and review of statute of appointments and length of serve (cronies - elite - privileged to revenue pathways)
  • Milwaukee Economic Development Corporation - MEDC
  • Redevelopment Authority of the City of Milwaukee - RACM
  • Wisconsin Center District Directors
PUBLIC POLICIES needed to "remove" DWilson Disparity Report findings and others that create unsafe conditions that are injurious to Milwaukeeans.

MPA LLC call for "cleaning house" of DISTRUST of City Hall - all three (3) branches - Executive, Legislative and Judicial.  It includes:
  • Public Policies that revitalize and offset of REMOVAL of employment and quality of life Hot Spots - i.e.,Walmart, Office Depot, IHOP, Builders at Midtown.
    • AND, the massive "On-Hold" development of the Northridge area.
  • Public policies that bring into fruition BRONZEVILLE the next two years.
  • Public policies needed to REJECT Fast track BRT/Bus Rapid Transit that fails to ensure "whole" and "wholesome" public transit that ENHANCE conditions to employment Hot Spots for Milwaukeeans - those WITHOUT employment due to transportation, those without cars, dependable cars, driver license and lack of funds.  BRT that fails Highway145/Fond du Lac Corridor and southside of Milwaukee FIRST is bogus.
  • Public policies needed to help unify the stakeholders on the south-north-east-westside.
    • Annual city-wide conference of the Common Council to promote civility, education of districts and TRUST.
    • Engagement for respect, understanding, and comfort levels that promotes visits to other districts other than one's own and downtown - Alderperson partnering.
    • Inter-neighborhood activities for better understanding of cultures.
    • Enhance present and expand CDBG Neighborhood Strategic Planning areas - with individual leaders - NOT one organization with multiple sites.
  • Public policies needed to immediately incorporate a city-wide "broadband - wireless" hook-up in the daily lives and activities of residential and commercial stakeholders at the home and neighborhood level.  
  • Public policies needed to REVISIT the NBA MEGA Bucks Deal for "wraparound services" within the neighborhoods over the 30-year Involuntary Servitude support of the City of Milwaukee taxpayers. 
  • Public policies to embrace the $15.00 employment rate per hour for installment over the next four years.
  • Removal of Public policies that promote fleecing the citizenry as in parking tickets, profiling tickets, and stacking-the-deck of code violations.
  • Removal of Public policies that drain leadership, stewardship, and entrepreneurship at the neighborhood and census tract level, i.e., RETURN to HUD Community Development Block Grant funding with neighborhood leadership NSPs.
  • Public policies that start with removing the "disrespectful dialog", cronyism, rude and unethical behavior in conducting the People's business in standing committees and elsewhere.
    • Review Channel 25 for examples of unbecoming behavior of Chairs, other alderpeople, and staff from city departments - City Attorney, Neighborhood Services, City Clerk, etc.
    • Absenteeism and excessive walking, fumbling with gadgets during hearings of Standing Committees and NOT present for voting.
    • Lack of participation of total membership in the "approval or disapproval" of licenses - not just the authorization of the alderperson of the district and/or bias residents - on the merits.
    • Review length of time of "wait" for licenses - time is money.
    • Provide Checklist to customers and an accessible and knowledgeable person for input.
    • Provide ongoing training for each council person.
    • Review district-to-district fines and revocations due to comments of alderpeople of the districts.
    • Overview patterns and practices to dispel "misconduct" of alderperson with a license, i.e., pay-offs of any kind.
We have to get rid of the ENDURING CONCENTRATED POVERTY.  

We MUST get rid of the RIGGED system in city hall.

Since you have fiduciary responsibilities as Charter officers and you vote on policies for ALL districts, you arm yourself with "ongoing updates from the city clerk's office and rules for your being as well as get out into the neighborhoods - where you can provide a NEIGHBORHOOD OFFICE - do so.

May I suggest that your office staff receive ONGOING training about your district through the City Clerk's Office, visits to community meetings; AND, is accessible, courteous, knowledgeable and a POSITIVE extension of you the elected Charter Officer.  

Population: Over half-million people -  594,833 (2010 census).  Sixty percent (60%) of Milwaukee population - People of Color; 40% African American, 0.8 - American Indian, 3.5 - Asian, Caucasian - 37.0, and 17.3 - Hispanic/Latin American. Census 2010.

Due to arbitrary and capricious behaviors of unethical magnitude the last four years and before, we are in the process of addressing Misconduct we find injuries to an individual and group of individuals within a district (s) - failure to discharge duties, intentional tampering and altering the process, failure to provide information, misconduct by authorizing and operating while knowing wrong, manipulating the process, willful neglect of duties, and altering results.

Failure to RETURN calls and Failure to RETURN calls timely are high on the list of wrongdoing of members of the  Common Council.

We also remind all - especially the NEWCOMERS, that we have had individuals - both gender - to resign, be indicted and serve time for wrongful behavior while ALDERPERSON.

Great innovative leadership, stewardship, fellowship and growth the next four years, starting now and your first full meeting on:  Tuesday, May 24, 2016.

Milwaukee Common Council
    • Alderman Cavalier Johnson - District 2
    • Alderwoman Chantia Lewis - District 9
    • Alderman Khalif Rainey - District 7
    • Alderwoman Chantia Lewis
    • Alderman Ashanti Hamilton - District 1

A Call for Oath, Commitment and Neighborhood Reform

to be Continued . . .

Updated:  April 22, 2016

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