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Saturday, March 7, 2015

CORE CONSTITUENTS - Following the money - Building Capacity

MPA LLC Building Capacity
City Center Milwaukee | DAY 188 | Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC is in the process of laying the foundation for the next step of "Building Capacity" for AHOD/AllHands on Deck, WE WILL initiative.  It is "Engagement and Following the Money". It is using the 10 +1 grid for ongoing success.  

Building Capacity has 10 + 1 core values for engagement of self-sustainability of privately owned businesses at the neighborhood and census tract level for 2015 engagement.  They are:
  • Apprenticeship
  • Citizenship
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Fellowship
  • Leadership
  • Mentorship
  • Ownership
  • Partnership
  • Scholarship
  • Stewardship

The above 10, Plus RELATIONSHIP, creates the day-to-day rigors of building experiences and standards for operation for capacity building.

Building Capacity focuses on engagement with core values leading the way.
It is MPA LLC strategic planning model for strengthening Hidden Talent and Vetted businesses at the census tract and neighborhood level.  

It is recognizing the sole proprietor to the multi-faceted corporation and implementing standards of expectations through discourse, training and buy-in that is shared and tweaked for economic development and quality of life at the census tract and neighborhood level.  

It is allowing creativity in the marketplace that generates participation of stakeholders, achieve robust spaces that invitequality of life, improved economic development and  tourism at the census tract and neighborhood level.

It is commercial stakeholders creating a platform for self-sustainability that includes WHO, WHAT, WHEN and WHERE for standards of operation necessary for state-of-the-art growth in the world market.  
Diamonds in the Rough
Diamonds in the Rough
Diamonds in the Rough are Emerging and Vetted businesses at the neighborhood and census tract level.  They are the privately owned business that pay taxes of many kinds.

Local Government
For one to do better, one must know what is better/best as options, said Mary Glass, Chair/CEO/CVO of MPA LLC, speaking of how she sees MPA LLC Diamonds in the Rough Initiative.  

Diamonds in the Rough ideology is recognizing hidden talent - individual or business - that is born or brought to the census tract and neighborhood for commerial business.

We recognize neighborhood for-proift business day-to-day input into the economy and services to other stakeholders and the city coffers.

We recognize and call upon the charter officers of the city to provide with staff appointed-hired-volunteered of government to provide timely information and services from the local government to help ensure that neighborhood businesses have needed "suites-of-services" that include:
  1. Commitment of service by local government.
  2. Easy ACCESS of information and services of departments.
  3. Knowledgeable and courteous staff.
  4. Prompt attention and turnaround time to issues of concern from businesses.
  5. Technical staff to assist with business packaging.
  6. Varied pools of funding that meets the need of the census tract for-profit businesses.
  7. Removal of barriers to government services through ongoing dialogue with census tract and neighborhood business owners.
  8. Removal of lengthy timeframes for licenses, permits, inspections, etc.
  9. Update "set-asides" through project-by-project evaluations.
  10. Provide resolutions that empower and foster for-profits at the census tract level.
  11. Provide Neighborhood Strategic Planning organization with support to provide input for government planning bi-annually with neighborhood outreach.
  12. Provide monitoring and reporting of all BIDs and TIDs assessments to taxpayers.
  13. Provide bi-annual reports to assessed taxpayers of BIDs and TIDs.

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