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Thursday, March 19, 2015

MPA LLC supports STAND-UP Call by CEO SCHULTZ for dialog on Race

Coming to Milwaukee by MPA LLC
MARCH 19, 2015
City Center Milwaukee |  DAY 180 |  Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC salutes and support the call by CEO Howard Schultz, Starbucks, to "not sit/stand silent" when we could at the very least start dialong with those who feel OK with the engagement.  Those who may feel "uneasy" but feel it is vital for the growth and success of the United States of America - then going broad.

CEO Howard Schultz is encouraging his employees to bring up the hot-button issue — his latest foray into controversial topics says Phil Wahba, Fortune.

Everyday, we see hate and violence against each other - nation-to-nation, gender-to-gender, family member-to-family member, members of Congress (state and national), corporation-to-corporation, age-to-age, class-to-class and race-to-race.  So, where are we going?  Do we have another place to exist prior to removal caused due mortality.

Why are we so afraid to talk about the horrors of RACISM?
Why are we often in denial and pretense?
Why do we say one thing and do another?
Why are we so "mean and mean-spirited" toward African American, other People of Color and Work Challenged individuals in our society?  Among the above three, African Americans are the most hard-hit and systematically attacked.  

Our history in America bear out atrocities that many want to forget because of just that, they are atrocities.  They know it was wrong.   Some to dismiss guilt or ownership of guilt.  Some become dismayed and angered to the point of blame of the victim.

Whatever the reason, we need to TALK.  REASON.  DISAGREE.  AGREE. PROVIDE CLOSURES.  OPEN NEW Vistas of change that allows "proper healing" for a more honest and healthy world during the time we remain alive and prior to our death.

One of the commonn bonds will be the many things that are similar.

Just as the President of Oklahoma University called for "Zero" tolerance; it sent the right and profound messages.  He also said, as a Caucasian male and citizen with leadership responsibilities, I stand for "justice and respect" for all.  No matter what! 

So, YES.  Howard Schultz, CEO, Starbuck is providing leadership and stewardship through citizenship and fellowship.  These are four of the eleven core building capacity strategies MPA LLC has adopted to help fulfill the goals of All Hands on Deck, WE MUST Initiative - MPA LLC Signature Plan. 

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