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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Follow the Money - Foxconn in Southeastern WI? Remember Walker, Abele & Barrett last deal?

August 1, 2017
MILWAUKEE || Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC shares some thoughts and concerns about where Core Constituent Milwaukeeans of Color will find themselves with the likes of Donald John Trump, Scott Kevin Walker, Christopher Seton Abele, Thomas Mark Barrett and Ron Harold Johnson making a deal that will come without the knowledge and OK of the citizenry - especially Wisconsites of Color.  

"The promise of 3,000 jobs at what ongoing ballooning price? Given Walker Act 10 law and his discussion with Trump for expansion of Act 10 labor limits for other states, they (Walker, Trump, Hou, Ryan) must be licking their chops.  WAKE UP Milwaukee - Wisconsin," said Mary Glass, Chief Visionary Officer, MPA LLC.

Where is the Milwaukee state representative delegation?
Foxconn, the giant Taiwanese IT company, comes at a time of election for Walker (known to have been a fraud) when it comes to his promise of jobs, bait-n-switch promises, Harley Davidson riding sham in the state for publicity with a giant "sucking sound" that includes $$billion and $billion dollars in all sorts of waivers - pollution, sales taxes, tax credits would be part of the package deal for Foxconn.  

We, the People of Milwaukee Core Constituents are wary about the high cost per person ($230,700 per worker), non-union concerns, the promise of replacement with robots, suicides of work population in China (how workers were treated), waivers in sales taxes, and pollution are starter issues.

Walker is running for office in 2018, therefore he is promising the world. 

L-R:  Paul Ryan, Donald Trump, Terry Gou - Chairman Foxconn, Ron Johnson

Foxconn - electronics manufacturer announced plans to build a $10 billion dollar LCD display panel screen plant in Wisconsin, in Washington, U.S. July 26, 2017.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Wisconsin governor ordered the state legislature back into special session on Tuesday to consider an incentive package that would award Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Foxconn $3 billion over 15 years in mostly cash incentives and waive several state environmental reviews.

Alan Singer 

Social studies educator, Hofstra University

Foxconn Factory In Wisconsin Is Another Bad Trump Deal

The Taiwanese manufacturer will receive $3 billion in 

state tax credits that will have to be covered by increased

taxes on everybody else. 07/31/2017 06:43 am ET


CNN Tech
In 2011, following a spate of worker suicides that sent Foxconn's reputation plummeting and made it a prime example among Chinese workers of poor labor conditions, CEO Terry Gou made a promise.
The Taiwanese business magnate said his company would employ 1 million robots over the next three years, moving humans away from the production lines where their labor -- on Apple (AAPLTech30) iPhones and other high-end electronics -- had made him a billionaire.
While one factory cut 60,000 jobs last year thanks to automation, according to the South China Morning Post, Gou's dream of a robot workforce has been slow to materialize.
But his support for automation has not waned. Christopher Balding, a professor of economics at Peking University, said the Wisconsin plan fits with Foxconn's strategy of pursuing automation to counter rising labor and transport costs related to manufacturing in China.
Balding said it made no difference to Foxconn whether it employed a robot in China, or a robot in the U.S.
"Three thousand jobs to Foxconn is irrelevant, so if they're going to be doing that in the U.S., it's not going to be people on production lines building TVs, it's going to be a small number of people watching robots build TVs."
Friedman said that Foxconn had a history of "taking steps to invest in robotics which allowed them to stop hiring people" as wages rose in China.
In 2012, New York-based China Labor Watch found children as young as 14 were forced to work in Foxconn factories by technical colleges or they would not graduate. An audit of the company by the Fair Labor Association found that "in 2011, 2.7% of the workforce of Foxconn Group consisted of interns, an average of 27,000 interns per month."
Updated:  August 1, 2017

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