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Friday, February 13, 2015

Urban Milwaukee post - Ald. Joe Davis calls for more transparency on Joint Review Board meetings

Alderman Joe Davis - District 2
Below is a Press Release submitted by Alderman Davis on Urban Milwaukee.
This Press Release is here with comment No. 1 by Mary Glass, MPA LLC
February 13, 2015
“Today, I am calling for more open government in Milwaukee. Minimal information was given to the public today regarding when and where a meeting will be held by the Joint Review Board on the Tax Incremental District funding for the downtown streetcar. “
“Extensive publicity should be given for meetings on this important and highly debated issue beyond a simple notice in the Daily Reporter, especially as voters have yet to be heard. To call a meeting with minimal notice is not in keeping with the spirit of open, public meetings.”
“On Tuesday, I voted against the streetcar, and I remain committed to development downtown and throughout the city. However, more has to be done to ensure appropriate and responsible development for all residents citywide.”
“I wrote a letter today (attached) notifying DCD Commissioner Rocky Marcoux and City Attorney Grant Langley that they need to make sure that the people are heard. Additionally, I feel there needs to be a review of the Joint Review Board’s actions today and in the future.”
Alderman Joe Davis
First of all, I would wholeheartedly agree with the “Call-by-Alderman Joe Davis” regarding the Joint Review Board (Mark Nicolini, Chair, Teig Whaley-Smith (county), Gerald Pace (MPS), Al Shoreibah (MATC) and Robert Rondini (citizen). However, it should not stop there. This committee and all of city of Milwaukee committees-boards-authorities must be transparent for the enforcement of law and due process of the People.
Milwaukee Professionals Association LL C discovered in its research last year during the 4-Month 2014 Invoked Atonement and Reparation Exposé that revealed the “resistance to sharing public information” as well as refusal to respond was prevalent in departments and commission-board-authorities, i.e., Mark Nicolini of the Department of Administration (budget), Milwaukee Ethics Board and Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission. Nicolini is the Chair of this Joint Review Committee. When those in position appear to disrespect those they represent, it is seen as arrogance, unlawful and unacceptable.
There is a city of Milwaukee climate that is pervasive, arrogant and unlawful that ignore public TRUST and seek to force confrontation with the city attorney’s office with COST for legal correctness – litigation. Why? Why such a distructive tactic by those in positions of trust, that are paid by the electorate?
It is time for an overhaul of the role, responsibilities and reporting of all “commissions-boards- appointment) and infer the appearance of Conflict of Interest. There is also a huge gap in “citizen participation” and public information authorities” that represent the city government of the City of Milwaukee and Joint Review Committee.
CORE CONSTITUENTS are represented by all five (5) members, especially Robert Rodini taking the lead for the People.
We must also remember the politics around these folk appointments – who appointed them.
Oversight and monitoring should include a process known by the public square for “information sharing” that is forthcoming, posted in MORE THAN the Daily Reporter (for the most part, unknown and unseen by the CORE CONSTITUENTS of the city of Milwaukee). New regs should ensure that requested information has due process in mind and It must be timely.
Individuals and boards-commissions-authorities obstructing should be immediately investigated with quick turnaround and posting for public review and documentation. It should also include legal consequences brought upon those who are “obstructionists”.
Further, since failed transparency and “back-room” dealing has promoted and promotes INSTITUTIONAL RACISM, segregation, discrimination, failed due process, bias spending of the People’s funds and disenfranchisement of the CORE CONSTITUENTS of Milwaukee, it should have review of the Government Accountability Board as an enhancer. We also have a U.S. Justice Department, let’s use it. No one is Exempt.
No one is “Exempt”, especially those elected-appointed-hired and volunteer to represent the people. We have to rid the system constantly of cancers to delay and distroy “due process” for CORE CONSTITUENTS.  
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