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Friday, February 20, 2015

AMANI - SATURDAY TALK, Center Street Library, 11;00am - 1:00pm - Following the Money & Bonds Foods

February 21, 2015, Center Street Library
City Center Milwaukee | DAY 172 |  SATURDAY TALK is the monthly meeting of Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC.  Its main goal is ENGAGEMENT for Informed Decision making.

A time to separate the chaff (lack of informed decision making and un-authorized spending of government funds by the People) from WHEAT (BUILDING a DIVERSE neighborhood using ideas, projects, involvement, energy, art, social networking, visioning, use of computers, different backgrounds, different cultures, different races, linking with universities and other schools).

This month's theme is:  Following the Money.
The Facilitators are:

  • CFO Martin Matson - City of Milwaukee
  • Planner C Terrance Anderson - SEWRPC/Southeastern WI Regional Planning Commission - VISION 2050

Social Responsibility
  • Stakeholder Historic Presence - Amani
    • BOND FOODS, 35 years, 2000 W. Clarke Street
    • Mack and Delsia Bond - Proprietors
  • Warm Homemade Soup and Mama Bond-style Banana Pudding
Compliments of Sherri Bond and Ruth Bond (daughters of Mack & Delsia Bond)

  • Announcements
  • Photographer:  Craig Jackson

New Concept Self Development Center, Inc.
      MPA LLC 2015 Gift-Giving Recipient
      Vanessa Johnson - Executive Director

SEWRPC is MPA LLC regional partner for 2015 for ensuring that SATURDAY TALK is a premier timeframe for dissemination information about VISION 2050.

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