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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Milwaukee Streetcar NOT for CORE CONSTITUENTS - CC President Michael Murphy a sell-out

What say the Electorate?
February 11, 2015
City Center Milwaukee | Day 163 | Operations, implementation and BAIT-N-SWITCH is alive and moving forward.  "The Help" those who carried water for Tom Barrett mayor included Common Council President Michael Murphy, 10th District.

City charter officer - Michael Murphy
He was eager to lead the charge and collect fellow common council members to vote "GO". They did.  Now, we, the People must remember their decision to disenfranchise the CORE CONSTITUENTS.  For this article, we reference the Common Council President and members that voted Aye.

February 10, 2015
Tom Barrett, mayor and The Help - L-R:

Alderman Willie Wade - District 7, Alderman Bob Bauman - District 4, Alderman Ashanti Hamilton - District 1, Alderman Jose Perez -District 12, C C President and Alderman Michael Murphy - District 10, Alderman Nik Novak - District 3 and Treasurer Spencer Coggs 
The NINE - The Help - Milwaukee Streetcar
Voting in favor of the Milwaukee Streetcar measures were (L-R): Common Council President Michael Murphy, Alderpersons Ashanti Hamilton, Milele Coggs, Willie Wade, Bob Bauman, Nik Kovac, Russell Stamper, Jose Perez, and Terry Witkowski.

Those voting against were:  Voting against were Aldermen Joe Dudzik, Joe Davis, Bob Donovan, Tony Zielinski, Jim Bohl, and Robert Puente.

Common Council President Michael Murphy came out with a February 10, 2015 Statement of "Conciliation" that is meant to calm the anguish and soften his "divisive" and "extravagant" decision to take the People's money and provide them absolutely NOTHING.  There is a Mea Cupa somewhere down the line.

Common CounciL President Murphy has failed the vast population of CORE CONSTITUENTS - People of Color and Work Challenged.  

His Milwaukee Streetcar vote is like his "drug initiative" conference right after he took office in 2014 when he sought to use his leadership to host a drug conference when he found out so many young Caucasian males were OVERDOSING on hard drugs in the surburbs.  He put together a Caucasian-based drug conference.  Where were the Milwaukeeans, CORE CONSTITUENTS?  It was held in Milwaukee.  

CC President Michael Murphy is paid by the electorate of the City of Milwaukee.

Since Milwaukee has its  share of reports of risks due to drugs - many Milwaukeeans have been incarcerated for drugs, many returning to the city, so many likely to be drawn into repeated drug use, wouldn't you think the Common Council President would have started at home - Milwaukee's Core Constituents first and present?  Yes.  We were watching.  Read Murphy's comments below to Bobby Tanzilo, On Milwaukee.com.  He seems at time without a clue of the importance of leadership for Milwaukeeans, all Milwaukeeans, especially the CORE CONSTITUENTS.  Is he in denial and cover-up?  You be the judge.  

Below is a comment fromTanzilo, On Milwaukee.com story.

MM: You know, I think there's legislative wins, but there's other victories that we're working on. I put together a large conference with regional partners and the five counties regarding heroin addiction, and the Zilber Family Foundation along with Marquette University were very great sponsors. We put together, I think, a pretty really thoughtful conference looking at opioid heroin addiction from a regional perspective, and now we're following up with all our partners to put in action steps, but it was an opportunity, really, to reach out to county and regional partners, to say we can work out things together that are in all our mutual interest.  CLICK

Additional bias statements "good families" and "solid communities" were made in another article by CC President Murphy.  His compassion for the surburb is just outstanding.  The problem here is CC President Murphy and his lock-step common council fail to take care of all the "good families" and "solid communities" (with their help).  See Murphy's comments below taken from a Fox 6 report:

“I know good families and solid communities t hat are being decimated by this deadly epidemic,” he said. “Unfortunately, heroin knows no boundaries and plays no favorites.”
In a letter signed by all members of the Common Council and sent Wednesday, February 12th to local officials across southeastern Wisconsin, President Murphy lays out a case for a regional, collaborative approach to addressing the heroin epidemic.
President Murphy writes: “Unfortunately, the heroin trade and its devastating consequences do not recognize municipal boundaries.  A suburban resident may come to Milwaukee to purchase heroin and return home to fatally overdose on the drug – or vice versa.  Robberies, assaults and other crimes related to the buying and selling of heroin often occur in Milwaukee – but can and do occur in suburban municipalities as well.”
Alderman/Common Council President Michael Murphy, the people you represent, Milwaukeeans, needed the "due diligence" shown by you for surburb Caucasians for hard drug overdose.

They are African American, other People of Color and the Work Challenged.  They are the ones that are "footing" the bill for the Milwaukee Streetcar - start up and foundation of   federal funding, city taxes and any TID brought forth.

We Condemn what you have done.
You dishonored your Oath of office.  You have been the longest running alderperson in the city of Milwaukee present common council.  You should know better.

Your vote disenfranchised and discriminated against People of Color and the Work Challenged in the City of Milwaukee.
Your vote promoted segregation.
Your vote speaks to in-your-face and I do not care "racisim".
Your vote promotes divisiveness of the races.
Your vote promotes Enduring Concentration Poverty.

You may be of Irish decent and alderperson for the 10th district with heavy German influence; however, you have taken the reins of Common Council President of the City of Milwaukee. This city is majority People of Color, starting with over 40% African American.  

You owe us a huge apology with due diligence to represent the city charter office you have for now the privilege of service. 

Your service must be in a manner that is acceptable by your Oath and ALL the people of Milwaukee.  

You are just out-of-order and we can not let you forget it.

You can pat-youself-on the back for being divisive and for-the-moment sitting in the position of Common Council President. 

Maybe we will see an ABRUPT resignation from you soon as in your predecessor.  OR, an updated Change of Guard come 2016.

For sure, we will remind you of your wrong-doing here and other dishonorable decisions going forward as a charter officer, leader of the Common Council and alderman of the 10th District.  

ABOVE is a photo of the "Face of Milwaukee".

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