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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

THE PETITION for Direct Legislation - A Referendum to ADD the People

Petition for Direct Legislation
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February 4, 2015
City Center Milwaukee | Day 156 |  The boots on the ground to get the People's view is the Petition for Direct Legislation.  It is navigated by the CRG Network - Citizens for Responsible Government.

Proposed Ordinance
CRG/Citizens for Responsible Government has selected the wording below for the proposed Streetcar/rail transit project.  It is:

                                         PETITITON FOR DIRECT LEGISLATION

I, the undersigned, a qualified elector of the Cityof Milwaukee request that the proposed ordinance below, without alteration, either be adopted by the common council or referred to a vote of the electors pursuant to the provisions of Section 9.20, Wisconsin Statutes.

Prior to the start of any physical construction of any municipall financed (in whole or in part) rail transit system requiring a capital expenditure of $20 million or more in municipal funds or funds guaranteed by or supported by an express or implicit promise of the City, whether or not such promise is legally enforceable, the Common Coucil shall submit to the electorate a binding referendum for approval of the construction of the system.  

Failure of the referendum shall preclude the city from proceeding with or otherwise permitting construction of such system or any part thereof using any City funds or revenues.

The wording of the referendum shall provide the specifi purpose, location, and the total estimated construction costs of the system, including an estimate of the costs to be funded directly or indirectly by the City.  

Nothing in this section shall be construed to preclude the City from exercising its role in the engineering, planning or design of an urban rail transit system.

MPA LLC is a supporter of the Petition for Direct Legislation
How easy is this for Democracy.  It is an opportunity for the CORE CONSTITUENTS to put their DNA of commitment for implementation and future growth.  Due Proess.

"The signers" of the petition are resident of the City of Milwaukee.  Whereas they may not be registered voters, they need to be "eligible for voting" (age appropriate, at least 18 years, and living in the City of Milwaukee limits, with voting privilege).

Certified Circulators may be of the City of Milwaukee and outside of the City of Milwaukee.

Certified Circulators can not "Sign-the-Petition" unless they are eligible voters of the City of Milwaukee.

IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS, give CRG hotline a ring at:  414.801.0800 or Email CRG Network at:  crg@crgnetwork.  Website:  www.crgnetwork.com.

Take a look at the Petition and I hope you seek one to SIGN NOW!


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